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A Patch of Blue Quotes

A Patch of Blue is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . A Patch of Blue ended in 1970.

It features Guy Green as producer, Jerry Goldsmith in charge of musical score, and Robert Burks as head of cinematography.

A Patch of Blue is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A Patch of Blue is 105 minutes long. A Patch of Blue is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Elizabeth Hartman as Selina D'Arcy, Sidney Poitier as Gordon Ralfe, Wallace Ford as Ole' Pa, Elisabeth Fraser as Sadie, and Shelley Winters as Rose-Ann D'Arcey.

A Patch of Blue Quotes

Elizabeth Hartman as Selina D'Arcy

  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Hello Sadie."
  • (Elisabeth Fraser) "Man, dig that crazy ghost. Hey, you hear a ghost tellin' me "hello" Rose-Ann?"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "It's wonderful to have a friend."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "What's happening now?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "They're adding it all up."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "In their heads?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "No, on machines. They don't use heads anymore."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "I know everything I need to know about you. I love you."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "I know you're good, and kind. I know you're colored and I --"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "What's that?"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "-- And I think you're beautiful."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Beautiful? Most people would say the opposite."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Well that's because they don't know you."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "There's your choppers, Ole' Pa."
  • (Wallace Ford) "I know. I got eyes."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Was that a kiss?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "It was a kiss."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Kiss me again."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Oh Gordon -- Gordon -- oh I wish I'd never been done over."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "What did you say?"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Nothing."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "I'm sorry. You were much sinned against."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Are you angry with me. Do you think I'm bad -- dirty?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "No."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "I said what I said because I love you so much."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "I know why you said it. I'm glad you said it. You brought me back to Earth."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "I didn't want you to come back to Earth. I wanted you to make love with me."

Sidney Poitier as Gordon Ralfe

  • (Sidney Poitier) "I almost forgot. I'm out of detergent. Now this is where I really need your help. There's Swish --"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) ""Keeps your hands soft as velvet.""
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Good. Whizz --"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) ""Retains your girlish skin.""
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Marvelous. Jiffy --"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) ""Jiffy makes you feel like a princess.""
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Froth --"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Froth? I never heard that one."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Froth is just for washing dishes, but that's the one we need."

Wallace Ford as Ole' Pa

  • (Wallace Ford) "Only one thing messin' up your idea S'lina, and it ain't fatso's supper."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "What then?"
  • (Wallace Ford) "Nobody'd bring ya home."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "You could. I can wait."
  • (Wallace Ford) "Many a time I'm not on my way till good and dark."
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Is that all? Dark's nothing to me. I'm always in the dark."
  • (Wallace Ford) "You seen my specs anywheres?"
  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "No, Ole' Pa."
  • (Wallace Ford) "What the hell is the matter here? What are you trying to do to Selina?"
  • (Shelley Winters) "You stay out of this one, you stupid, old drunk."
  • (Wallace Ford) "Who're you calling stupid? Why, you three-buck broad, you --"
  • (Wallace Ford) "Okay, you black-hearted bitch --"
  • (Wallace Ford) "If you wanna fight --"

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