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A Night to Remember (1958 film) Quotes

A Night to Remember (1958 film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . A Night to Remember ended its run in 1970.

It features William MacQuitty as producer, William Alwyn in charge of musical score, and Geoffrey Unsworth as head of cinematography.

A Night to Remember (1958 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of A Night to Remember (1958 film) is 123 minutes long. A Night to Remember (1958 film) is distributed by The Rank Organisation (United Kingdom) Paramount Pictures (United States).

The cast includes: Laurence Naismith as Captain Edward J. Smith, Jane Downs as Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller, Kenneth More as Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller, George Rose as Chief Baker Charles Joughin, Kenneth Griffith as Wireless Operator Harold Thomas Cottam, James Dyrenforth as Col. Archibald Gracie, Charles Belchier as Andrews, Harold Goldblatt as Benjamin Guggenheim, Harold Siddons as Second Officer Herbert Stone, Jill Dixon as Mrs. Clarke, Ronald Allen as Mr. Clarke, Harriette Johns as Lady Richard, Patrick Waddington as Sir Richard, John Merivale as Robbie Lucas, Jack Watling as Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall, Ralph Michael as Mr. Yates, Honor Blackman as Mrs. Liz Lucas, Richard Shaw as Crewman, Emerton Court as Engineer, Redmond Phillips as Mr. Hoyle, Michael Bryant as Sixth Officer James Moody, Teresa Thorne as Edith Evans, Tucker McGuire as Mrs. Brown, Tucker McGuire as Margaret Brown, Richard Leech as First Officer William Murdoch, Richard Shaw as Seaman, Gerald Harper as Officer, Richard Clarke as Martin Gallagher, John Cairney as Mr. Murphy, Edward Malin as Dining saloon steward, Kenneth Griffith as Assistant Wireless Operator Harold Bride, Kenneth Griffith as Wireless Operator John 'Jack' Phillips, Geoffrey Bayldon as Wireless Operator Cyril Evans, Kenneth More as Third Officer Charles Groves, Patrick McAlinney as Mr. James Farrell, Thomas Heathcote as Steward, and Charles Belchier as Wallace Hartley - Orchestra Leader.

A Night to Remember (1958 film) Quotes

Richard Shaw as Crewman

  • (Richard Shaw) "What's the use, chief? All the pumps in Belfast would never keep that water down."
  • (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell) "That may be so, but the longer we can keep her afloat the more lives will be saved. So put your backs into it."
  • (Richard Shaw) "If they're sending boats away, why don't they put some people in them?"

Laurence Naismith as Captain Edward J. Smith

  • (Laurence Naismith) "Gentlemen, we are in a precarious position. We must be prepared to abandon ship."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Mister Murdoch, you will muster the passengers. Mister Lightoller, you will have the boats uncovered and swung out. Mister Boxhall, call all hands and get them to boat stations. Mister Moody, you will help Mister Lightoller. Mister Wilde and Mister Pitman will remain on the bridge. Everything will be done quietly and calmly. There must be no alarm and no panic. I will give the word when the boats are to loaded with the women and children. Carry on, please."
  • (Ismay) "Captain. Aren't you exaggerating the danger?"
  • (Laurence Naismith) "I'm afraid not."
  • (Ismay) "But -- Where's Andrews?"
  • (Laurence Naismith) "I am acting on his advice. This ship is going to founder."
  • (Ismay) "But, she can't. In any case, we can't get everyone in the boats."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "I know that, sir. Please God, it won't come to that."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "What is it?"
  • (Richard Leech) "Iceberg sir. I put her hard-a-starboard and reversed the engines, but she was too close."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Abandon ship. Every man for himself."

Richard Clarke as Martin Gallagher

  • (Richard Clarke) "There's one back here dead, sir."
  • (Kenneth More) "Are you certain?"
  • (John Cairney) "Yes sir."
  • (Richard Clarke) "We are, sir."
  • (Kenneth More) "Right. Lower him over the side."
  • (Kenneth More) "Lean left. Lean left. Gently. Gently."
  • (Man on upturned lifeboat) "All right for the baker to come aboard now sir?"
  • (Kenneth More) "Yes. Pull him in."
  • (Kenneth More) "Lean right. Lean right. Steady."
  • (George Rose) "Thank you, sir."

