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8½ Women Quotes

8½ Women is a television show that debuted in 1970 . 8½ Women stopped airing in 1970.

It features Kees Kasander as producer, Frank Loesser in charge of musical score, and Reinier van Brummelen as head of cinematography.

8½ Women is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of 8½ Women is 118 minutes long. 8½ Women is distributed by Lionsgate Films.

The cast includes: John Standing as Philip Emmenthal, Matthew Delamere as Storey Emmenthal, Amanda Plummer as Beryl, John Standing as Storey Emmenthal, Philip Emmenthal, Annie Shizuka Inoh as Simato, and Polly Walker as Palmira.

8½ Women Quotes

John Standing as Philip Emmenthal

  • (John Standing) "When I was young I hated my body because it was so thin -- now I try not to look at it too much because it's so old. There perhaps might have been just six months when I felt comfortable with it; when I discovered alcohol for the first time and learnt to drive and was fattening out and had just met your mother."
  • (John Standing) "Looking at my father's prick; I think that's what got me to study engineering -- Watching his Eiffel Tower, his Empire State building, perhaps it's what made me a good engineer. The penis, if you think about it, is the greatest engineering feature imaginable -- Hydraulics, compression, propulsion, heat sensibility -- It has practically EVERY engineering characteristic. Towers, low bridges, rocket ships -- there's no man-made engineering structure to match it. My father's anatomy instructed my career."
  • (John Standing) "You have no right to be jealous of a woman who wants to be more of a woman by watching a man dressed up as a woman."
  • (John Standing) "How many directors do you think uses films to fulfill their sexual fantasies?"
  • (Matthew Delamere) "Most of them, I think."
  • (John Standing) "All this narcissism is rather boring, isn't it? Find yourself a woman. Get someone else to kiss your cock for you."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "Let's go to a hotel."
  • (John Standing) "No -- it's to far away from her and she might want me --"
  • (Matthew Delamere) "How is that possible?"
  • (John Standing) "I might want her -- you've never slept with a corpse, I take it."
  • (John Standing) "I'd like to get you on a slow boat to China --"
  • (John Standing) "All to myself -- alone -- Get you and keep you -- in my arms evermore -- leaving all your lovers weeping on a far away shore."
  • (John Standing) "Then she says: "How do you want to do it? From the front? Or from behind?" And I say: "A little from the front, and a lot from behind." "Do you want to do it in the garden or by the pool? Or do you want me to lie in the grass?" she says. I say: "Yes." "Or do you want me perhaps to stand?" she says. "Yes," I say. "Or do you want me to sit with my heels in the air?" "Yes," I say. "Yes to what?" she says. "Yes to every thing," I say. "Then I will," she says. And she does, just like that. My God."
  • (John Standing) "It's like Shelley. Like Werther. Like a Japanese Ophelia. Like a beautiful Oriental Lady in the Lake."
  • (John Standing) "Imagine a world where nothing is stable. In the West, we have three moving elements: Air, Fire, Water -- but at least we can depend on the fourth."
  • (John Standing) "I like sleeping. You were conceived in this bed."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "You weren't sleeping then."
  • (John Standing) "No -- but I have a feeling your mother was."

Matthew Delamere as Storey Emmenthal

  • (Matthew Delamere) "I'm thinking of making a film -- about all this: our experiences."
  • (John Standing) "Why make a film when you can live it? Most films are about people longing for something that they haven't got, and what they haven't got is sex and happiness -- and we've got both. Or at least -- I have."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "Ear, chin, time one, time two, prick, foot, hand -- and God."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "Imagine a world without a fixed point."
  • (John Standing) "I can; your mother is dead."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "I love Latin. The grammar, the difficult tenses, the history -- but for some reason I was very bad at it, shamefully and blushingly bad at it. In moments of stress the embarrassment of how bad I was at Latin, a subject I loved, really hit me. It was like being laughed at by someone you desperately loved."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "Don't earthquakes make you feel very excited indeed?"
  • (John Standing) "No -- emphatically, no."
  • (Matthew Delamere) "It's the ultimate chance event. In this country, you know they are coming, but nobody; absolutely nobody; no expert, no geologist, no public relations man, no politician knows when. No predictions. No given advantages. Amazing. Besides, what about mother?"

Amanda Plummer as Beryl

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Annie Shizuka Inoh as Simato

  • (Annie Shizuka Inoh) "Naked. So I can see no pranks and ruses."
  • (John Standing) "What quaint English -- they make an unpredictable linguistic duo."

Polly Walker as Palmira

  • (Polly Walker) "You can say with safety that nowadays women have finally acknowledged their position of not liking men. We could say now that women don't like men. They can acknowledge that they prefer the company of their own kind. I think we can also say generally that most men do not like other men. Most men prefer to like women. So women are the most liked by the most people. Men love women, women love children, and children love hamsters. A one-way slide. There is little going back the other way. Can hamsters love children? I leave you to deduce the rest."

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