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A Death Worse Than Fate Quotes

A Death Worse Than Fate is a television show that first aired in 1970 . A Death Worse Than Fate completed its run in 1970.

A Death Worse Than Fate Quotes

  • (Eivol Ekdol) "After Batman escapes from the Doom Trap, he walks into instant liquidation."
  • (Zelda) "This line better not be traced, my friends, or it'll be very sad for Mrs. Harriet Cooper."
  • (Robin) "How is she?"
  • (Zelda) "Oh, quite well, Boy Wonder. At least as well as one can be in a straitjacket over a fatal pool of flaming oil."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "You devil. How could a woman stoop to such a trick?"
  • (Zelda) "Some other lifetime, Batman --"
  • (Batman) "Perhaps. Some other lifetime."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "As a director of the First National Bank of Gotham City, let me tell you that the money in your possession is one hundred per cent bona fide."
  • (Robin) "You gotta believe Mr. Wayne."
  • (Commissioner Gordon) "As a bank director, if he made a false statement, he would be liable to federal prosecution."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Yes."
  • (Robin) "Don't you see, out there? This reckless crime of yours is unnecessary."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "You already have your filthy lucre."
  • (Narrator) "Holy Backfire."
  • (Robin) "Aw, come on, you crook, you can't be all bad. Let the poor lady go, huh?"
  • (Robin) "Holy graveyards, Batman."
  • (Zelda) "Oh, it seems such a waste. They are such handsome creatures."
  • (Eivol Ekdol) "Shut up."
  • (Zelda) "Eivol, Eivol, can I help being a woman?"
  • (Eivol Ekdol) "Shut up I said."
  • (Narrator) "He's on his way. Hey, hey hey."
  • (Robin) "Holy crossfire."
  • (Narrator) "Good night, sweet guard."
  • (Commissioner Gordon) "Hello, criminals, wherever you are out there, do you hear me, criminals?"

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