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A Summer Place (film) Quotes

A Summer Place (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . A Summer Place completed its run in 1970.

It features Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Harry Stradling as head of cinematography.

A Summer Place (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of A Summer Place (film) is 130 minutes long. A Summer Place (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Sandra Dee as Molly Jorgenson, Troy Donahue as Johnny Hunter, Dorothy McGuire as Sylvia Hunter, Arthur Kennedy as Bart Hunter, Constance Ford as Helen Jorgenson, and Richard Egan as Ken Jorgenson.

A Summer Place (film) Quotes

Arthur Kennedy as Bart Hunter

  • (Arthur Kennedy) "This'll be painful for you, but you might as well face the truth -- the RAW truth. Take -- take a good look at your parents, hmm? We've got no more secrets to hide. All the cats are out of the bag: all the scrawling, mangy, obscene, horrible cats of your inheritance. You're the son of a drunkard -- and a harlot."
  • (Troy Donahue) "You're wrong about mother, dad."
  • (Arthur Kennedy) "Gone to her side, have ya'?"
  • (Troy Donahue) "I'm not taking sides. I just want to marry Molly."
  • (Arthur Kennedy) "Oh, Johnny, stop being a silly sentimentalist. It's stupid. Molly is merely a succulent little wench."
  • (Troy Donahue) "She's not a wench. She's everything I've ever dreamed of in a girl."
  • (Arthur Kennedy) "Oh, don't make me laugh. They're all alike in the dark."
  • (Troy Donahue) "You can't make her cheap. You can't do it. In spite of your damned supercilious, intelligent mind. And with or without your consent, we're getting married."
  • (Arthur Kennedy) "As soon as Molly is found; and I'm sure she will be; I suggest you vacate these rooms as swiftly as possible."
  • (Constance Ford) "Don't tell me that you're on their side."
  • (Arthur Kennedy) "Let's merely say that I'm not on yours."

Sandra Dee as Molly Jorgenson

  • (Sandra Dee) "Oh, Johnny -- Do you suppose they make love?"
  • (Troy Donahue) "Why shouldn't they do? They're married."
  • (Sandra Dee) "They came just in time, we better cool off."
  • (Troy Donahue) "Why?"
  • (Sandra Dee) "Because I'm afraid --"
  • (Troy Donahue) "Of me?"
  • (Troy Donahue) "Of yourself?"
  • (Sandra Dee) "Yes. That and some other new feelings that I can't explain."
  • (Troy Donahue) "Are you angry because --"
  • (Sandra Dee) "No. We've gotta be good Johnny."
  • (Troy Donahue) "Good -- Is it that easy to be good?"
  • (Sandra Dee) "Are you bad Johnny? Have you been bad with girls?"

Dorothy McGuire as Sylvia Hunter

  • (Dorothy McGuire) "You seem to have an infinite capacity for hurt. First you try to destroy your daughter, and now our son."

Constance Ford as Helen Jorgenson

  • (Constance Ford) "Well, your daughter didn't waste any time. She's let that boy kiss and maul her her very first night here."
  • (Richard Egan) "Where were they?"
  • (Constance Ford) "Down below me, in the garden."
  • (Richard Egan) "If they had anything to hide, you think they'd do it right under your window?"
  • (Constance Ford) "Are you defending her cheap behavior?"
  • (Richard Egan) "Cheap? A girl kissing a boy in the moonlight? You know Molly's as decent as this boy seems to be."
  • (Constance Ford) "No decent girl lets a boy kiss and maul her the very first night they meet. I suppose it's your Swedish blood in her. I've read about how the Swedes bathe together and -- and have trial marriages and free love. I've read all about that. Anything goes."
  • (Richard Egan) "So, now you hate the Swedes. How many outlets for your hate do you have, Helen? We haven't been able to find a new house because of your multiplicity of them. We can't buy near a school because you hate kids. They make noise. And there can't be any Jews or Catholics on the block, either. And, oh, yes, it can't be anywhere near the Polish or Italian sections. And, of course, Negroes have to be avoided at all costs. Now, let's see: No Jews, no Catholics, no Italians, no Poles, no children. No Negroes. Do I have the list right, so far? And now, you've added Swedes. And, oh, yes, you won't use a Chinese laundry because you distrust Orientals. And you think the British are snobbish, the Russians fearful, the French immoral, the Germans brutal, and all Latin Americans lazy. What's your plan? To cut humanity out? Are you anti-people and anti-life? Must you suffocate every natural instinct in our daughter, too? Must you label young love-making as cheap and wanton and indecent? Must you persist in making sex, itself, a filthy word?"

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