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A Room for Romeo Brass Quotes

A Room for Romeo Brass is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . A Room for Romeo Brass ended in 1970.

It features George S. J. Faber as producer, Nick Hemming in charge of musical score, and Ashley Rowe as head of cinematography.

A Room for Romeo Brass is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of A Room for Romeo Brass is 90mins long. A Room for Romeo Brass is distributed by Momentum Pictures.

The cast includes: Andrew Shim as Romeo Brass, Vicky McClure as Ladine Brass, Paddy Considine as Morell, Frank Harper as Joe Brass, and James Higgins as Bill Woolley.

A Room for Romeo Brass Quotes

Paddy Considine as Morell

  • (Paddy Considine) "Just stay away from me for hours, hours and hours."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Why not go nicely before things get really dark."
  • (Paddy Considine) "She does like high karate aftershave doesn't she?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "I knew there and then that there was a spirit in the room and it was trying to attack me. So what unfolded then was a fight between me and this unseen entity."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Don't worry Ladine, I'm not going to kick off."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Do you think I'm frightened because you're a big fella?"
  • (Frank Harper) "Obviously not, you're a big touch guy."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I've eaten bigger cornflakes."
  • (Paddy Considine) "What if a man came up to you in the street and says to you 'I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you', would you think it was weird?"
  • (Vicky McClure) "Tell you what, I'll think about it at work and I'll answer you tonight."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Tell you something; that door is open 24 hours a day and you are welcome in it, anytime"
  • (Paddy Considine) "f***ing tuck into that."
  • (Vicky McClure) "You want me to touch it?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Yeah, I want you to touch it, touch it."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I want to see some reaction."
  • (Paddy Considine) "One beat, two beat three beat, sugar beat. Four beat, five beat, six beat, wheat-a-beat. Seven beat, eight beat, nine beat, heartbeat. My heartbeat, my heart is beating for you."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I canna destroy ya today lads. I'm on very serious business."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Right, I'm going in, your mission is to be doormen, ya get me. Don't let any f***er in here under any circumstances."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I'm getting that feeling already of people with their hands on her. Makes me quite angry, I think I've been overcome with love."
  • (Paddy Considine) "It's my imagination because I have got a very, very fuelled imagination."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Hey Romeo --"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Misery."
  • (Paddy Considine) "You did it for your pleasure --"
  • (Unnamed) "No I --"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Well it wasn't funny. I don't think ya know what it's like to mess with people's feeling d'ya. What have I ever done to you? f*** all."
  • (Paddy Considine) "If you had what I had you wouldn't even leave the house. But I left the house."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I would like to take you to Scarborough Fair."

Frank Harper as Joe Brass

  • (Frank Harper) "Come on, get up and go dark on me now."
  • (Frank Harper) "You think I don't know your game, you think I don't know your game, are you --"
  • (Paddy Considine) "What's my game then?"
  • (Frank Harper) "Are you some sort of mental deficient upstairs, what you doing hanging round with kids 10 years younger than you eh? Don't you hang around with people your own age, do they all take the piss out of ya, do they all laugh at ya, I bet they think you're f***ing hysterical don't they, look at ya, what, did you get bullied at school or are you just a f***ing nonce."
  • (Paddy Considine) "f*** off."
  • (Frank Harper) "Come near my family, I'll f***ing bury ya."

Vicky McClure as Ladine Brass

  • (Vicky McClure) "It's not an egg-timer, it's a salt thing."
  • (Vicky McClure) "He's a bloody gizzoid, alright."
  • (Andrew Shim) "That's a bit of a cheap shot, why the hell did you kiss him?"
  • (Vicky McClure) "Because I felt sorry for him, god sake, if Patty Dawes asked you to kiss her, would you? No you wouldn't. Exactly."
  • (Andrew Shim) "No, I wouldn't because she's stinks of piss, has long gums and tiny teeth."

Andrew Shim as Romeo Brass

  • (Andrew Shim) "I can smell something cooking, you know, I haven't eaten for about an hour."
  • (Unnamed) "I cant smell nowt."
  • (Andrew Shim) "I'm so hungry."
  • (Andrew Shim) "It went well with you and Morrell last night, eh?"
  • (Vicky McClure) "No"
  • (Andrew Shim) "Very romantic"
  • (Vicky McClure) "For a start right; he's on the dole, he's a weirdo and I just felt sorry for him."
  • (Andrew Shim) "You're just being mean now, he really likes you, you know"
  • (Vicky McClure) "Romeo, you'll understand one day"
  • (Andrew Shim) "What's that meant to mean?"
  • (Vicky McClure) "Aw, God Romeo. I'm just not interested, he's just a bloody gizoid alright."
  • (Andrew Shim) "Thats a bit of a cheap shot, why the hell did you kiss him?"
  • (Vicky McClure) "Because I felt sorry for him, You know if Patti Doles asked you to kiss her would ya, no you wouldn't, exactly."
  • (Andrew Shim) "No, I wouldn't do it because she stinks of piss, she has long gums and tiny teeth."
  • (Andrew Shim) "So it went well with you and Morrell last night --"
  • (Vicky McClure) "No."
  • (Andrew Shim) "Very romantic."
  • (Vicky McClure) "For a start, right, he's on the dole, he's a weirdo and I just felt sorry for him."

James Higgins as Bill Woolley

  • (James Higgins) "What will it take for you to go?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Man I thought I f***ing put you out."
  • (James Higgins) "I just want you to go."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Do you want me to f***ing put you to sleep?"
  • (James Higgins) "I don't know."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Get on your knees, i'm going to drive this through your f***ing skull."

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