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Air Bud Quotes

Air Bud is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Air Bud completed its run in 1970.

It features Robert Vince as producer, Brahm Wenger in charge of musical score, and Mike Southon (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Air Bud is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Air Bud is 98 minutes long. Air Bud is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

The cast includes: Eric Christmas as Judge Cranfield, Michael Jeter as Norm Snively, Bill Cobbs as Arthur Chaney, Kevin Zegers as Josh Framm, Jessibelle Mather and Kati Mather as Andrea Framm, Wendy Makkena as Jackie Framm, Brendan Fletcher as Larry Willingham, Norman Browning as Buck Willingham, and Stephen E. Miller as Coach Barker.

Air Bud Quotes

Bill Cobbs as Arthur Chaney

  • (Both Warrior headcoaches) "Are they nuts?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "What's the matter, gentlemen? Afraid your team might get beat by a dog?"
  • (Both Warrior headcoaches) "Put him in."
  • (Unnamed) "Does he dribble?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "No, but he might drool a little bit."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Why not let the dog choose, Your Honor? They say a dog is man's best friend. If that's the case, shouldn't the dog be able to choose who he wants to be friends with?"
  • (Eric Christmas) "Who are you, Barnum or Bailey?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Arthur Chaney, Your Honor."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Mr. Chaney, do you reali --"
  • (Eric Christmas) "Arthur Chaney? New York Knicks, '56? Huh, I was at that Celtics game where you did the turn-around jumper, at the buzzer."
  • (Eric Christmas) "I spilt beer all over my wife."
  • (Unnamed) "Your Honor?"
  • (Eric Christmas) "What? Oh, yes, yes, yes."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Well, I've been thinking. This dog is what, three, four years old. That makes him an adult, in our years. I say let Buddy decide."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Mr. Chaney, during my forty years on the bench, I have heard a lot of lamebrain cockamanie proposals. But this one I like."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Larry, out."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "What are you taking me out for?"
  • (Norman Browning) "What the hell do you think you are doin'?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Time, ref."
  • (Norman Browning) "Why are you takin' my kid out for?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "'Cause he's playin' like he's a one-man team."
  • (Norman Browning) "This boy is the team."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Maybe, he is to a worked-up father, but to me, he's a player who's got a whole lot to learn. Now, kindly to take your seat, Mr. Willingham, and let me get back to coaching my team."
  • (Norman Browning) "Come on, Larry. We're leavin'."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "But Dad."
  • (Norman Browning) "Now."

Eric Christmas as Judge Cranfield

  • (Eric Christmas) "By the powers invested in me, I award custody of the dog to Josh Framm."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Case closed, thank God."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Next case: Snively versus Framm. This one of your high-profile divorce cases?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, sir. Custody."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Oh, custody."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Holy toledo. What is that dog doing in the courtroom?"
  • (Unnamed) "That's the uh, 'child', sir."
  • (Eric Christmas) "That's a pretty ugly kid."
  • (Unnamed) "It's a dog."
  • (Eric Christmas) "What?"
  • (Unnamed) "The case is about custody of a dog."
  • (Eric Christmas) "All right, I'll take it, but we have to do this seriously. I will not have my courtroom turned into some kind of a circus."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Who the hell are you?"
  • (Michael Jeter) "Mister Norman F. Snively. I'm the plaintiff."
  • (Eric Christmas) "You look like an idiot."
  • (Eric Christmas) "Why, thank you, sir."

