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Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe Quotes

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe ended its run in 1970.

It features Damian Lee as producer, Carlos Lopes in charge of musical score, and Curtis Petersen as head of cinematography.

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States,. Each episode of Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is 90 minutes long. Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is distributed by Cineplex Odeon Films.

The cast includes: Jesse Ventura as Abraxas, Sven-Ole Thorsen as Secundus, Michael Copeman as Sheriff Sharp, Jerry Levitan as Hite, and Marjorie Bransfield as Sonia.

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe Quotes

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Secundus

  • (Unnamed) "Hey, what are you doin' in my shop?"
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "I am recharging my answerbox."
  • (Unnamed) "Whatever the hell that is, you sure picked the wrong place to do it."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "You're quite a big man."
  • (Unnamed) "Big enough to take you, pal."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "Yes?"
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "Test for the anti-life equation."
  • (Unnamed) "Subject does not posses the anti-life equation, testing will result in discorporation."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "RUN THE TEST."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "You failed."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "Are you a birthing member of the human race?"
  • (Marjorie Bransfield) "Huh?"
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "I need your body."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "There's no more hiding. No more running. Just you, me, and the anti-life equation."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "What's this?"
  • (Unnamed) "The bill."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "Did I order this?"
  • (Unnamed) "Everybody gets one."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "I see."
  • (Sven-Ole Thorsen) "Very pleasant."

Michael Copeman as Sheriff Sharp

  • (Michael Copeman) "So what are you doing for Christmas?"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, I was going to go home to see my parents but they don't like me very much."
  • (Michael Copeman) "Sure they do."
  • (Unnamed) "Anyways I got a lot of work to catch up on. I'm going to stay in town. I'll clean my guns or something."

Marjorie Bransfield as Sonia

  • (Unnamed) "He's getting special attention all right Mrs. Murray. His presence is causing a problem with the students. Frankly, Tommy scares the piss out of them. And they act out. They push him. They call him names. They tease him. Constantly."
  • (Marjorie Bransfield) "Why don't you just tell them to stop teasing him, to stop pushing him, to stop calling him all kinds of names. Have you ever thought of just telling them to stop it?"
  • (Unnamed) "No. No I haven't. Um, I'm; I'll try that. I'll just speak to the kids. I'll just; I'll just tell them directly. That's a good suggestion. I'm going to try that."

Jesse Ventura as Abraxas

  • (Unnamed) "So what makes you think you can locate my 4-by-4?"
  • (Jesse Ventura) "My box has VD, trust me."
  • (Unnamed) "Your what?"
  • (Jesse Ventura) "VD. Vibrational Detection."
  • (Jesse Ventura) "My force was taught to avoid VD."
  • (Jesse Ventura) "Hello. I suppose you're not tired. Do you want to sit up here with me? I'll tell you a story. It's about two men who were partners."

Jerry Levitan as Hite

  • (Jerry Levitan) "You've endangered the lives of millions of people for the sake of one woman and one child."
  • (Jesse Ventura) "I think you're over-dramatizing the situation, Hite."

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