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Air Raid Wardens Quotes

Air Raid Wardens is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Air Raid Wardens ended its run in 1970.

It features B.F. Zeidman as producer, Nathaniel Shilkret in charge of musical score, and Walter Lundin as head of cinematography.

Air Raid Wardens is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Air Raid Wardens is 67 minutes long. Air Raid Wardens is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Stephen McNally as Dan Madison, Howard Freeman as J.P. Norton, Nella Walker as Millicent Norton, Paul Stanton as Capt. Biddle, Donald Meek as Eustace Middling, Edgar Kennedy as Joe Bledsoe, Robert Emmett O'Connor as Charlie Beaugart, Henry O'Neill as Rittenhause, and Don Costello as Heydrich.

Air Raid Wardens Quotes

Stephen McNally as Dan Madison

  • (Stephen McNally) "Look, fellas, Uncle Sam wants everybody. There's plenty to be done right here in the home front. Why, I have a job for you. Here, take some of these posters."
  • (Stanley) "Where?"
  • (Stephen McNally) "Everywhere. We're having a big meeting tonight in the high school gym."
  • (Oliver) "What for?"
  • (Stephen McNally) "The war effort."
  • (Oliver) "That's right. There's a job to be done; right here at home."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Boys, I hate to do this; but, I'll have to ask you to turn in your equipment."
  • (Oliver) "Now, Mr. Madison, surely you don't believe we were drunk last night?"
  • (Stephen McNally) "I'm sorry. The decision has been made. It's for the good of the service."
  • (Stanley) "You mean, they're better without us?"
  • (Howard Freeman) "You men have caused nothing but trouble. First, you wrecked the gymnasium. Then you wrecked me. And now, drunk."
  • (Stanley) "Well, you know best. When we couldn't get in the Army or the Navy, Mr. Madison told us that we could do this kind of work and; it made us happy. We tried hard. But, I guess we're not smart like other people. But, if we can do something for our country, by not doing this work, we'll do that too. We'll do anything that Uncle Sam wants us to do. Won't we Ollie?"
  • (Stanley) "When we couldn't get in the Army or the Navy, Mr. Madison told us that we could do this kind of work, and it made us happy, we tried hard. I guess we're not smart like other people, but if we can do something for our country by not doing this work, we'll do that too. We'll do anything that Uncle Sam wants us to do, won't we, Ollie?"
  • (Stephen McNally) "Thank you boys, that's --"
  • (Stephen McNally) "Take your equipment to Charlie Beaugart."
  • (Robert Emmett O'Connor) "Two helmets, two gas masks, two arm bands, two identification cards, and two whistles."
  • (Robert Emmett O'Connor) "That's all, boys."
  • (Air Raid Warden) "One helmet, one new arm band, one gas mask, and one whistle."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Be sure to sign a receipt for your equipment, men."

Nella Walker as Millicent Norton

  • (Stanley) "We'll go down the street."
  • (Oliver) "We'll put them on both sides, so that they can see them coming and going."
  • (Oliver) "Are you putting that one on upside; - oof; - down? Ohh."
  • (Oliver) "Ooh."
  • (Nella Walker) "Ugh."
  • (Oliver) "Ohh."
  • (Oliver) "Oof. Ugh."
  • (Nella Walker) "Look at my dress, you've ruined my new dress."
  • (Stanley) "It wasn't me, lady, it was him"
  • (Oliver) "Ohh."
  • (Nella Walker) "What are you supposed to be doing, anyway?"
  • (Stanley) "We're putting up bills, you see, for the gym --"
  • (Nella Walker) "Oh, the idea."
  • (Stanley) "Excuse me, maybe I can help you."
  • (Nella Walker) "Oh thank you. Good day."

Howard Freeman as J.P. Norton

  • (Howard Freeman) "With those men, we can never achieve perfection."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Oh, yes we can. We're getting better all the time. We won't make the same mistakes twice."
  • (Howard Freeman) "I hope not."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Look, Mr. Norton, why are you doing this work?"
  • (Howard Freeman) "Why? Why? To serve my country."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Well, that's their idea too."
  • (Howard Freeman) "Madison, you've got to get rid of those misfits."
  • (Stephen McNally) "I just talked to them, Mr. Norton. They're awfully broken up about this. I'm sure it was an accident."
  • (Howard Freeman) "They are both accidents."
  • (Howard Freeman) "I volunteered to be a victim. I certainly never thought I'd fall in the hands of those idiots."
  • (Howard Freeman) "I'd rather fight Japs; bare handed."

