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Addicted to Love (film) Quotes

Addicted to Love (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Addicted to Love ended in 1970.

It features Jeffrey Silver as producer, Rachel Portman in charge of musical score, and Andrew Dunn (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Addicted to Love (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Addicted to Love (film) is 100 minutes long. Addicted to Love (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Matthew Broderick as Sam, Meg Ryan as Maggie, and Tchéky Karyo as Anton.

Addicted to Love (film) Quotes

Matthew Broderick as Sam

  • (Matthew Broderick) "Anton, can I ask you something?"
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "Sure you can."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Do you ever get homesick? I mean, do you ever want to go back to France?"
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "You know, I was never so much French until I came here. You know Superman?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Uh-huh."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "Well, that's me. I'm Superman."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "And France was like Krypton. You know, on Krypton everybody was Superman. You make a nice sauce, everybody makes a nice sauce. You say hello to a woman with your French accent, everybody say hello."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "But here, here on Earth, this is the place where I knew I had special powers. I tell the bankers about my little village in France, and they all say, how brave and amazing you are, Anton. I could read the phone book to a woman and they become hypnotized, wet as morning daisies."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Well, what is your evil plan, huh? You're gonna squirt him with squirt guns? Throw rotten strawberries at him?"
  • (Meg Ryan) "You looked in my satchel?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yeah, call a cop."
  • (Meg Ryan) "You are a strange, tragic little man."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Oh my God. Oh my God he's killing her."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Yeah, he's killin' her all right, and she's loving every minute of it."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "So I saw this episode of "Lassie" today. And Lassie was accused of a crime she didn't commit, and the Ranger was coming to put her to sleep."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Uh-oh. How's Lassie going to get out of this one?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Well, the little boy told Lassie that she had to go away, far away."
  • (Meg Ryan) "For her own good."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yes, but you see, Lassie couldn't leave. Lassie just couldn't leave the boy."
  • (Meg Ryan) "What did he do?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "He told her he never liked her. He said, "I hate you, Lassie. I hate you. You're a bad dog.""
  • (Meg Ryan) "That must have made Lassie sad."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yes, it did. Lassie trotted off, very sadly. But you know what happened? Lassie came home, Maggie."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Did the little boy make it with Lassie?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yes. Yes he did."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "So what is your plan? What do you want to do?"
  • (Meg Ryan) "I just want his dignity, that's all. I want him hopeless, loveless, finished off. I just wish him ill, very very ill."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "How ill are we talking here?"
  • (Meg Ryan) "I'm not saying I want him dead. But, should that occur -- people die every day, why should he be any different? I'm just thinking on my feet, though. I don't have to decide the death part right now, I can just wait and see how I feel once his dignity's a thing of the past."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "This is really good."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I'm sorry, it is."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Oh, this is horrible. This is horr- this is worse than I'd imagined."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Want me to turn it off?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No, no, I -- I need to hear it."
  • (Meg Ryan) "How very brave."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No, she's not like that. She likes to make love quiet and slow and gentle --"
  • (Meg Ryan) "Are you kidding? That girl of yours is a carnival ride."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I'm the Milky Way Man, and I know everything."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Say what you want, Linda and I are in love."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Yeah, except for her boning my boyfriend, you two are the perfect couple."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Listen, Catwoman. At the end of the day, she is coming back to me, and we're gonna be happy. And where are you gonna be? All alone somewhere, plotting some little revenge scheme, that's where."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Let me tell you something, Sam. Listen to me very carefully. Are you listening?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yes."
  • (Meg Ryan) "The only way that girl is coming back to you is if a blast of semen catapults her across the street and through the window."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Look, my darling, I wanted to show you how well my hands fit on top of my knees, and also to give you a little --"
  • (Meg Ryan) "Get away from me. Get away from me, please. You are rude."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Oh, but I love you, my little lamb. I must have you. My love is throbbing at quite a fevered cadence."
  • (Meg Ryan) "But you cannot have me. My love is reserved for another."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "You cannot mean?"
  • (Meg Ryan) "Yes. The Milky Way Man."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No, no, no. Anyone but him. No, this is a man who can predict Alpha Cluster emissions. Next to him, I am nothing. I'm a worm, I'm a little --"
  • (Meg Ryan) "Yes, I love his emissions. Not every man --"
  • (Meg Ryan) "-- can be the Milky Way Man."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No."
  • (Meg Ryan) "What will you do now?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Forlorn, I will wander the earth by myself; thinking of you and pausing occasionally to have the sex with the skullses. Heh-heh."
  • (Meg Ryan) "That's good. Now be quiet about that, or I will make you --"
  • (Meg Ryan) "Eat another one of these pecans."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I like. Oh, this is very good."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Look how I'm licking my fingers. You like that?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "I like everything, I am French."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "He said something about having sex with my skull."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Ah, he says that to everyone, don't worry about it."

Meg Ryan as Maggie

  • (Meg Ryan) "I sleep naked. It's the only way I'm comfortable, so don't think of it as a come-on, because if you so much as breathe in my direction I will nail your willy to that beam."
  • (Meg Ryan) "When I was a kid, my father had this dog that started to get all weak and sickly. He takes it to the vet, he examines it and says a maggot must have laid eggs in the dog's butt. The baby maggots have crawled up, now they've started to grow, and eventually they're gonna eat the dog alive from the inside. He says it should be put to sleep, because it's an old dog anyway. But father won't do it. He takes the dog home, he puts it on the bed, he reaches up into the dog, picking out the maggots with his finger, one by one. It takes him all night, but he gets every last one. That dog outlived my father. That's love, Sam."
  • (Meg Ryan) "You know Sam, French men are very small."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Yeah?"
  • (Meg Ryan) "But not this guy. It's like Godzilla's tail. He could take down Tokyo with that thing."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Well, that is, without a doubt, the most pathetic thing I've ever heard."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "You don't understand --"
  • (Meg Ryan) "And I don't mean that in a trivial way. I'm a photographer, I've seen a lot of things. I once took pictures of a man who ate his own legs, and you would be the black sheep of that family."
  • (Meg Ryan) "What's your name?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Mike."
  • (Meg Ryan) "What's your name, Mike?"
  • (Matthew Broderick) "Sam."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Help me get him, Sam. Take the road less traveled. It'll make all the difference."
  • (Matthew Broderick) "No, forget it. I will not be sucked into your nightmare, forget it."
  • (Meg Ryan) "Okay, fine, whatever. You know, I bet I could get this in stereo."
  • (Meg Ryan) "I don't want him back, I just want him vaporized, extinguished. When I'm done with him, he'll be just a twitching little stain on the floor."

Tchéky Karyo as Anton

  • (Tchéky Karyo) "I like a man who fights for what he wants. But if you ever mess with me again, I'll rip out your eyes and rape your skull. Excuse my French."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "The midgets coming out of the blue."

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