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Aimée and Jaguar Quotes

Aimée and Jaguar is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Aimée &amp completed its run in 1970.

It features Hanno Huth as producer, Jan A. P. Kaczmarek in charge of musical score, and Tony Imi as head of cinematography.

Aimée and Jaguar is recorded in German and originally aired in Germany. Each episode of Aimée and Jaguar is 125 minutes long. Aimée and Jaguar is distributed by Senator Film.

The cast includes: Maria Schrader as Felice, Dani Levy as Fritz, Juliane Köhler as Lilly Wust, Detlev Buck as Gunther Wust, Jochen Stern as Werner Lause, and Johanna Wokalek as Ilse.

Aimée and Jaguar Quotes

Johanna Wokalek as Ilse

  • (Johanna Wokalek) "What does she have that I don't have?"
  • (Maria Schrader) "Nothing, absolutely nothing. She isn't better or worse than any of us."
  • (Johanna Wokalek) "How can you say that? How?"
  • (Johanna Wokalek) "Has she risked her life? Would she lie and steal and fight for you? Do you think she'd take risks my father takes? She has no idea what it's like listening to every idiot who comes up the stairs. But you know how it is, Felice. Your behaviour makes me sick."
  • (Maria Schrader) "So send me a bill."
  • (Johanna Wokalek) "I'm sorry."
  • (Maria Schrader) "What for? You're right."
  • (Maria Schrader) ""God created the world, Felice. You didn't" That's what my father always said to me. My sister, my mother -- they all agreed "Felice is crazy". And do you know why? Because for me nothing can be taken for granted. No God. No car that picks me up, no Ilse to help me, and no "thank you" I have to tell her every day. You want something special, Ilse. And I'm not."
  • (Maria Schrader) "I'm ungrateful and desperate for admiration. Say whatever you like. But don't make me a victim, because it's my god****ed mediocre little right to be free."
  • (Maria Schrader) "As long as I can."

Maria Schrader as Felice

  • (Maria Schrader) "If we aren't allowed to go to the theatre, let's enjoy Mrs. Wust."
  • (Maria Schrader) "Here's to the Germans,"
  • (Unnamed) "The most honest people in the world."
  • (Maria Schrader) "You'll all destroy yourselves."
  • (Maria Schrader) "The 50 best photographers were sent to photograph the most beautiful buildings, they'll destroy everything. Here, for our English friends."
  • (Dani Levy) "Are you crazy, what is this?"
  • (Maria Schrader) "The latest transport lists from Hungary. Have Schmidty photograph them. 'Til tomorrow."
  • (Dani Levy) "Felice. You've lost every sense of danger. That's not good, not for any of us."
  • (Maria Schrader) "Now sleep sweetly. May heaven give, that until your life is over, love will live."

Juliane Köhler as Lilly Wust

  • (Juliane Köhler) "That's enough. If I hear one more word from you, I'll send you to the maneaters"
  • (Juliane Köhler) "-- in Bavaria."
  • (Juliane Köhler) "What do you want Felice?"
  • (Maria Schrader) "You. All of you. Everything. But I'd be satisfied with one single moment, so perfect, it would last a lifetime. For example, this one. This one here is great. I don't want forever. I want now. Now. Now. Now. I want loads of 'nows' and I want them til I turn old and grey. And besides, I want more cake."
  • (Juliane Köhler) "Felice. Please, don't hurt me."
  • (Maria Schrader) "I'd better go."
  • (Juliane Köhler) "I'd die if you did."
  • (Juliane Köhler) "Felice, why do you mean so much to me?"

Detlev Buck as Gunther Wust

  • (Detlev Buck) "I need a wife with character. Or a lawyer."

Jochen Stern as Werner Lause

  • (Jochen Stern) "If Chruchill thinks he's done us in, he's wrong. Not while we're dancing."
  • (Unnamed) "Werner, stop jabbering and sit down there."
  • (Jochen Stern) "Boy, Hilde. You're really drunk."

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