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A Serious Man Quotes

A Serious Man is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . A Serious Man completed its run in 1970.

It features Joel Coen, and Ethan Coen as producer, Carter Burwell in charge of musical score, and Roger Deakins as head of cinematography.

A Serious Man is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, United Kingdom, and France. Each episode of A Serious Man is 106 minutes long. A Serious Man is distributed by Focus Features.

The cast includes: George Wyner as Rabbi Nachtner, Michael Stuhlbarg as Larry Gopnik, Alan Mandell as Rabbi Marshak, Aaron Wolff as Danny Gopnik, Simon Helberg as Rabbi Scott, Fred Melamed as Sy Ableman, Sari Lennick as Judith Gopnik, and Ari Hoptman as Arlen Finkle.

A Serious Man Quotes

Michael Stuhlbarg as Larry Gopnik

  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "There's some mistake. I'm not a member of the Columbian Record Club."
  • (Dick Dutton) "Sir, you are Lawrence Gopnik of 8419 Fern Hill Road?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "No, I live at the Jolly Roger."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "We had, I think, a good talk, the other day, but you left something --"
  • (Clive Park) "I didn't leave it."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Well, you don't even know what I was gonna say."
  • (Clive Park) "I didn't leave anything. I'm not missing anything. I know where everything is."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Well -- then, Clive, where did this come from?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "This is here, isn't it?"
  • (Clive Park) "Yes, sir. That is there."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "This is not nothing; this is something."
  • (Clive Park) "Yes. That is something."
  • (Clive Park) "What is it?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "You know what it is. I believe. And you know I can't keep it, Clive."
  • (Clive Park) "Yes sir."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I'll have to pass it on to Professor Finkle, along with my suspicions about where it came from. Actions have consequences."
  • (Clive Park) "Yes sir. Often."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "No, always. Actions always have consequences. In this office, actions have consequences."
  • (Clive Park) "Yes sir."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Not just physics, morally."
  • (Clive Park) "Yes."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "And we both know about your actions."
  • (Clive Park) "No sir. I know about my actions."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I can interpret, Clive. I know what you meant me to understand."
  • (Clive Park) "Meer sir my sir."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Meer sir my sir?"
  • (Clive Park) "Mere -- surmise. Sir. Very uncertain."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "The Uncertainty Principle. It proves we can't ever really know -- what's going on. So it shouldn't bother you. Not being able to figure anything out. Although you will be responsible for this on the mid-term."
  • (Friend at the Picnic) "Sometimes these things just aren't meant to be. And it can take a while before you feel what was always there, for better or worse."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I never felt it. It was a bolt from the blue. What does that mean. Everything that I thought was one way turns out to be another."
  • (Friend at the Picnic) "Then-it's an opportunity to learn how things really are. I'm sorry-I don't mean to sound glib. It's not always easy, deciphering what God is trying to tell you."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I'll say."
  • (Friend at the Picnic) "But it's not something you have to figure out all by yourself. We're Jews, we have that well of tradition to draw on, to help us understand. When we're puzzled we have all the stories that have been handed down from people who had the same problems."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "She seems to be asking an awful lot. But then, I don't know. Somebody has to pay for Sy's funeral."
  • (George Wyner) "Uh-huh."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "His own estate is in probate, but why does it have to be me? Or is it wrong to complain? Judy says it is. But I'm so strapped for cash right now, carrying the mortgage, and paying for the Jolly Roger, and I wrecked the car, and Danny's Bar Mitzvah coming up, I --"
  • (George Wyner) "Something like this -- there's never a good time."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I don't know where it all leaves me, Sy's death. Obviously it's not gonna go back like it was."
  • (George Wyner) "Mm. Would you even want that, Larry?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "No, I- well, yeah -- sometimes -- or -- I don't know; I guess the honest answer is "I don't know". What was my life before? Not what I thought it was. What does it all mean? What is Hashem trying to tell me, making me pay for Sy Ableman's funeral?"
  • (George Wyner) "Mm."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "And did I tell you I had a car accident the same time Sy had his? The same instant, for all I know. I mean, is Hashem telling me that Sy Ableman is me? Or that we are all one, or something?"
  • (George Wyner) "How does God speak to us? A good question."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I feel like the carpet's been yanked out from under me."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I don't want Santana Abraxis. I've just been in a terrible auto accident."
  • (Clive's Father) "Culture clash. Culture clash."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "With all respect, Mr. Park, I don't think it's that."
  • (Clive's Father) "Yes."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "No. It would be a culture clash if it were the custom in your land to bribe people for grades."
  • (Clive's Father) "Yes."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "So -- you're saying it is the custom?"
  • (Clive's Father) "No, this is a defamation. Grounds for lawsuit."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Let me get this straight: you're threatening to sue me for defaming your son?"
  • (Clive's Father) "Yes."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "But it would --"
  • (Mr. Brandt) "Is this man bothering you?"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Is he bothering me? No. I, uh --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "See -- if it were defamation there would have to be someone I was defaming him to, or I -- all right, I -- let's keep it simple. I could pretend the money never appeared. That's not defaming anyone."
  • (Clive's Father) "Yes. And a passing grade."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Passing grade."
  • (Clive's Father) "Yes."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Or -- you'll sue me."
  • (Clive's Father) "For taking money."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "So he did leave the money."
  • (Clive's Father) "This is defamation."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "It doesn't make sense. Either he left the money or he didn't."
  • (Clive's Father) "Please. Accept the mystery."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "You can't have it both ways."
  • (Clive's Father) "Why not?"

