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Action in the North Atlantic Quotes

Action in the North Atlantic is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Action in the North Atlantic stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Adolph Deutsch, and George Lipschultz in charge of musical score, and Ted D. McCord as head of cinematography.

Action in the North Atlantic is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Action in the North Atlantic is 127 minutes long. Action in the North Atlantic is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Sam Levene as Chips Abrams, Irving Bacon as Bartender, Glenn Strange as other, Dane Clark as Johnnie Pulaski, Alan Hale, Sr. as Boats O'Hara, Peter Whitney as Whitey Lara, Ruth Gordon as Mrs. Jarvis, Don Douglas as Lieutenant-Commander, Charles Trowbridge as Rear Admiral Williams, Kane Richmond as Ens. Wright, and Chick Chandler as Goldberg.

Action in the North Atlantic Quotes

Chick Chandler as Goldberg

  • (Chick Chandler) "I wish I was in Times Square."
  • (Unnamed) "Why?"
  • (Chick Chandler) "I'd take a subway home."

Alan Hale, Sr. as Boats O'Hara

  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "I'm thinking plenty. And I ought to make you smell knuckles for the duration."
  • (Sam Levene) "No, no, no. You got your brains in your fists."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "But that's what he needs."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Them liberty ships is sure well-named."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Why they're taking pictures of us."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "A hundred? That's only a spit in the ocean. It will take thousands, they're building them ships so fast."

Glenn Strange as other

  • (Glenn Strange) ""Today in the face of this newest and greatest challenge of them all, we of the United Nations have cleared our decks and taken our battle stations. It is the will of the people that America shall deliver the goods. It can never be doubted that the goods will be delivered by this nation, which believes in the tradition of 'Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead.'" Franklin D. Roosevelt"

Don Douglas as Lieutenant-Commander

  • (Don Douglas) "It's a miracle."
  • (Charles Trowbridge) "That isn't a miracle; it's American seamanship."

Sam Levene as Chips Abrams

  • (Sam Levene) "It should have sound. I could tell him something."
  • (Sam Levene) "So you want a safe job, hunh? Go ask the Czechs and the Poles and the Greeks. They were figuring on safe jobs. They're lined up in front of guns digging each other's graves. The trouble with you, Pulaski, is you think America is just a place to eat and sleep. You don't know what side your future's buttered on."
  • (Sam Levene) "I got faith in God, President Roosevelt, and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the order of their importance."
  • (Sam Levene) "More than a hundred men must have shipped out today."

Ruth Gordon as Mrs. Jarvis

  • (Ruth Gordon) "For a sailor's wife war is just another storm."

Dane Clark as Johnnie Pulaski

  • (Dane Clark) "If a torpedo ever connected with this ship, we'd go up like a match connected to cellophane. You ain't got a chance."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "You ain't got a chance."
  • (Dane Clark) "And "Boom." You're in the hero department."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Yeah."
  • (Dane Clark) "Just like that and the next thing you know, you're pickin' a milky way outta your ears."
  • (Peter Whitney) "Okay, okay, so what?"
  • (Dane Clark) "Whatta ya mean, "Okay?""
  • (Sam Levene) "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I think you got the wromg angle. The way I see it if your ship's number is up, you're gonna get it."
  • (Peter Whitney) "Yeah, and suppose my number ain't up?"
  • (Sam Levene) "Then, brother, the torpedoes can connect right where yer sittin' and still nuthin' will happen."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Well, I want no torpedoes where I'm sittin'. I'm a sensitive man, I am."
  • (Dane Clark) "Whatta you know about it? You carpenters got sawdust for brains."
  • (Sam Levene) "Listen, I was shippin' out when your buttons was safety pins. I was in a tanker in the last war. I got torpedoed so much, I got water on the knee."

Irving Bacon as Bartender

  • (Irving Bacon) "Did you hurt your hand?"
  • (Lt. Joe Rossi) "Never do."

Kane Richmond as Ens. Wright

  • (Lt. Joe Rossi) "They're takin' 'em kinda young these days, ain't they?"
  • (Kane Richmond) "We're getting them young, Mr. Rossi, we're not taking them. Those boys all volunteered for this duty."
  • (Lt. Joe Rossi) "Don't get me wrong, Ensign, I'm not objecting to their youth. I'm all for it."
  • (Kane Richmond) "They've all been trained for this job."
  • (Lt. Joe Rossi) "Well, I hope so, because just between you and me, Mr. Wright, I don't think my men could hit the deck with their hats."

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