Kenneth Griffith as Wireless Operator John 'Jack' Phillips

  • (Kenneth Griffith) "What's up?"
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "Ahhhh. We're stopped and blowing off steam. Something's wrong, I don't know what. Run into a bit of ice, I think."
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "Sir. SIR."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "What the devil's going?"
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "Haven't you learned to knock before coming in here?"
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "It's a distress call, sir. From the Titanic. She's sinking."
  • (Gerald Harper) "I'm sorry sir, I --"
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "Mister Dean, turn the ship 'round. Head northwest. I'll work a course out for you in a minute."
  • (Gerald Harper) "Aye, aye sir."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "Now, Cottam, you're sure this is the Titanic ?"
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "Yes sir."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "You're certain?"
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "Absolutely."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "All right. Check back. Find out everything you can. Tell them we're coming as fast as possible."
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "Yes sir."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "Oh, what is it, Cottam?"
  • (Kenneth Griffith) "From the "Titanic", sir. Her engine room's flooded and she's sinking by the head. Her wireless operator says he won't have the power to transmit for much longer. Her captain wants to know how long we'll be."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "Tell them, another two hours."

Harriette Johns as Lady Richard

  • (Harriette Johns) "It's absurd. On the other side the gentlemen are going in the boats with their ladies. Why on earth we're standing here, I don't know."
  • (Patrick Waddington) "But -- Well, there'll be room in the boats for everybody."
  • (Harriette Johns) "Of course there will."

Harold Siddons as Second Officer Herbert Stone

  • (Apprentice James Gibson) "Looked like a rocket sir."
  • (Harold Siddons) "Yes. I wonder what a ship like that would want to fire rockets for?"
  • (Capt. Stanley Lord) "Hmmmm. Just south of Cape Race."
  • (Harold Siddons) "I've never known pack ice to come that far south before, sir."
  • (Capt. Stanley Lord) "It's been a mild winter on the Arctic. This ice must be drifting down on the Labrador Current. Well, our passengers aren't in any hurry. Wouldn't be with us if they were."

Kenneth More as Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller

  • (Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown) "Hey, we've only got one sailor with us. That's not enough to manage this boat."
  • (Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown) "Hold it there."
  • (Kenneth More) "Stop lowering."
  • (Kenneth More) "What's the matter?"
  • (Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown) "Hey son. We only got one sailor in this boat."
  • (Kenneth More) "Are there any spare hands here?"
  • (Maj. Arthur Peuchen) "I'll go, if you like."
  • (Kenneth More) "Are you a sailor?"
  • (Maj. Arthur Peuchen) "I'm a yachtsman."
  • (Kenneth More) "If you're seaman enough to slip down that lifeline, you can go."
  • (Kenneth More) "Below."
  • (Unnamed) "Sir."
  • (Kenneth More) "Let's have that line."
  • (Kenneth More) "Right. Good luck."
  • (Kenneth More) "Lower away together."
  • (Kenneth More) "What's the matter? Aren't you in charge of this boat?"
  • (George Rose) "Oh, I'm no seaman, sir."
  • (George Rose) "Joe can manage just as well. Ladies first, eh sir?"
  • (Kenneth More) "Listen to this, Sylvia."
  • (Kenneth More) "The new White Star Liner "RMS Titanic", the largest vessel in the world. It is not only in size, but also in the luxury of her appointments that the "Titanic" takes first place among the big steamers of the world. By the provision of Vinolia Auto Toilert Soap for her First Class passengers the "Titanic" also leads as offering a higher standard of toilet luxury and comfort at sea."
  • (Jane Downs) "Let me see."
  • (Kenneth More) "Sir?"
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "We're at the place now. I thought you'd like to see for yourself."
  • (Kenneth More) "Oh yes. Thank you, sir."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "We've only found one body, I'm afraid. The rest must have been carried further on by the current. Of course, we'll go on searching for survivors until we turn back to New York."
  • (Kenneth More) "Yes sir. How many?"
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "The purser's checked the figures now. We have on board 705 survivors. Several of those in the boats were dead, I'm afraid."
  • (Kenneth More) "1500 lost."
  • (Capt. Arthur Rostron) "That's right, yes."
  • (Mr. Bull, man on train) "You're joining her at Liverpool, I take it?"
  • (Kenneth More) "No sir, Belfast. Then we sail down to Southampton."
  • (Mr. Bull, man on train) "Ahhh, how I envy you. The newspapers say she's a virtual floating city. Symbol of progress; of man's final victory over nature and the elements."

