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Affliction (1997 film) Quotes

Affliction (1997 film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Affliction completed its run in 1970.

It features Linda Reisman as producer, Michael Brook in charge of musical score, and Paul Sarossy as head of cinematography.

Affliction (1997 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Affliction (1997 film) is 114 minutes long. Affliction (1997 film) is distributed by Lions Gate Films.

The cast includes: Willem Dafoe as Rolfe Whitehouse, Brigid Tierney as Jill, James Coburn as Glen Whitehouse, James Coburn as Lena Whitehouse, Nick Nolte as Wade Whitehouse, Sissy Spacek as Margie Fogg, Holmes Osborne as Gordon LaRiviere, and Mary Beth Hurt as Lillian Whitehouse Horner.

Affliction (1997 film) Quotes

Willem Dafoe as Rolfe Whitehouse

  • (Willem Dafoe) "But at least I was never afflicted by that man's violence."
  • (Nick Nolte) "That's what you think."
  • (Willem Dafoe) "This is the story of my older brother's strange criminal behaviour and disappearance. We who loved him no longer speak of Wade. It's as if he never existed."
  • (Willem Dafoe) "I was always careful around Pop. I was a careful child. And I'm a careful adult. But at least I was never afflicted with that man's anger."
  • (Nick Nolte) "That's what you think."
  • (Willem Dafoe) "Who else benefits if Twombley is suddenly dead?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "I don't know. You tell me."
  • (Willem Dafoe) "Okay. It's likely there are people in the union who don't want Twombley to testify. That probably includes his son-in-law, who's vice president, and will probably be the next president."
  • (Willem Dafoe) "Pop was okay but out of it. Worse than usual, maybe, but no drunker than usual."

Nick Nolte as Wade Whitehouse

  • (Nick Nolte) "Love? What the f*** do you know about love?"
  • (James Coburn) "Love? I'm made of love."
  • (Nick Nolte) "You need me. Even pop for God's sake he needs me. This town needs me."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Lillian, listen to me. I don't want her to go."
  • (Mary Beth Hurt) "Please don't make a scene. I am not trying- nobody is trying to win a round, so don't make it any worse than it is."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Well I'm not making it any worse, you are."
  • (Nick Nolte) "He's a lot like me when I was his age."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "You wouldn't have done anything like that. Shoot somebody."
  • (Nick Nolte) "If you ever touch her again, I'll kill you. I swear it."
  • (James Coburn) "Still standing up for your little brother huh?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "I think there's some dirty business going on in this town."
  • (Nick Nolte) "You know she won't be here for a half hour. You think you can stand it here that long?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "You know I get the feeling like a whipped dog some days. Some night I'm gonna bite back, I swear."
  • (Nick Nolte) "I'm free of you. You're not on my back anymore. You see how easy it is?"

Brigid Tierney as Jill

  • (Brigid Tierney) "I wanna go home."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Home? Jill, you are home."
  • (Brigid Tierney) "Don't worry Dad. I love you, I really do. But I wanna go home."

James Coburn as Glen Whitehouse

  • (James Coburn) "I've got sons, god**** it. By God have I got sons."
  • (James Coburn) "That's what I've got for children. Jesus freaks and candy-asses."
  • (James Coburn) "Jesus is more powerful than any demon --"
  • (James Coburn) "Oh go f*** yourself."
  • (James Coburn) "Christ Sally. You are such a good person. Capital G. By God you are -- you are so much better than I am. I am no god**** good at all. And you -- you are truly a good person. Like a f***ing saint."
  • (James Coburn) "You done finely -- done it like a man."
  • (James Coburn) "How about you Rolfe? Are you saved?"
  • (Willem Dafoe) "No, I'm not."
  • (James Coburn) "But then you'll be in hell."
  • (Willem Dafoe) "I guess I will. Me and Mom and Wade and Pop. We'll all be there together."
  • (James Coburn) "Not a god**** one of you is worth a hair on that good woman's head."

Mary Beth Hurt as Lillian Whitehouse Horner

  • (Mary Beth Hurt) "God, you make me sick."
  • (Nick Nolte) "What?"
  • (Mary Beth Hurt) "I can't believe you would you sink this low."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Low as what? What have I done?"
  • (Mary Beth Hurt) "Your lawyer called."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Yeah. Is it bad to want to see your own daughter?"

Holmes Osborne as Gordon LaRiviere

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Sissy Spacek as Margie Fogg

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