Paul Stanton as Capt. Biddle

  • (Oliver) "Take that thing off."
  • (Oliver) "And get that whistle out of your mouth."
  • (Oliver) "Now go to sleep."
  • (Oliver) "Take that off. Will you go to sleep, please?"
  • (Oliver) "See who that is."
  • (Oliver) "Well, who was it?"
  • (Stanley) "It's the telephone."
  • (Oliver) "Oh."
  • (Oliver) "Telephone?"
  • (Oliver) "Laurel and Hardy, bicycles, burglar alarms, locks and keys."
  • (Paul Stanton) "Biddle calling, blue alert. Proceed to your post, stand by for the red."
  • (Oliver) "We're on our way."
  • (Oliver) "Blue alert, come on, get dressed. We've got to get right on duty, right away."
  • (Oliver) "Oh, put that whistle down and get dressed."
  • (Paul Stanton) "Red alert."
  • (Paul Stanton) "Red alert."

Donald Meek as Eustace Middling

  • (Oliver) "We're going over to the meeting and get our equipment. Are you coming, Mr. Middling?"
  • (Donald Meek) "I'll be over in a little while."
  • (Oliver) "Okay."
  • (Stanley) "Are we going to get helmets and everything?"
  • (Oliver) "That's what he said."
  • (Stanley) "Gee, and gas masks?"
  • (Oliver) "That's right."
  • (Stanley) "And "whis-tels"?"
  • (Oliver) "Of course "whit-sells"."

Edgar Kennedy as Joe Bledsoe

  • (Oliver) "Not the whistle, ring the bell."
  • (Edgar Kennedy) "Well, if it isn't the boys from the bicycle shop. And what are you looking for? Trouble, I hope."
  • (Oliver) "Oh no no, no trouble. Will you please put your lights out, sir? Thank you."
  • (Stanley) "Thank you. He was very nice, wasn't he?"
  • (Oliver) "Yes, well that's that, then."
  • (Edgar Kennedy) "If you don't stop ringing that bell, I'm gonna throw him in your face."
  • (Oliver) "Nevertheless sir, I must insist that you turn your lights off. And if not, would you mind pulling down your shades?"
  • (Edgar Kennedy) "Would you like to pull them down for me?"
  • (Oliver) "Oh, I'd be glad to, it'd be quite a pleasure, sir."
  • (Disturbed Sleeper) "The people across the street are signalling to the Japs."
  • (Paul Stanton) "Right away."

Henry O'Neill as Rittenhause

  • (Oliver) "Who's there?"
  • (Henry O'Neill) "It's Dan."
  • (Oliver) "We're rescued, give me the key."
  • (Stanley) "I gave it to you --"
  • (Oliver) "Oh did you? I don't remember you giving me the key"
  • (Oliver) "I'm sure that you're; Just a minute, Dan, be right with you."
  • (Oliver) "I tell you, you did not give me the;"
  • (Oliver) "Oh."
  • (Henry O'Neill) "So sorry, gentlemen."
  • (Henry O'Neill) "We leave for the plant immediately. Heydrich, you take care of our friends here."
  • (Don Costello) "When?"
  • (Henry O'Neill) "At your pleasure, of course. Come."
  • (Oliver) "Well, good-bye."
  • (Don Costello) "Freeze."
  • (Don Costello) "Hey, you."
  • (Don Costello) "No, you."
  • (Don Costello) "Stop."
  • (Don Costello) "No. Put that apple on his head."
  • (Don Costello) "Yeah. Go ahead."
  • (Don Costello) "Now come here."
  • (Don Costello) "Turn around."
  • (Don Costello) "Here, now shoot that apple off his head. Go ahead, no monkey business."
  • (Stanley) "He's my pal."
  • (Don Costello) "Go ahead."
  • (Stanley) "Good-bye, Ollie."
  • (Oliver) "Ha."
  • (Don Costello) "Heil Hitler."
  • (Oliver) "Urgh."
  • (Oliver) "Quick, the gun. Get; You, you. Get the wire. We'll tie him up, just like Mr. Norton."
  • (Oliver) "Ah, there we are."
  • (Stanley) "Now he does look like Mr. Norton."
  • (Oliver) "Yeah, ha ha."

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