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After Hours (film) Quotes

After Hours (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . After Hours ended its run in 1970.

It features Amy Robinson; Griffin Dunne; Robert F. Colesberry as producer, Howard Shore in charge of musical score, and Michael Ballhaus as head of cinematography.

After Hours (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of After Hours (film) is 97 minutes long. After Hours (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Griffin Dunne as Paul Hackett, Tommy Chong as Pepe, Cheech Marin as Neil, Rosanna Arquette as Marcy, Will Patton as Horst, Linda Fiorentino as Kiki, Teri Garr as Julie, and Bronson Pinchot as Lloyd.

After Hours (film) Quotes

Griffin Dunne as Paul Hackett

  • (Griffin Dunne) "What do you want from me? I'm just a word processor."
  • (Street Pickup) "Why don't you just go home?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Pal, I've been asking myself that all night."
  • (Club Berlin Bouncer) "Got any money?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Yes I got money. Is that what this is all about, you want money? Why didn't you ask for that in the first place man. Here, it's all I got."
  • (Club Berlin Bouncer) "I'll take your money 'cos I don't want you to feel you left anything untried. Now, you keep the quarter --"
  • (Club Berlin Bouncer) "-- but you still have to wait a few minutes."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Alright, punch. Punch it in."
  • (Bronson Pinchot) "Right."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Okay, let's, first of all, refresh the screen here. Alright, and go into "format ruler"."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "There."
  • (Bronson Pinchot) "All right. Now, file?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Right."
  • (Bronson Pinchot) "Right?"
  • (Bronson Pinchot) "And it's in memory?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Right. And?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Mark this down in the prefix --"
  • (Bronson Pinchot) "Right."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "-- file codes."
  • (Bronson Pinchot) "Prefix code. Right, right, right."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Good. Yeah, you got it. Another week, you'll have it down."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Couldn't you just give me one token, please?"
  • (Subway Attendant) "I can't do that. I may lose my job."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Well, who would know -- exactly?"
  • (Subway Attendant) "I could go to a party, get drunk, talk to someone -- who knows?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Which way you headed?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Downtown, SoHo."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Oh, nice -- nice. A loft?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Yeah, she's a sculptress. Lately she's been making these Plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheeses."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Really --"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "She's tryin to sell 'em as paperweights. You wanna buy one?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Paperweights? -- uh, yeah I would. How much are they?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "I don't know. Well, if you think you might be interested, her number is 243-3460."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "243-3460."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Her name's Kiki Bridges."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Kiki Bridges, okay."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Nice talkin' to ya."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Yeah, great talkin' to you."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "You have a great body."
  • (Linda Fiorentino) "Yes. Not a lot of scars."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "What's your name?"
  • (Teri Garr) "Julie."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "My name's Paul."
  • (Teri Garr) "Rough night, Paul?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "I'll probably get blamed for that."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "I want to live."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Is Marcy here?"
  • (Linda Fiorentino) "She had to go to the all-night drugstore."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Is she all right?"
  • (Linda Fiorentino) "It's under control."

Tommy Chong as Pepe

  • (Tommy Chong) "Art sure is ugly."
  • (Cheech Marin) "Shows how much you know about art. The uglier the art, the more it's worth."
  • (Tommy Chong) "This must be worth a fortune, man."

Rosanna Arquette as Marcy

  • (Rosanna Arquette) "I was raped once. As a matter of fact it happened right here in this very room. I lived here once. He came in through there on the fire escape. He held a knife to my throat and said if I made a move, he'd cut my tongue out. He tied me to the bed -- he took his time -- six hours."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "My god -- Was he, uh -- did they get this guy?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "No. Actually it was a boyfriend of mine. To tell you the truth, I slept through most of it. So -- there you are."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "My husband was a movie freak. Actually, he was particularly obsessed with one movie, "The Wizard of Oz." He talked about it constantly. I thought it was cute at first. On our wedding night, I was a virgin. When we made love; you've seen the movie, haven't you?"
  • (Griffin Dunne) ""The Wizard of Oz"? Yeah."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Well, whenever he; you know, when he came --"
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Yeah."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "-- he would scream out, "Surrender Dorothy." That's all. Just "Surrender Dorothy.""
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Wow."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Instead of saying something normal like, "Oh, God," or something normal like that. I mean, it was pretty creepy. And I told him I thought so, but he just, he just couldn't stop, he just, he just couldn't stop, he just -- couldn't stop."

Will Patton as Horst

  • (Will Patton) "That was rude of you, Paul."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "I don't know what came over me."
  • (Will Patton) "Lack of discipline."
  • (Griffin Dunne) "Possibly."

Teri Garr as Julie

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