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A Bucket of Blood Quotes

A Bucket of Blood is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . A Bucket of Blood ended its run in 1970.

It features Roger Corman as producer, Fred Katz (cellist) in charge of musical score, and Jacques R. Marquette as head of cinematography.

A Bucket of Blood is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A Bucket of Blood is 66 minutes long. A Bucket of Blood is distributed by American International Pictures.

The cast includes: Dick Miller as Walter Paisley, Julian Burton as Maxwell H. Brock, Judy Bamber as Alice, Barboura Morris as Carla, Antony Carbone as Leonard de Santis, and John Brinkley as Will.

A Bucket of Blood Quotes

Julian Burton as Maxwell H. Brock

  • (Julian Burton) "Walter has a clear mind. One day something will enter it, feel lonely -- and leave again."
  • (Julian Burton) "Life is an obscure hobo, bumming a ride on the omnibus of art."
  • (Julian Burton) "To be uncreative you might as well be in your grave -- or in the Army."
  • (Dick Miller) "They tried to draft me once. I couldn't pass the test."
  • (Julian Burton) "I will not wish you good luck."
  • (Dick Miller) "Why not?"
  • (Julian Burton) "It would imply you could not succeed on your own."
  • (Julian Burton) "Attention. Attention, everyone. As you passed through these yellow portals I'm sure you noticed on your right a small clay figure and assumed this transfixed effigy to be the work of a master sculptor. And indeed, so it is. That master sculptor is in our midst. He's none other that Walter Paisley, our very own busboy, whose hands of genius have been carrying away the empty cups of your frustration. Mark well this lad. His is the silent voice of creation. But in the dark, rich soil of humility, he blossoms as the hope of our nearly sterile century."
  • (Julian Burton) "Bring me an espresso, Walter."
  • (Julian Burton) "Ring rubber bells. Beat cotton gongs. Strike silken cymbals."
  • (Julian Burton) "I refuse to say anything twice. Repetition is death -- When you repeat something, you are reliving a moment, wasting it, severing it from the other end of your life. I believe only in new impressions, new stimuli, new life."
  • (Julian Burton) "Where are John, Joe, Jake, Jim, jerk? Dead, dead, dead. They were not born, before they were born, they were not born. Where are Leonardo, Rembrandt, Ludwig? Alive. Alive. Alive. They were born."

Judy Bamber as Alice

  • (Judy Bamber) "Oh, let's change the subject. I'm sick of hearing about sculptors. Nobody knows how to do that anymore, much less the busboy from The Yellow Door."
  • (Dick Miller) "Who do you think you're talkin' about?"
  • (Judy Bamber) "Don't shout at me."
  • (Dick Miller) "I don't like you --"
  • (Judy Bamber) "Nobody asked your opinion, Walter. You're just a simple farm boy, and the rest of us are sophisticated beatniks."
  • (Judy Bamber) "You could use a little more heat around this place --."
  • (Dick Miller) "It's bad for the clay. You'll get used to it."

John Brinkley as Will

  • (John Brinkley) "Have some breakfast, man."
  • (Dick Miller) "What're ya' having?"
  • (Julian Burton) "Some soy and wheat germ pancakes, organic guava nectar, calcium lactate and tomato juice, and garbanzo omelettes sprinkled with smoked yeast. Join us?"
  • (Dick Miller) "No thanks -- Sounds great, though."

Dick Miller as Walter Paisley

  • (Dick Miller) "Sylvia, didn't you see me wave my zen stick?"
  • (Unnamed) "Why, it's Walter Paisley."
  • (Dick Miller) "Bring me a cappuccino, and a piece of papaya cheesecake -- and, uh, and a bottle of Yugoslavian white wine."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes sir, Mr. Paisley."
  • (Dick Miller) "I didn't mean to hurt you, Lou. But if you'd have shot me, you'd be moppin' up my blood now."

Barboura Morris as Carla

  • (Barboura Morris) "Walter, it's a masterpiece. I've never seen anything like it before -- And I hope I never see anything like it again."
  • (Dick Miller) "Neither do I."

Antony Carbone as Leonard de Santis

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