Fred Melamed as Sy Ableman

  • (Fred Melamed) "Ember's is not the forum to discuss legalities."
  • (Fred Melamed) "I'm a serious man, Larry."
  • (Fred Melamed) "I f***ed your wife, Larry. I seriously f***ed her."
  • (Fred Melamed) "Do you drink wine? Because this is an incredible bottle. This is not Mogen David. This is a; heh heh; a wine, Larry. A Bordeaux."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "You know, Sy --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Open it. Let it breathe. Ten minutes. Letting it breathe, so important."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Thanks, Sy, but I'm not --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "I insist. No reason for discomfort. I'll be uncomfortable if you don't take it. These are signs and tokens, Larry."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I'm just-I'm not ungrateful, I'm, I just don't know a lot about wine and, given our respective, you know --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "S'okay. S'okay. We're gonna be fine."

Sari Lennick as Judith Gopnik

  • (Sari Lennick) "We shouldn't put the kids in the middle of this."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "The kids aren't --"
  • (Sari Lennick) "I'm saying "we". I'm not pointing fingers."
  • (Fred Melamed) "No one is playing the blame game, Larry."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I didn't say anyone was."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Well, let's not play "he said, she said", either."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I wasn't. I --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Aw right, well let's just step back, and defuse the situation. I find, sometimes, if I count to ten --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "One -- two -- three -- four -- or silently --"
  • (Sari Lennick) "Really, to keep things on an even keel leading up to Danny's bar mitzvah --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Child's bar mitzvah, Larry."
  • (Sari Lennick) "-- Sy and I think it's best if you move out of the house."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "-- Move out?"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Well, it makes eminent sense."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Things can't continue as they --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Move out? Where would I go?"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Well, for instance, the Jolly Roger is quite livable. It's not expensive, the rooms are eminently habitable --"
  • (Sari Lennick) "This would allow you to visit the kids."
  • (Fred Melamed) "It has convenience in its favor, they've got a pool --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Wouldn't it make more sense for you to move in with Sy?"
  • (Sari Lennick) "Larry."
  • (Fred Melamed) "Larry -- you, you are jesting? I think really, the Jolly Roger is the appropriate course of action."
  • (Sari Lennick) "We shouldn't put the kids in the middle of this, Larry."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "The kids aren't --"
  • (Sari Lennick) "I'm saying "we." I'm not pointing fingers."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "No one is playing the "blame game," Larry."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I didn't say anyone was."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Well let's not play He said, She said, either."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I wasn't. I- --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Aw right, well let's just step back, and defuse the situation, I find, sometimes, if I count to ten."
  • (Fred Melamed) "One -- two -- three -- faw -- Or silently."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Really, to keep things on an even keel, especially now, leading up to Danny's bar mitzvah --"
  • (Fred Melamed) "A child's bar mitzvah, Larry."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Sy and I think it's best if you move out of the house."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Move out?"
  • (Fred Melamed) "It makes eminent sense."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Things can't continue as they --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Move out. Where would I go?"
  • (Fred Melamed) "Well, for instance, the Jolly Roger is quite livable. Not expensive, and the rooms are eminently habitable."
  • (Sari Lennick) "This would allow you to visit the kids."
  • (Fred Melamed) "There's convenience in its fava. There's a pool --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Wouldn't it make more sense for you to move in with Sy?"
  • (Sari Lennick) "Larry."
  • (Fred Melamed) "Larry, you're jesting."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Larry, there is much to accomplish before that can happen."
  • (Fred Melamed) "Larry, Larry, Larry. I think, really, the Jolly Roger is the appropriate coss of action. It has a pool."
  • (Sari Lennick) "You know the problems you and I have been having."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Mm."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Well, Sy and I have become very close. In short, I think it's time to start talking about a divorce."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Sy Ableman?"
  • (Sari Lennick) "This is not about Sy."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "You mentioned Sy."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Don't twist my words. We --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "A divorce-what have I done. I haven't done anything- What have I done."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Larry, don't be a child. You haven't "done" anything. I haven't "done" anything."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Yes. Yes. We haven't done anything. And I-I'm probably about to get tenure."
  • (Sari Lennick) "Nevertheless, there have been problems. As you know."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Well --"
  • (Sari Lennick) "And things have changed. And then-Sy Ableman. Sy has come into my life. And now --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Come into your-what does that mean? You, you, you, you barely know him."
  • (Sari Lennick) "We've known the Ablemans for fifteen years."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Yes, but you you said we hadn't done anything."
  • (Sari Lennick) "I haven't done anything. This is not some flashy fling. This is not about woopsy-doopsy."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Sy Ableman."