John Merivale as Robbie Lucas

  • (John Merivale) "Oh, Mister Andrews?"
  • (Charles Belchier) "Yes?"
  • (John Merivale) "I'd like you to tell me something. I -- I have a wife and three children on board. Just how serious is it?"
  • (John Merivale) "I'm not the panicking kind."
  • (Charles Belchier) "The ship has about an hour to live. A little more, if some of the upper bulkheads hold, but not much more. Get your wife and children into the boats."
  • (John Merivale) "Thank you."
  • (John Merivale) "Oh, Mister Andrews?"
  • (John Merivale) "I take it you and I might both be in the same boat later?"
  • (Charles Belchier) "Yes -- We may."

Charles Belchier as Wallace Hartley - Orchestra Leader

  • (Unnamed) "Woodward "what's the use no one's listening?""
  • (Unnamed) "Hartley "People don't listen when they're eating, but we play just the same, isn't that so sir?""
  • (Charles Belchier) "Andrews "they say it helps the digestion.""
  • (Charles Belchier) "Hartley "exactly that's because it soothes the nerves.""
  • (Charles Belchier) "Hartley: "right, Number 24." Number 24 is Chopin's Funeral March, a dirge"
  • (Charles Belchier) "They're clearing away two of the collapsible boats, if they succeed, I'm sure they'll be a place for you in one of them."
  • (Ronald Allen) "See, you can still go. Please darling."
  • (Jill Dixon) "No. We've started out together and we'll finish together. Are you married Mr. Andrews?"
  • (Charles Belchier) "Yes, and if my wife were here I'd think she would go."
  • (Jill Dixon) "Do you have a family?"
  • (Charles Belchier) "Yes."
  • (Jill Dixon) "Then it would make a differance then wouldn't it?"
  • (Charles Belchier) "Perhaps. Let my give you some advice, put your lifebelts on and lower yourself down using the ropes hanging over the side. Don't jump if you can avoid it. When you're in the water swim away from the ship at once, and be well clear of her when she sinks."
  • (Ronald Allen) "Thank you, we'll remember."
  • (Ronald Allen) "I wonder if he will save himself?"
  • (Jill Dixon) "We'll save ourselves."
  • (Charles Belchier) "Why have we stopped?"
  • (Michael Bryant) "Bit of trouble, sir. With the Captain's compliments, will you please join him on the bridge?"
  • (Charles Belchier) "Now?"
  • (Michael Bryant) "If you please, sir."
  • (Charles Belchier) "Mister Guggenheim -- Your lifebelt --"
  • (Harold Goldblatt) "It was uncomfortable. We have dressed now in our best, and are prepared to go down like gentlemen."

Emerton Court as Engineer

  • (Emerton Court) "If any of you feel like praying you'd better go ahead. The rest of you can join me in a cup of tea."
  • (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell) "I'll have to cut down more steam."
  • (Emerton Court) "I'll have to get rid of some of the low watt systems."
  • (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell) "Well, you can cut the boiler room fans for a start. They're using too much electricity."
  • (Emerton Court) "That'll help."
  • (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell) "Good."
  • (Emerton Court) "How are things up top, sir? Any chance for us?"
  • (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell) "Whatever happens, we've got to keep the lights going. I'll give the word when it's time to go and then it's every man for himself. But it woun't be too long. I heard that the Carpathia is on her way to us. She should reach us any time now."
  • (Emerton Court) "Let's hope they're right, boys. If any of you feel like praying, you'd better go ahead. The rest of you can join me for a cup of tea."

James Dyrenforth as Col. Archibald Gracie

  • (James Dyrenforth) "Will that be the Carpathia?"
  • (James Dyrenforth) "Aren't you glad to see her?"
  • (Kenneth More) "Yes I'm glad. But then, I'm still alive."
  • (James Dyrenforth) "If only she'd been nearer."
  • (Kenneth More) "There are quite a lot of "ifs" about it; aren't there, Colonel?"
  • (Kenneth More) "Keep up, quartermaster. Keep that line slack."
  • (Kenneth More) "If we'd been steaming a few knots slower, or if we'd sighted that berg a few seconds earlier, we might not even have struck. If we'd been carrying enough lifeboats for the size of the ship instead of just enough to meet the regulations, things would have been different again, wouldn't they?"
  • (James Dyrenforth) "Maybe. But you have nothing to reproach yourself with. You've done all any man could and more. You're not --"
  • (James Dyrenforth) "I was about to say, you're not God, Mister Lightoller."
  • (Kenneth More) "No seaman ever thinks he is. I've been at sea since I was a boy. I've been in sail. I've even been shipwrecked before. I know what the sea can do. But, this is different-."
  • (James Dyrenforth) "Because we hit an iceberg?"
  • (Kenneth More) "No- Because we were so sure. Because even though it's happened, it's still unbelieveable. I don't think I'll ever feel sure again, about anything."
  • (Ismay) "Women and children first."
  • (Mr. Isador Straus) "Please, Rachel, get in the boat."
  • (James Dyrenforth) "Yes, Mrs. Straus, you must."
  • (Mrs. Straus) "I've always stayed with my husband, Colonel. So why should I leave him now?"
  • (Mr. Isador Straus) "Please, be sensible."
  • (Mrs. Straus) "We have been living together for many years, Isador. Where you go, I go."
  • (James Dyrenforth) "I'm sure nobody would object to an old gentleman like Mr. Straus going in a boat. I'll ask the officer."
  • (Mr. Isador Straus) "No. I will not go before the other men."
  • (Mrs. Straus) "We stay."

