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A Garfield Christmas Quotes

A Garfield Christmas Special is a television show that appeared on TV in 1987 on CBS. A Garfield Christmas completed its run in 1970.

It features Phil Roman as producer, and Ed Bogas and Desirée Goyette (music and lyrics) as theme composer. A Garfield Christmas Special is created by Jim Davis (cartoonist).

A Garfield Christmas Special is recorded in English and originally aired in flagicon Each episode of A Garfield Christmas Special is 24 minutes long. A Garfield Christmas Special is produced by Film Roman and distributed by 9 Story Media Group. Spinoffs for this show include Happy Birthday, Garfield.

The cast includes: Thom Huge as Jon Arbuckle, David L. Lander as Doc Boy, Lorenzo Music as Garfield, Julie Payne as Mom, and Pat Carroll as Grandma.

A Garfield Christmas Special Quotes

Thom Huge as Jon Arbuckle

  • (Thom Huge) "Hey, Dad."
  • (David L. Lander) "Psst. Hey, Dad. You awake?"
  • (Thom Huge) "Dad?"
  • (David L. Lander) "Dad, you awake?"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, I'm awake now. What do you boys want?"
  • (Thom Huge) "Is it time to open our presents yet?"
  • (Unnamed) "It's 1:30 in the morning, and no, it's not time to open presents yet."
  • (David L. Lander) "It is Christmas morning now, you know."
  • (Thom Huge) "Doc Boy has a point there, Dad. Any time after midnight is technically Christmas morning, you know."
  • (Unnamed) "Go; to bed."
  • (Thom Huge) "All right, all right."
  • (David L. Lander) "Pleasant dreams, Dad. It is Christmas morning."
  • (Thom Huge) "I know that and you know that."
  • (Thom Huge) "Hey Garfield, there's plenty of leftovers. Would you like something to eat?"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Oh, no thanks, Jon."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "I've opted to watch my waist line this holiday season."
  • (Thom Huge) "Hey, Garfield, guess what today is?"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Listen carefully, Jon: I don't do pop quizzes before breakfast, okay?"
  • (Thom Huge) "This is what it's all about, right boys? Hard work, crisp weather, and beautiful scenery."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "What scenery? I think somebody turned the lights out. In fact, I'd go so far as say things can't get much worse than -"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "I gotta quit saying that."
  • (Thom Huge) "I remember when my brother Doc Boy and I were little --"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Oh brother, here we go again."
  • (Thom Huge) "Dad would chop down the tree."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Chores."
  • (Thom Huge) "Mom would fix up a meal."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Work."
  • (Thom Huge) "Doc Boy would get in the way."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Fighting. Big fat hairy deal."
  • (Thom Huge) "Decorating the tree."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Gardening."
  • (Thom Huge) "Wiring all of the lights."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Electrical contracting."
  • (Thom Huge) "Wrapping boxes and writing out cards."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Office work. Out of sight."
  • (Unnamed) "Once upon a time, there was a clown named Binky, who loved children. Every time Binky saw children, he would say, "Hey, kids.""
  • (Thom Huge) "No, no, no, no, no, Dad. Read it with more emotion."
  • (David L. Lander) "Yeah, yeah. An-an-and why don't you say it like Binky says it?"
  • (Unnamed) "Every time Binky saw children, he would say, "HEEEEEEEEY, KIIIIIIIIDS.""
  • (Unnamed) "Cut that out."
  • (Thom Huge) "Now, behave yourself this Christmas, Garfield."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "No problem. I'll wait in the car."
  • (Thom Huge) "Doc Boy, how's my favorite brother?"
  • (David L. Lander) "Don't call me Doc Boy. You've probably forgotten I'm your ONLY brother."
  • (Thom Huge) "Grandma, you remember Garfield, don't you?"
  • (Pat Carroll) "Well I'll be. I remember back when all we had were wood-burning cats. What will they think of next?"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Bizarre."
  • (Thom Huge) "Are you ready for this, Garfield? It's Christmas Eve morning. We're gonna pack up our presents and go to the farm for Christmas. Won't that be fun?"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "You got a real sick sense of humor, Jon. You know that, don't you?"
  • (Thom Huge) "The whole family's gonna be there: Dad, Mom, and Grandma, and Doc Boy --"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "And Good Boy, Bad Boy, Oh Boy, Attaboy --"
  • (Thom Huge) "Come on, Garfield, we have a busy day ahead of us."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Why is it every Christmas I get drug out of my warm bed just to see some stupid old relatives? And why do we always have to go to that stupid old farm? Why can't they come here where my warm bed is? And why am I whispering?"
  • (Thom Huge) "Then we'd take those presents / And pile them under the tree / We'd barely get a wink of sleep / Wondering what they could be."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "The special gifts of Christmas."
  • (Thom Huge) "Christmas."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "That really make it great."
  • (Thom Huge) "It's so great."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Are the insomnia and the anxiety -- Kids get from having to wait."
  • (Thom Huge) "Can't wait 'til Christmas / There's so much to do / Can't wait 'til Christmas --"
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Wake me when it's through."
  • (Thom Huge) "There's no doubt about it, Christmas is my favorite holiday. The air's crisp, homes are brightly decorated, and everybody's walking around with big smiles on their faces."
  • (Thom Huge) "Uh, almost everybody. I think the best part is watching the faces of children and sharing memories of being a child at Christmas. I remember when my brother Doc Boy and I were little."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Oh, brother, here we go again."
  • (Thom Huge) "Careful, Dad. Don't hurt yourself."
  • (Unnamed) "Why is it that we always put the stupid star on last? Why don't we put the star on top of the tree, then put the tree up?"
  • (Julie Payne) "Well, it just wouldn't be Christmas if we put the star on first, honey."