Aaron Wolff as Danny Gopnik

  • (Aaron Wolff) "What's sodomy, dad?"

Ari Hoptman as Arlen Finkle

  • (Ari Hoptman) "We, uh, we decide on Wednesday, so if there's anything you want to submit in support of your tenure application, we should have it by then. That's all."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Submit. What. What do you --"
  • (Ari Hoptman) "Well. Anything. Published work. Anything else you've done outside of the institution. Any work that we might not be aware of."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I haven't done anything."
  • (Ari Hoptman) "Uh-huh."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "I haven't published."
  • (Ari Hoptman) "Uh-huh."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Are you still getting those letters?"
  • (Ari Hoptman) "Uh-huh."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Those anonymous --"
  • (Ari Hoptman) "Yes, I know. Yes."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Okay. Okay. Wednesday."
  • (Ari Hoptman) "Okay. Don't worry. Doing nothing is not bad. Ipso facto."

Simon Helberg as Rabbi Scott

  • (Simon Helberg) "No, of course not. I am the junior rabbi. And it's true, the point-of-view of somebody who's older and perhaps had similar problems might be more valid. And you should see the senior rabbi as well, by all means. Or even Minda if you can get in, he's quite busy. But maybe; can I share something with you? Because I too have had the feeling of losing track of Hashem, which is the problem here. I too have forgotten how to see Him in the world. And when that happens you think, well, if I can't see Him, He isn't there any more, He's gone. But that's not the case. You just need to remember how to see Him. Am I right?"
  • (Simon Helberg) "I mean, the parking lot here. Not much to see. It is a different angle on the same parking lot we saw from the Hebrew school window. But if you imagine yourself a visitor, somebody who isn't familiar with these -- autos and such -- somebody still with a capacity for wonder -- Someone with a fresh -- perspective. That's what it is, Larry."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Um --"
  • (Simon Helberg) "Because with the right perspective you can see Hashem, you know, reaching into the world. He is in the world, not just in shul. It sounds to me like you're looking at the world, looking at your wife, through tired eyes. It sounds like she's become a sort of -- thing -- a problem -- a thing --"
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "Well, she's, she's seeing Sy Ableman."
  • (Simon Helberg) "Oh."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "She's, they're planning, that's why they want the Gett."
  • (Simon Helberg) "Oh. I'm sorry."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "It was his idea."
  • (Simon Helberg) "Well, they do need a Gett to remarry in the faith. But this is life. For you too. You can't cut yourself off from the mystical or you'll be-you'll remain-completely lost. You have to see these things as expressions of God's will. You don't have to like it, of course."
  • (Michael Stuhlbarg) "The boss isn't always right, but he's always the boss."
  • (Simon Helberg) "Ha-ha-ha. That's right, things aren't so bad. Look at the parking lot, Larry."
  • (Simon Helberg) "Just look at that parking lot."

George Wyner as Rabbi Nachtner

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Alan Mandell as Rabbi Marshak

  • (Alan Mandell) "When the truth is found. To be lies."
  • (Alan Mandell) "And all the hope. Within you dies. Then what?"
  • (Alan Mandell) "Grace Slick. Marty Balin. Paul Kanta. Jorma --"
  • (Aaron Wolff) "Kaukonen."
  • (Alan Mandell) "-- something. These are the membas of the Airplane. Interesting. Here."
  • (Alan Mandell) "Be a good boy."

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