Jill Dixon as Mrs. Clarke

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Patrick McAlinney as Mr. James Farrell

  • (Patrick McAlinney) "We need to get through."
  • (Thomas Heathcote) "You can't come this way. This is not the way to the Steerage boat deck, I told you."
  • (Richard Clarke) "Which is the way then?"
  • (Seaman at steerage gate) "They'll be opening the lower deck ports when the orders are given."
  • (Richard Clarke) "Oh, they will, won't they? We'll see about that."

Michael Bryant as Sixth Officer James Moody

  • (Michael Bryant) "Sorry, only one more lady."
  • (Teresa Thorne) "You go first, you have children waiting at home."
  • (Tucker McGuire) "NO. I --"
  • (Michael Bryant) "Quickly ladies. We haven't got much time."
  • (Michael Bryant) "Still here Miss Evans? We'll get you off in the next boat."
  • (Teresa Thorne) "Thank you."

Tucker McGuire as Margaret Brown

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Ralph Michael as Mr. Yates

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Geoffrey Bayldon as Wireless Operator Cyril Evans

  • (Geoffrey Bayldon) "Hear it?"
  • (Geoffrey Bayldon) "That's the "Titanic"."
  • (Kenneth More) "What's she saying?"
  • (Kenneth More) ""Best wishes to Joe and Hattie. Wish you were here. See you Wednesday. Love Myra and Bill". Private stuff. Yes, there must be a lot of money on that ship. He's been at it the best part of the day."

Redmond Phillips as Mr. Hoyle

  • (Redmond Phillips) "I don't know if you gentlemen have noticed it, but, uh, this ship has got quite a list on it now. That's not right."

Jack Watling as Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall

  • (Jack Watling) "Maybe someone tried to signal, but I can't make any sense out of it."
  • (Quartermaster George Thomas Rowe) "Could be a masthead light flickering, couldn't it sir?"
  • (Jack Watling) "If I had a gun, I'd put a shell into him-."
  • (Jack Watling) "What's the matter with him, is he blind ?"

Jane Downs as Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller

  • (Jane Downs) "Do you think they'll promote you to First Officer after this trip, Bertie?"
  • (Kenneth More) "Well, that depends whether they keep old Wilde on, or not."
  • (Jane Downs) "You were First on the "Majestic"."
  • (Kenneth More) "Ah, but that was temporary."
  • (Jane Downs) "Don't you mind?"
  • (Kenneth More) "No. Bill Murdoch's the one with his nose out of joint this trip. Ambitious fellow, is Bill."
  • (Jane Downs) "So are you. You know you are."
  • (Kenneth More) "Well, I'd rather be Second on the "Titanic" than First, or even Chief on any other ship"

Honor Blackman as Mrs. Liz Lucas

  • (Honor Blackman) "Please, will you tell me what's going on Robert? People have been rushing about, and noises overhead --"
  • (John Merivale) "It's very tiresome. We've struck an iceberg and damaged the ship. We may be a day late getting into New York."
  • (Honor Blackman) "Oh, that is annoying."
  • (John Merivale) "And, to make matters worse, the captain is being very fussy and correct. All women and children have to go up on deck and get into the lifeboats."
  • (Honor Blackman) "Oh no."
  • (John Merivale) "I'm afraid so, dear."
  • (Honor Blackman) "But I don't want to wake the children. Is it really necessary?"
  • (John Merivale) "Yes."
  • (John Merivale) "I -- I believe we should do as the captain says."

Edward Malin as Dining saloon steward

  • (Edward Malin) "I tell you, she's thrown a propellor blade. I was in the old Majestic when the same thing happened -- We'll be going back to Belfast, you'll see."

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