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Adam Resurrected Quotes

Adam Resurrected is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Adam Resurrected ended its run in 1970.

It features Ehud Bleiberg as producer, Gabriel Yared in charge of musical score, and Sebastian Edschmid as head of cinematography.

Adam Resurrected is recorded in English and originally aired in Germany. Each episode of Adam Resurrected is 106 min long. Adam Resurrected is distributed by Image Entertainment (United States).

The cast includes: Jeff Goldblum as Adam Stein, Willem Dafoe as Commandant Klein, and Ayelet Zurer as Gina Grey.

Adam Resurrected Quotes

Jeff Goldblum as Adam Stein

  • (Jeff Goldblum) "You of all people should know what I am trying to teach these people. The artifice. The necessary lie that we all needed to survive."
  • (David) "I thought you left me."
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "I was here all the time."
  • (David) "You went away --"
  • (David) "I'm back."
  • (Rabbi Lichtenstein) "Your daughter, the older one, Ruthie. Did you ever try to locate her?"
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "Such a cheerful presence. Rabbi, truly, you light up the room. She's dead. We both are. What's the point? If you have to know, ya? I did, for 4 years. I looked. I put von Handle's money to good use, believe me. Then it dawned on me, Rabbi, if she was alive then it was she that was not looking for me. She'd be 25 this year. She would have heard about the antics of her famous father, who was once a dog, who is now not much of anything. And who in the world could blame her if she chose to be; silent."
  • (Rabbi Lichtenstein) "You survived. It's not a crime. A crime is to blame yourself instead of them."
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "I live in a lovely valley, but the heights are gone forever. There are no more frightful deserts, and I no longer leap into the fire, I am afraid I will get burned. Sanity is pleasant and calm, but there is no greatness, no true joy, nor the awful sorrow that slashes the heart."
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "A dog barks. But a dog barking on a stage is no longer a dog. This bottle for instance. I pour, I raise this glass to my mouth, and I swallow. Mmm. But am I really drinking? Or am I playing a man who is drinking?"
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "Write it down? Write it to whom, God? God is out to lunch. He left a note, see it on your arm."
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "I had once the beautiful Father Land. The oak tree grew so high there. Silence nodded softly. It was a dream. It kissed me in German. It spoke in German. You would hardly believe how good it sounded. The words, Ich liebe dich, I love you. It was a dream --"
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "Who let a dog in here?"

Willem Dafoe as Commandant Klein

  • (Willem Dafoe) "Sergant, take Heir Stein to Rex's pen. No Adam, on all fours, it's funnier dat way."

Ayelet Zurer as Gina Grey

  • (Ayelet Zurer) "There are rules, Adam."
  • (Jeff Goldblum) "Compassion. Mercy. Nurse, what happened to the --"
  • (Ayelet Zurer) "You break the tiniest rule, you break the entire system."

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