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9 to 5 (film) Quotes

9 to 5 (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . 9 to 5 ended in 1970.

It features Bruce Gilbert as producer, Charles Fox (composer) in charge of musical score, and Reynaldo Villalobos as head of cinematography.

9 to 5 (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 9 to 5 (film) is 110 minutes long. 9 to 5 (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Lily Tomlin as Violet Newstead, Dolly Parton as Doralee Rhodes, Dabney Coleman as Franklin Hart, Jr., Jane Fonda as Judy Bernly, Jeffrey Douglas Thomas as Dwayne Rhodes, Sterling Hayden as Tinsworthy, Ray Vitte as Eddie, Lawrence Pressman as Dick, and Elizabeth Wilson as Roz.

9 to 5 (film) Quotes

Dolly Parton as Doralee Rhodes

  • (Dolly Parton) "Well, I say we hire a couple'a wranglers to go upstairs and beat the s*** out of him."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Is that one of those marijuana cigarettes?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "We don't have enough for everyone, cool it."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Uh, Judy? Would you come back here for a second?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "What?"
  • (Dolly Parton) "Look."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Who's that?"
  • (Dolly Parton) "I don't know."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Where's Hart?"
  • (Dolly Parton) "I don't know."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Oh, my God, you mean she -- oh my god."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Violet, honey, would you come over here for a second?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "What is the matter with you two? We have got to get the; who is that?"
  • (Dolly Parton) "-- But it really was a mistake, Mr. Hart. Violet put the poison in strictly by accident."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Oh, really? Well, she might be able to get a jury and the press to believe that; then again, she might not. But I think the real question, here, is whether or not you want to take that chance."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Just what are you driving at?"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "It's very simple. You come over to my house for the night, and I'll forget the whole thing; maybe."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Mr. Hart, you are a MONSTER."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Is that a "no"? Too bad."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Mr. Hart, I'm begging you, think about what you're doing here. Do you really wanna destroy all three of our lives, for no reason?"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I'm not the one who started this; it was you three who did the plotting, and now you gotta pay the consequences."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Well, I'm not gonna let you do this."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "There's another phone over there, Doralee -- which reminds me of something else I wanted to talk with you about. See, I have a great sense of humor about most things --"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "-- But I just don't appreciate it, at all, when people like you give back my presents."
  • (Dolly Parton) "You are rotten, Mr. Hart; has anybody ever told you that? I don't know whether you were born this way, or whether you actually had to work on it, but you are EVIL."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Oh, good. I love when you get angry like that."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Mr. Hart, if you touch that phone, I'm gonna jerk it clean out of the wall."
  • (Dolly Parton) "That's just great. We just waltz into the hospital and say, "We're sorry, we made a mistake." Well, maybe they'll give us Hart's body in exchange."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "There is no need to get sarcastic."

Lily Tomlin as Violet Newstead

  • (Buffy) "Excuse me. Could you tell me where the coffee shop is?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "The what?"
  • (Buffy) "The coffee shop."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "The coffee shop? No, I'm new here, I don't drink coffee."
  • (Buffy) "I'm new here too. Where do you work?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Uh -- downstairs."
  • (Buffy) "In the morgue?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Yes, that's right."
  • (Buffy) "How did he -- ?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Coffee -- too much coffee. I'm just taking him out for some air. Uh, I mean fresh air for me, he's just coming along for the ride."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "What?"
  • (Buffy) "Oh, you're a doctor. I'm sorry, I didn't see your badge."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Oh yeah -- I'm a doctor. So why the hell am I talking to you? Piss off."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Oh, God. They know about the rat poison. I might as well just turn myself in."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Violet, it was an accident."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I'm a murderer."
  • (Jane Fonda) "No, you're not."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I'm a murderess. I'm gonna go to the pen. My poor kids. I'm gonna lose my job."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Violet, stop this."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I'm no fool. I've killed the boss, you think they're not gonna fire me for a thing like that?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "He wants to prosecute."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Well why wouldn't he? He's got you for poisoning him, and me for roping him, and you for acting like he was first prize at a turkey shoot."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "But Norman, she has never worked a day in her life before."
  • (Norman Lane) "I thought you'd be sympathetic."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I am sympathetic, Norman, but please, why do I have to train her? Let her go work in somebody else's section."
  • (Norman Lane) "She's very willing and she needs the job, she's recently divorced."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "So, and I'm a widow with 4 kids; Jerry should have never died, I could; I'd have been better off, I could have divorced him. Is that her?"
  • (Norman Lane) "Yes."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "We're gonna need a special locker for the hat."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I have to go shopping. We're running out of everything: cat food, fish food, ant spray, rat poison."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "What are you, a man or a mouse? I mean, a woman or a wouse?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I guess I must've made a mistake."
  • (Dolly Parton) "You steal the wrong body from the hospital and all you can say is I must have made a mistake."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "It could happen to anyone."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "What could we use to keep Hart quiet?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "Blackmail?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Blackmail, oh that sounds good. What could we get on him?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "A sex scandal. Take a picture of him in bed with a prositute."
  • (Dolly Parton) "No, who'd care?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Yeah, Hart would just buy up all the copies and then distribute them as Christmas cards."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I don't think I could ever shoot a gun, I don't care -- I can't understand guys like Hart, who go out and shoot things, like Bambi and Thumper -- and that cute little skunk?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "-- How dare you give that promotion to Bob Enright instead of me. I've got five years seniority over him."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I know that. Don't go flying off the handle, now --"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "For Chrissakes, I trained him; just like I trained you."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I know that, too, but the Company --"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Don't you give me that song-and-dance about the Company. It was your decision; you promoted him; just tell me why."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "First of all, Bob does have a college degree --"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "What kind? Is it a Master's Degree, like mine? Or is it just a Bachelor's Degree?"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "-- It's an Associate's Degree."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Oh, brilliant. While he's earning his pathetic little Associate's Degree, I'm working my hands to the bone for this Company."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Second of all, Bob does have a wife and a newborn child to support --"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "And I'm just a widow, with four teenagers ? Since when does that make a difference, anyhow? Especially to you; you can't stand kids. That's not exactly classified information around here."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Violet. My hands are tied. The Company needs a MAN in this position. Surveys show that clients would rather deal with men when it comes to figures."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Oh, now I get it. I lose a promotion because of some idiotic, biased survey. The Boys in the Club are all threatened and intimidated by any woman who doesn't ride at the back of the proverbial bus."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Spare me the Women's Lib crap, all right? Now, I know how you feel, and I understand."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "How could you understand, when you've never been passed over for being the wrong gender?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "-- Welcome to the front lines."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Uh oh, here comes Colonel Klink."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "One thing you should know about dear old Roz -- She's the eyes, ears, nose, and throat of Mr. Hart. Anything she hears, he hears."
  • (Jane Fonda) "You mean she's a -- a company spy?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I wouldn't exactly say that, I'd just say that if you want to gossip in the ladies' room, I'd check under the stalls, first, for her shoes."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Your coffee, Mr. Hart."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I think there was something in that coffee."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I think you're right."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I think it was poison."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Right again."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I think you did it."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Why?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Why do you think?"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Because I'm a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Bingo."