Kevin Zegers as Josh Framm

  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy, stop."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, gimme that ball."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Excuse me."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Get back here."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy, no."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy, no."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy, bad dog."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Sorry, Josh. Come on, Buddy."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Hey, boy."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Did you know that Buddy could do that? Did you know that Buddy could play basketball?"
  • (Unnamed) "There he is. Oh, the man of the hour. And the dog. I swear, I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. A basketball-playing dog. A regular Michael "Woof" Jordan. You've been keeping this under your hats. Oh, I'm going off like a faucet. Melissa, this is Mrs. Framm -- and her talented son, Josh."
  • (Unnamed) "Hi."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Hi."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm the president, of the Booster Club and wondered if you and --"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy."
  • (Unnamed) "Buddy could do that trick, at the next half-time show."
  • (Unnamed) "Wouldn't he be a great mascot?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy? Buddy."
  • (Stephen E. Miller) "You're never going to drop another ball, Stewart."
  • (Unnamed) "What's going on here?"
  • (Stephen E. Miller) "Just running Tom through a little drill."
  • (Unnamed) "That'll be enough, Joe. That will be enough."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Good boy."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Mrs. Pepper?"
  • (Unnamed) "Mm-hmm."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Um, have you found a basketball coach yet?"
  • (Unnamed) "Mm-hmm. Yes, Larry's father volunteered. Just until we find a new P. E. teacher."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Okay."
  • (Unnamed) "Mm-hmm."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Would it be weird, if I make a suggestion?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Merry Christmas, Josh."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Thank you mom. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you."
  • (Unnamed) "May I have your attention, please? Uh, we have a real treat for you folks. I'd like you to all welcome our own guard, Josh Framm. And the new mascot, for the Timberwolves basketball team, Air-Bud."
  • (Unnamed) "Great."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Let's go. Let's go. Come on, I'm just playing. Yeah, good boy. Just, like we always do. You already showed me that. Don't worry about all those people out there. Hey, good boy. Yeah, good boy. Let's go. Come on. Let's go, boy."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Come on. Let's go. Good boy. You wanna play?"

Wendy Makkena as Jackie Framm

  • (Wendy Makkena) "Is everyone OK?"
  • (Jessibelle Mather and Kati Mather) "No."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "That's my son."
  • (Brendan Fletcher) "Water boy. Nice shot."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Josh, I'm home."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy, stay here and don't move until I come back."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "There, you go."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Hi, Mom. Can I help with the groceries?"
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Excuse me?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Can I help with the groceries? How was your day?"
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Okay, what's going on?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Nothing. Can't a guy help his mom with the groceries?"
  • (Wendy Makkena) "What did you do?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Mom, do you remember, when I had a hamster?"
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Do you want another hamster?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "No. Not exactly."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "Josh, spit it out."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."
  • (Wendy Makkena) "No."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Buddy. Ew. So, can I keep him?"

Michael Jeter as Norm Snively

  • (Michael Jeter) "Oh, darn it."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Okay, mutt, show time. Okay, come here. Hold it. Hold it. Do not make me use this, Okay?"
  • (Michael Jeter) "Hi, Clown and the Hound."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Ow."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Okay, kids, it's "Happy Slappy Time." All right now, we'll start off with a little plate-spinnin', okay?"
  • (Michael Jeter) "I bet you won't be able to guess what this one is."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Pick a card. Any card."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Now, we put the plate in our mouth."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Went down a little bit too far."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Okay, dog, your turn."
  • (Michael Jeter) "One more."
  • (Party kids) "Yeah. That was the only exciting thing."
  • (Party kids) "And now, for the grand finale, kids."
  • (Party kids) "Where are you?"
  • (Party kids) "Come back here."
  • (Party kids) "Ow."
  • (Unnamed) "My cake."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Would it be okay if I get a couple of references?"
  • (Michael Jeter) "Come on. I warned you. You had hour chance, you flea-bitten mongrel. You're going to the pound. You hear me? You're going to the pound."
  • (Michael Jeter) "I hate birthday parties. I hate kids. I HATE BEING A CLOWN."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Yeah, dog pound? I got a vicious dog. No, It's a horrible dog. It's a menace. I'm bringing him in now. No, I don't know where you are. That's why I'm calling you. What? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know where that is. I should be there in fifteen to twenty minutes."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Yeah, well no. I got a map. I got a map, here, in the truck."
  • (Michael Jeter) "No, no, I don't want my dog doing beer commercials."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Oh wait, the Oprah woman -- Oprah, you know, the Oprah woman, she like dogs? I'd LOVE to do Jay Leno."
  • (Michael Jeter) "Hey."

Stephen E. Miller as Coach Barker

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jessibelle Mather and Kati Mather as Andrea Framm

  • (Jessibelle Mather and Kati Mather) "What's with Josh?"

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