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A Carol for Another Christmas Quotes

A Carol for Another Christmas is a television program that first aired in 1970 . A Carol for Another Christmas ended its run in 1970.

It features Joseph L. Mankiewicz as producer, Henry Mancini in charge of musical score, and Arthur J. Ornitz as head of cinematography.

A Carol for Another Christmas is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A Carol for Another Christmas is 84 minutes long. A Carol for Another Christmas is distributed by American Broadcasting Company (original broadcast).

The cast includes: Peter Sellers as Imperial Me, Sterling Hayden as Daniel Grudge, and Ben Gazzara as Fred.

A Carol for Another Christmas Quotes

Sterling Hayden as Daniel Grudge

  • (Sterling Hayden) "How can you sit there and eat like that, when these people are starving?"
  • (Ghost of Christmas Present) "Oh? Do they bother you?"
  • (Ghost of Christmas Present) "Feel better?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Get smart, boy. We've been diggin' his kind out of the woodwork for years. You don't really expect me to be a party to inviting one of them in here, now do you? Hahaha, nah. No, he stays on his side of the fence, and Harris stays on ours. Get used to the idea."
  • (Ben Gazzara) "When you finally go, that'll be your epitaph, won't it?: 'Here lies Daniel Grudge; on his side of the fence.' Well, get used to this idea, uncle: There are certain fences the world can no longer afford."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Quite a wall through Berlin, I've heard tell."
  • (Ben Gazzara) "Exactly; a fence. And who put it there? You think it's right?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Alright, Fred, turn it off; right now. There's only one side I'm on; first, last, and always: Our side. Don't you ever forget that, and spread it around. I want all the various members of your domestic and international orders of the bleeding hearts to know precisely where Daniel Grudge stands. 'Cause anytime you, or one of your fuzzy fellow do-gooders tries to get me, or friends of mine; or my city, state, or country; involved in any of your so-called causes, then I intend to be there everytime with a body block that'll throw all of you flat on your -- involved butts."

Peter Sellers as Imperial Me

  • (Peter Sellers) "If we let them seep in here from down yonder and cross river; if we let these do-gooder, these bleeding hearts, propagate their insidious doctrine of involvement among us; then my dear friends, my beloved Me's -- we's in trouble. We must carry our glorious philosophy through to its glorious culmination. So that, in the end, with enterprise and determination, the world and everything in it will belong to one individual Me. And that will be the ultimate. The absolute ultimate."

Ben Gazzara as Fred

  • (Ben Gazzara) "'Peace on earth, good will to men'; to all men, by the way."

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