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A Fever in the Blood Quotes

A Fever in the Blood is a television show that debuted in 1970 . A Fever in the Blood stopped airing in 1970.

It features Roy Huggins as producer, Ernest Gold (composer) in charge of musical score, and J. Peverell Marley as head of cinematography.

A Fever in the Blood is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A Fever in the Blood is 117 minutes long. A Fever in the Blood is distributed by Warner Bros..

A Fever in the Blood Quotes

  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "Your Honor, the crudeness of this scheme shocks me. There was nothing in that room to indicate the commission of any crime, and yet this witness --"
  • (Police Sgt. Michael 'Mickey' Beers) "There was plenty."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "Plenty? A moment ago you said you had only a hunch."
  • (Police Sgt. Michael 'Mickey' Beers) "Yeah, I had more than that. Thornwall tried to kill his wife once before, and she called the police."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "Mistrial. Your Honor, I move for a mistrial. His is the most damaging piece of viciously prejudicial evidence I have ever heard in any courtroom."
  • (Dan Callahan) "There's no ground for a mistrial. If he didn't want the answer, he shouldn't have asked the question."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Order."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Order."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "I'm going to clear this room if we don't have order."
  • (Charles 'Charlie' Bosworth) "Did Eisenhower have an organization? Senator, this is the age of celebrity. In entertainment, business, politics. Celebrities write their own ticket. You don't need a machine anymore."
  • (Dan Callahan) "Has Miss Laura Mayberry been under surveillance for the last three days?"
  • (Police Sgt. Michael 'Mickey' Beers) "Yes."
  • (Dan Callahan) "Why?"
  • (Police Sgt. Michael 'Mickey' Beers) "Because you asked me to do it."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "You were formerly Governor of this State?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "Yes."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "What is your relation to the defendant?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "Walter Thornwall is my nephew."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "When was the last time you saw his wife?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "I saw Paula on the eighth of February."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "Two days before she met her death."
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "Since that was the last time I saw her alive, I can hardly forget the time or the occasion."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "And what was the occasion, Governor?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "Dinner in my home."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "Aside from you and Paula Thornwall, who else was present?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "My nephew Walter. I wanted to try to bring them back together."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "And what was the result?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "I failed."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "From the way they behaved towards one another during the time you were with them, would you say that --"
  • (Dan Callahan) "Objection. Leading the witness."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Sustained."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "I'll rephrase that. What was their attitude toward one another during the evening?"
  • (Governor Oliver P. Thornwall) "They behaved like two people who understood each other."
  • (Matt Keenan) "I'm not trying to flatter you. I may even insult you a little. You're shanty-Irish, born in the slum, raised on charity, educated on the GI Bill. In other words you're exactly the balance Lee needs. You know, out here it's pretty hard to live down Groton and Harvard, even if you try; and Lee doesn't. Besides, you've both got youth, the thing they make a fetish out of here in America. Of course, I prefer the European attitude, where even the women place a premium on age. But then, this isn't Europe."
  • (Senator Alex S. Simon) "If you read my statement carefully, you'll note that I left myself a loophole. A course I recommend to any man who dedicates his life to living off the taxpayer."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "I may have overruled a good mistrial motion, just to show Alex that he couldn't buy me."
  • (Cathy Simon) "I think Alex had already discovered that."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Yes, well I guess I was just trying to prove it to myself."
  • (Cathy Simon) "Or maybe there's an element of masochism that goes along with honor."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Thanks for that word 'honor,' Cathy. 'Vanity' might be more accurate."
  • (Cathy Simon) "He is sure of my loyalty. He is trying to win my love."
  • (Cathy Simon) "It's you Alex. The things you've let me see in you."
  • (Senator Alex S. Simon) "Whatever I've done, I've done for you. Do I have to tell you that? I'm trying to lift you to the dizziest heights there are in this world. To make you the First Lady of this -- uhhhh -- ugggggghhhhh --"
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Well, Dan, you win. Being Governor of this State, beating you, they aren't worth a damn if I have to turn myself into another Dan Callahan to get them. For one minute, sitting up there, I felt like a total stranger to my own self. I don't have to tell you what a sick sensation that is."
  • (Dan Callahan) "My conscience doesn't hurt."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Oh? Well, maybe you've gotten used to it by now."
  • (Senator Alex S. Simon) "Ancient Chinese proverb say: One picture worth ten thousand votes."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Judges don't have the same privileges as Senators and District Attorneys. We have to resign before we seek another office."
  • (Attorney Clem Marker) "Walter. Walter."
  • (Walter Thornwall) "Laura, is it true?"
  • (Walter Thornwall) "Is it?"
  • (Walter Thornwall) "Well, tell me."
  • (Laura Mayberry) "Walter, I --"
  • (Walter Thornwall) "Don't do it, Laura. No matter what happens to me, don't do it."
  • (Senator Alex S. Simon) "I'm only allowed a minute. So I will try to change the habit of a lifetime, and be brief. I wanted you to hear this, Lee. Itchy, tell the reporters that what Judge Hoffman said about me, and the mistrial motion, was true; from his point of view."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "Thank you, Alex."
  • (Senator Alex S. Simon) "Politicians aren't perfect, Lee. Any more than the people they serve. If they were, it wouldn't be democracy; it would be something else. Sometimes we even have to play a little dirty for the ultimate good. That's why I want all the boys to get behind Callahan. He knows the rules of the game, and he can win. Do you hear me, Itchy?"
  • (Itchy Forst) "You don't want me to repeat any of this, Alex. Because you're going to be OK."
  • (Senator Alex S. Simon) "If I could be sure of that, I'd keep my big mouth shut. Now get out of here before you break my heart."
  • (Judge Leland Hoffman) "As a politician of sorts, I know when to withdraw."

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