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Above the Law (1988 film) Quotes

Above the Law (1988 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Above the Law ended its run in 1970.

It features Steven Seagal, and Andrew Davis as producer, David Michael Frank in charge of musical score, and Robert Steadman as head of cinematography.

Above the Law (1988 film) is recorded in English, and Spanish and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Above the Law (1988 film) is 99 minutes long. Above the Law (1988 film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Steven Seagal as Nico Toscani, Pam Grier as Delores Jackson, Ron Dean as Detective Lukich, Chelcie Ross as Nelson Fox, Daniel Faraldo as Salvano, and Henry Silva as Kurt Zagon.

Above the Law (1988 film) Quotes

Pam Grier as Delores Jackson

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Steven Seagal as Nico Toscani

  • (Steven Seagal) "You guys think you're above the law -- well you ain't above mine."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Tell me something old buddy, do we kill our own senators now?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Why not? The Romans did."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Are we the f***ing Romans?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "We're an empire too."
  • (Steven Seagal) "You know something Fox. Right now in Europe they're trying some 80 year-old camp guard for Nazi war crimes. And all around our country they got guys on death row for murdering 1, 2, 3 guys. And they probably deserve what they're going to get. But you & I -- we know a couple of people that are personally responsible for the death of what, 50,000 non-military personnel? Librarians, teachers, doctors, women, children. All dead. We've wiped-out entire cultures. And for what? Not one C.I.A. agent has ever been tried, much less accused of any crimes. You guys think you're above the law. Well, you ain't above mine."
  • (Unnamed) "I don't think you can take us all, badass."
  • (Steven Seagal) "No, but I'll get an A for effort."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Is that what Zagon is; one of your basement boys?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Zagon's a rancher. 4000 acres in Costa Rica. Beautiful place."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Beautiful place, huh? And tell me, was that bought with opium money from the triangle?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "And a ton of coke a week from other places."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Which he funnels here through Salvano, The Company getting it's cut, of course."
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Legal tender."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Yeah. So war is still the greatest business, huh Nelson? I mean, these guys have financed & started every war we've ever fought. But you know something, nobody would believe me if I told them the bankers run the C.I.A."
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Oh, come on Toscani. Don't preach to me."
  • (Steven Seagal) "So, the Senator couldn't be bought, could he? He was going to expose your plans to invade Nicaragua, with your f***in coke money. So The Agency clears Zagon to cap his ass, right?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Just keep walking, asshole."
  • (Steven Seagal) "So some poor innocent priest finds out; he comes here, but you can't kill the Senator until you find out if the padre has talked. So Zagon comes in with his little doctor bag. Only by then, I'm in on it. And you f***in know that I'm going to recognize his handiwork."
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Yeah. And if your name had been Joe Smith, I never would have caught it. But how many Nicolo Toscanis are there?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Tell me something old buddy, do we kill our own senators now?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "Why not? The Romans did."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Are we the f***ing Romans?"
  • (Chelcie Ross) "We're an empire too."
  • (Steven Seagal) "You don't believe that s*** for a minute, Nelson."
  • (Special Agent Neeley FBI) "Listen Toscani, I want to congratulate you. You just made number 4 on the most wanted list."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Number 4? I wanna be number 1."

Henry Silva as Kurt Zagon

  • (Henry Silva) "You were too f***ing dumb, you asshole."

Daniel Faraldo as Salvano

  • (Daniel Faraldo) "This maniac should be wearing a number, not a badge."

Ron Dean as Detective Lukich

  • (Ron Dean) "What the hell kind of high is this?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Sky-high. Military explosives. C-4, my man, C-4."

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