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A Moment to Remember Quotes

A Moment to Remember is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . A Moment to Remember ended in 1970.

It features Cha Seung-jae as producer, Kim Tae-won in charge of musical score, and Lee Jun-gyu as head of cinematography.

A Moment to Remember is recorded in Korean and originally aired in South Korea. Each episode of A Moment to Remember is 144 minutes long. A Moment to Remember is distributed by CJ Entertainment.

The cast includes: Son Ye-jin as Su-jin, and Park Sang-gyu as Mr. Kim.

A Moment to Remember Quotes

Son Ye-jin as Su-jin

  • (Son Ye-jin) "Can you live without me?"
  • (Cheol-su) "If we live together -- Can we die together, too? You come and go alone. That's life."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "Don't you hate me? I've given the family a bad name. You had to go to the police station many times because of me."
  • (Park Sang-gyu) "I did?"
  • (Park Sang-gyu) "To forget easily is a gift. Let go of your past mistakes. Make a fresh start."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "But I'm only 27. How could I be going senile?"
  • (Doctor Lee) "It's possible."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "So -- What's going to happen to me?"
  • (Doctor Lee) "A mental death will come before a physical one. Better prepare yourself for what's inevitable. Medicine can slow it down. But that's about it."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "What about surgery?"
  • (Doctor Lee) "Do you work?"
  • (Son Ye-jin) "Yes."
  • (Doctor Lee) "You should quit right away. Soon you won't be able to type or answer the phone, let alone organize things. Pretty much nothing. You will forget your family, friends and even yourself. All your memories will disappear completely."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "You love me, right?"
  • (Cheol-su) "It may fade away."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "Is it that hard to say "I love you"?"
  • (Cheol-su) "I'm getting tired of this. Wake up, will you? You're a princess, and I'm a beggar."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "Did you find out?"
  • (Cheol-su) "What?"
  • (Son Ye-jin) "That I have an eraser in my head. Let's part ways."
  • (Cheol-su) "What?"
  • (Son Ye-jin) "You were right. One can't be happy forever."
  • (Cheol-su) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Son Ye-jin) "It's all over. Think about it. What's love good for if my memory is gone? Don't be so nice to me. I'll forget everything."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "Forgiving -- isn't that hard. It's just -- giving away just one plain room in your heart. My grandpa said so. A true carpenter -- is the one that can build a house in his heart. But in the house you've built. So well in your heart -- You gave all the rooms away to your mother and to your hate. And where are you? And you're shivering outside the house. I understand. I know it's hard to forgive. But -- My dad remembered that piece of wisdom -- and forgave me when I almost ran off with a married man -- and he permitted our marriage so easily. You know why? Forgiving -- is giving your hate just a little room in your heart."
  • (Son Ye-jin) "I'll forget everything soon. I won't know why you're with me. You'll be gone from my mind. And so will I. You understand? As my memory disappears, my soul will too. I'm scared."
  • (Cheol-su) "Why would your soul disappear? Get up. Leave it to me. I'm your memory. I'm your heart. Got that? No more tears."

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