Elizabeth Wilson as Roz

  • (Elizabeth Wilson) "Did you get my memo?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "I did, Roz. I tore right through it."
  • (Elizabeth Wilson) "Bonjour -- bonjour -- bonjour. Hmmm."
  • (Elizabeth Wilson) "Holy merde."

Dabney Coleman as Franklin Hart, Jr.

  • (Dabney Coleman) "Mister Tinsworthy, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this; but --"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "So you accept. Very good. Let's just go on up to Hinkle's office and work out the details, shall we?"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "How can I move to Brazil?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Oh, we're talking about an indefinite leave of absence. I'll have my own people liquidate your assets, so you won't need to hire a house-sitter. And you've done an incredible job of training your assistants, so we'll let them take over. Violet, how would you like to fill this man's shoes?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Good. The spot's yours. Keep making us proud."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Mister Tinsworthy, the jungle --"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Jungle, hell. I'm offering you the chance of a lifetime. Two or three years down there, and you'll never wanna come back."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "D-d-did y-you s-say years ?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Yeah, the climate down there will do your health a world of good. Besides, I hear your wife just LOVES to travel."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "My wife ? Oh, God --. Really, Mister Tinsworthy, I just --."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Hart. Before you say another word, let me make this perfectly clear: I didn't get where I'm at today by taking "no" for an answer --. That said, welcome aboard. You know, in the words of Humphrey Bogart, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Brazil? I guess it beats Alcatraz."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Judy? Judy, you've got to help me; that mob out there is crazy; they're trying to kill me."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Now, why would they want ot do a nasty little thing like that?"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I don't know. I'm not such a bad guy."
  • (Jane Fonda) "You're a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "So I have a few faults; who doesn't? Is that any reason to kill me?"
  • (Jane Fonda) "You're foul, Hart. A wart on the nose of humanity and I'm going to blast it off."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Judy -- Judy -- Judy --"
  • (Jane Fonda) "Goodbye boss man. It's quittin' time."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "An empty warehouse? What's wrong with that?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "That's what Billy Sol Estes said, remember? He got 15 years on Alcatraz for embezzlement."
  • (Jane Fonda) "That warehouse is supposed to be filled with inventory from Consolidated. But you sold all of it and you pocketed the money -- which explains how you could afford this mansion."
  • (Dolly Parton) "We keep underrating you, fella. We knew you were an obnoxious, philandering backstabber -- but we didn't realize you were a crook to boot."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "You'll never be able to prove any of that."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Well, I'm gonna order the invoices from CC's head office on Monday. I think you'll see things our way, once they arrive."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "You tangle with me, and I hope you're prepared to play dirty and rough. I'll be damned if I let myself be stopped by three dim-witted broads. I'm gonna get --"
  • (Dabney Coleman) "I'm gonna get loose, even if I have to kill someone to do it."
  • (Dabney Coleman) "Mrs. Rhodes -- I am a married man."
  • (Dolly Parton) "Forget about your wife. I mean, you may be hers in the evening, but you're my boy from nine to five."

Jane Fonda as Judy Bernly

  • (Jane Fonda) "Oh, this is terrible. It's so improper. It's so disrespectful."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "He's dead. He doesn't mind."
  • (Jane Fonda) "What did you say it was called?"
  • (Lily Tomlin) "Maui Wowee."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Well, I love it."
  • (Lily Tomlin) "It's primo."
  • (Jane Fonda) "Don't panic. Don't panic."

Lawrence Pressman as Dick

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Ray Vitte as Eddie

  • (Ray Vitte) "How am I supposed to get out of this mail room prison if they keep hiring people from the outside?"
  • (Ray Vitte) "Lady, you're gonna hate it, here."

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