Lorenzo Music as Garfield

  • (Lorenzo Music) "This is gonna be a piece of cake. Never send a man to do a cat's job."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Mmmm. Attentive service. Excellent cuisine. However the decor leaves something to be desired. I give this place; two stars."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "That's just for starters. Now this is what Christmas is all about."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Hello, what's this? Why it's sausage gravy."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Perfect."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Whoever invented Christmas trees should be dragged out into the street and shot."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "I don't believe it. These letters must be; 50 years old."
  • (Lorenzo Music) "Odie, sometimes you amaze me. This is the best present a cat could ever get. Now and then, you're something special."

Julie Payne as Mom

  • (Julie Payne) "And now, everyone, my little boy is going to favor us with a Christmas song."
  • (David L. Lander) "I don't know about this, Mom."
  • (Unnamed) "Boy, you doggone better well play. Those 24 years of py-ano lessons better be worth something."
  • (Julie Payne) "Doc Boy, will you say grace, please?"
  • (David L. Lander) "Aw, Mom."
  • (Julie Payne) "Doc Boy."
  • (David L. Lander) "I never know what to --"
  • (David L. Lander) "Lord, we just want to tell you; how grateful we are for this food. And, um -- for letting us all be here together; on Christmas Eve."
  • (Julie Payne) "Amen."
  • (David L. Lander) "And as surely, as the water finds the streams and the rivers find the sea, let each of us find happiness and wisdom in this hour --"
  • (David L. Lander) "Thanks, Lord. Let's eat."

Pat Carroll as Grandma

  • (Pat Carroll) "Grandpa was a proud man. A strong man. He was a good provider. We; never had much money, but we always had plenty of food on the table. And he always made something special for me and each of the children at Christmas. Men like him didn't feel like they could show much affection outwardly to the children, but; on Christmas, it was okay. He always pretended not to be excited on Christmas morning, but his eyes gave him away. I think -- I think it was his favorite day of the year. Sometimes I wake up in the night, and I can still feel his strong arms around me."
  • (Pat Carroll) "This is the night I miss him the most."
  • (Unnamed) "You sure are packin' the food away tonight, Grandma."
  • (Pat Carroll) "I'm eatin' for two now, dear."

David L. Lander as Doc Boy

  • (Unnamed) "Now once again, Binky the Clown saved Christmas for children all over the world."
  • (Unnamed) "The end."
  • (David L. Lander) "I don't know about you, Jon, but for a couple of minutes there, I was gettin' pretty worried."
  • (Thom Huge) "Ooh, me too."
  • (Julie Payne) "All right, boys, it's time to get ready for bed."
  • (Thom Huge) "All right."
  • (David L. Lander) "O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy --"
  • (Pat Carroll) "Scoot over, Sonny Boy. Let ol'Grandma take a whack at that."
  • (Pat Carroll) "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. How lovely are thy branches. Whoa-Whoa-Bee-Doop-Bee-Doop-Bee-Doop."

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