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Absolute Beginners (film) Quotes

Absolute Beginners (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Absolute Beginners stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gil Evans in charge of musical score, and Oliver Stapleton as head of cinematography.

Absolute Beginners (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Absolute Beginners (film) is 108 minutes long. Absolute Beginners (film) is distributed by Palace Pictures.

The cast includes: Eddie O'Connell as Colin, David Bowie as Vendice, Patsy Kensit as Suzette, James Fox as Henley of Mayfair, Mandy Rice-Davies as Mum, Graham Fletcher-Cook as Wizard, Joe McKenna as Fabulous Hoplite, Anita Morris as Dido Lament, Lionel Blair as Harry Charms, Alan Freeman as Call-Me-Cobber, Sade as Athene Duncannon, Tony Hippolyte as Mr. Cool, Robbie Coltrane as Mario, Steven Berkoff as The Fanatic, and Bruce Payne as Flikker.

Absolute Beginners (film) Quotes

Robbie Coltrane as Mario

  • (Robbie Coltrane) "Hey, this summer, it won't-a last forever, heh?"
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Oh, yes it can. It'll last until the calendar says stop, Daddy-O."
  • (Robbie Coltrane) "Hey, it's-a not Daddy-O, it's Mario."

Bruce Payne as Flikker

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Steven Berkoff as The Fanatic

  • (Steven Berkoff) "Hitler had the right idea. Don't knock him, son. You need him here. Jack boots; smashing up your ear."
  • (Steven Berkoff) "We don't want the blacks or Jews. Yellow, red, brown or blue. And let's kick out the homos too. Fascism is here to stay. Trains on time. Regular pay. Jobs for all the Christian whites. Hates the way to win our fight. Hates the way we; shall; unite. Give me your hands to make us free. Give me your fists to crush the beast. Give me your pain and misery. Give me your vote; for victory. Keep; Britain; White. Keep Britain White. Keep Britain White. Keep Britain White. Keep Britain White. White. White. White. White. White --."

Joe McKenna as Fabulous Hoplite

  • (Joe McKenna) "Dido, this is Colin. Colin is one of old London's hottest talents; with his camera."
  • (Anita Morris) "Well, honey, if you're so handy with this little thing, why don't you fix me up with a few party snaps?"
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "What's the price these days?"
  • (Anita Morris) "You do it for love."
  • (Joe McKenna) "Dearie me, child, what are you doing here?"
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Socializing. Like everyone else."
  • (Joe McKenna) "Everyone you hate. All the parasites are here."

Eddie O'Connell as Colin

  • (Eddie O'Connell) "What, you going out with Suzette? Aren't you a little old for her, Henley?"
  • (James Fox) "I'm only 37."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "37? Ha. Around the waist, maybe."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "You don't get a girl like Suzette on the never-never."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Just look at these fame star virgins. Putting on the agony. Trying to sing like hillbillies. Just praying for Harry Charms to snap them up and sell 'em into pop slavery."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Money isn't everything."
  • (Patsy Kensit) "I know but it'll do 'till everything comes along."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "What, selling things to people who don't want them?"
  • (David Bowie) "Never things, Colin. We don't sell things. We sell dreams."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "I mustn't throw stones. Especially not at Americans. Yanks invented teenagers. England for the English and all that. But, being anti-Yank's the sure sign of defeat."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "As for photography, well it isn't exactly difficult, is it?"
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "True, sometimes a knife came out. But that was always between friends. You behave yourself, you're all right here. It's not in Soho where some sex maniac leaps on your back and violates you. That's strictly for the respectable neighborhoods."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Me and my pals are regulars down here. Every night the same old young faces."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "It's funny, once you make up your mind to let go and sell out, its one damn check after another. Money at the best time to have it; when you're young and strong."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "It was England all right, but very un-English. Every class. Every income. Every kink. Boys. Girls. Black. White. Yellow. Bent. Versatile. All on equal terms."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Get your hands out of my trousers."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "I remember that hot, wonderful summer. When the teenage miracle reached full bloom and everyone in England stopped what they were doing to stare at what had happened. The Soho nights were cool in the heat, with light and music in the streets. And we couldn't believe that this was really coming to us at last. Nobody knew exactly why. But after so many dreary years of bombs and blitz and slow rebuilding; no sugar, no jam, nothing sweet anywhere; with the whole English world dressed in gray, it seemed, forever. Suddenly life broke out in warm colors again, so young and beautiful that a lot of people couldn't stand to look at it. For the first time ever, kids were teenagers. They had loot, however come by, and loot's for spending. And where there's loot, trouble follows."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Home. Sweet and sour home."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "Hello, Ma."
  • (Mandy Rice-Davies) "Hello, blitz baby."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "They're just hooligans."
  • (Tony Hippolyte) "Listen. They're organized. They're an army now. They've a general behind 'em and they want to kick us outta your country."
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "What are you talkin' about? This is your country too."
  • (Tony Hippolyte) "You think so?"
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "I'm on your side, Cool."
  • (Tony Hippolyte) "Oh, that's nice of you Colin. You don't know what side you're on. Truth is, Colin, you're on your own."

Anita Morris as Dido Lament

  • (Anita Morris) "Oh, I love anger. You know, you and I ought to argue sometime."

Mandy Rice-Davies as Mum

  • (Mandy Rice-Davies) "You naugh'y boy."
  • (Mandy Rice-Davies) "All right you lazy sod, what you doin' in 'er anyway? Get upstairs and tack in the carpets."

Lionel Blair as Harry Charms

  • (Lionel Blair) "I'll see you later Fido."
  • (Anita Morris) "It's Dido."

Sade as Athene Duncannon

  • (Sade) "She had to go. That's the way it goes. Killer blow."

Graham Fletcher-Cook as Wizard

  • (Graham Fletcher-Cook) "This teenage thing's gettin' outta hand."
  • (Graham Fletcher-Cook) "Don't knock it, Colin. Milk it. Shake it. Break it. Make it. Take it for all it's got. The power of youth."

Alan Freeman as Call-Me-Cobber

  • (Alan Freeman) "Harry, you're the toast of tin pan alley, I see. I see, also that you just recovered from a very unsuccessful nose job. Can you still smell success in your teenage discoveries?"
  • (Alan Freeman) "Teenagers, let's get with it."

Tony Hippolyte as Mr. Cool

  • (Tony Hippolyte) "You ain't worth it, Whitey."

Patsy Kensit as Suzette

  • (Patsy Kensit) "I've ruined what we used to be."
  • (Patsy Kensit) "Colin, what are you doing here?"
  • (Eddie O'Connell) "I'm sellin' out. What are you doing here?"

David Bowie as Vendice

  • (David Bowie) "The city's full of people, kid. People looking for rainbows, Colin -- But, I've been looking for you."

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