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A Sound of Thunder (film) Quotes

A Sound of Thunder (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . A Sound of Thunder ended its run in 1970.

It features Moshe Diamant; Howard Baldwin, and Karen Baldwin as producer, Nick Glennie-Smith in charge of musical score, and Peter Hyams as head of cinematography.

A Sound of Thunder (film) is recorded in English, and Mandarin and originally aired in United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and Czech Republic. Each episode of A Sound of Thunder (film) is 103 minutes long. A Sound of Thunder (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (United States).

The cast includes: Armin Rohde as John Wallenbeck, Jemima Rooper as Jenny Krase, Ben Kingsley as Charles Hatton, Edward Burns as Travis Ryer, Heike Makatsch as Alicia Wallenbeck, William Armstrong as Ted Eckles, Corey Johnson as Christian Middleton, David Oyelowo as Payne, August Zirner as Clay Derris, and Catherine McCormack as Sonia Rand.

A Sound of Thunder (film) Quotes

Corey Johnson as Christian Middleton

  • (Corey Johnson) "Ted, what's the point of being rich if we don't buy things other people can't afford?"

William Armstrong as Ted Eckles

  • (William Armstrong) "It's awfully expensive --"
  • (Corey Johnson) "What's the point of being rich if you don't buy things other people can't afford?"
  • (William Armstrong) "You sure we should be doing this?"
  • (Corey Johnson) "There's a six-year waiting list. We paid doulbe to cut to the head of the line, and you want to slink home? You gonna spend the rest of your life with balls the size of BBs?"
  • (William Armstrong) "What the hell."
  • (Corey Johnson) "They're so big I can hear them clanging."
  • (William Armstrong) "My gun doesn't work."
  • (David Oyelowo) "Believe it or not, that's a safety feature. They're all tied to Travis' gun. It won't fire until he fires first."
  • (William Armstrong) "Why the hell not?"
  • (August Zirner) "To keep clients from shooting things they shouldn't."
  • (David Oyelowo) "Hey, Derris, how about we don't mention this in our report."
  • (August Zirner) "No harm, no foul."
  • (David Oyelowo) "Appreciate it. You know, I'm not really that big of a dick. I just to like to talk."

Edward Burns as Travis Ryer

  • (Edward Burns) "We cannot have accidents."
  • (David Oyelowo) "While I was a physics major in college, we studied something called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It proves that there is no such thing as zero tolerance. It doesn't exist. You basically can't be 100% sure of anything no matter how hard you try. Accidents -- happen."
  • (Edward Burns) "We can't have accidents."
  • (Edward Burns) "I thought I recognized your voice. You sound just like TAMI. Although she's a little nicer."
  • (Edward Burns) "Some things to remember us by: A safari suit, boots, helmet and a holo-disk so you can relive the jump. And I suggest you take an especially close look at this disk, Mr. Wallenbeck."
  • (Armin Rohde) "Why's that?"
  • (Edward Burns) "Well I can't be certain until I review it myself, however, I'm pretty sure it was your shot that brought him down."
  • (Armin Rohde) "Well, yeah."

Heike Makatsch as Alicia Wallenbeck

  • (Heike Makatsch) "The doorman let me in. Told him I was your cousin from St. Louis."
  • (Edward Burns) "I always did like Aunt Martha."

Catherine McCormack as Sonia Rand

  • (Catherine McCormack) "What did you change?"
  • (Edward Burns) "We don't know."

Ben Kingsley as Charles Hatton

  • (Ben Kingsley) "Today you stood shoulder to shoulder with Columbus discovering America. Armstrong stepping on the moon, Brubaker landing on Mars. You are true pioneers on the very last frontier: Time."

Armin Rohde as John Wallenbeck

  • (Armin Rohde) "I haven't seen any wildlife yet. We could be in downtown Pittsburgh, for all I know."

Jemima Rooper as Jenny Krase

  • (Jemima Rooper) "Cute, isn't he?"

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