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Alex and Emma Quotes

Alex and Emma is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Alex &amp completed its run in 1970.

It features Rob Reiner, and Alan Greisman as producer, Marc Shaiman in charge of musical score, and Gavin Finney as head of cinematography.

Alex and Emma is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Alex and Emma is 96 minutes long. Alex and Emma is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Kate Hudson as Emma Dinsmore, Luke Wilson as Alex, Luke Wilson as Alex Sheldon, Sophie Marceau as Polina Delacroix, and Lobo Sebastian as Bobby.

Alex and Emma Quotes

Kate Hudson as Emma Dinsmore

  • (Kate Hudson) "Alex? If you think you're having a heart attack and you're going to die, call me first, okay? No use wasting money on the bus if you're just gonna be dead when I get here."
  • (Kate Hudson) "You're looking for sex, Mr. Shipley. You're barking up the wrong body."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Ms Dinsmore, I have no intention of barking up your body. I'm sure there are men who would be thrilled to find themselves in bed with such a forthright woman. I prefer my women to be more -- well less forthright."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Elsa? Who's that?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "The au-pair."
  • (Kate Hudson) "I thought Ylva was the au-pair."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I changed it. She didn't have enough edge."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Swedes have no edge?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "No, that's common knowledge. They have that whole light blue flag thing."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Oh, and all Germans have edge?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well not all. Some do. Certainly Hitler springs to mind."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Who is she?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "She's this pain-in-the-ass au pair."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, here we are."
  • (Unnamed) "Thanks, um --"
  • (Unnamed) "Ylva."
  • (Unnamed) "Ylva. Now that's a beautiful name. How do you spell it?"
  • (Unnamed) "Y-L-V-A."
  • (Unnamed) "Ah. Just like it sounds."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Very funny."
  • (Luke Wilson) "What? I take it from life."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Good night."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Can you say good night if you're only sleeping for two hours?"
  • (Kate Hudson) "Good night."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Apparently, you can."
  • (Kate Hudson) "If they're not in agony, then it can't be love."
  • (Kate Hudson) "There are some things that are nothing more than what they are, they're not meant to last. They just take their place in your heart and make you a little smarter the next time."
  • (Kate Hudson) "You borrowed money to gamble? Are you out of your mind?"
  • (Kate Hudson) "What's your book about?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It's the story of a man who's frightened of commitment yet so desperately in love with a woman he's afraid it might kill him. It's a comedy."
  • (Kate Hudson) "I can't figure out what's worse, having to know every single detail of your desperate love for some other woman, or having to know that you obviously didn't even come close to feeling the same way about me."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Does the fact that you called seventeen times last night with no response from me send any kind of signal to you?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, I mean, I'm not an idiot. I figured you probably wanted to talk to me but that your machine was broken."

Luke Wilson as Alex Sheldon

  • (Luke Wilson) "He left like a man on a mission, a man on a mission with hot wet balls."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I uh --"
  • (Kate Hudson) "Well, I "uh" you too."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Elsa. You've struck oil; stop drilling."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I think I'm in love with you."
  • (Kate Hudson) "I think I couldn't care less."
  • (Luke Wilson) "The grandmother lives."

Lobo Sebastian as Bobby

  • (Lobo Sebastian) "You're dancing the flamenco to get money. This is not a strong bargaining position."

Sophie Marceau as Polina Delacroix

  • (Sophie Marceau) "Mr. Shipley, Ylva will set you up in the Guest Cottage."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Ylva? What kind of name is Ylva?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "She's Swedesh."
  • (Kate Hudson) "That's not a real name. Who made that up, Jaqcues Cartier?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It's her name, okay?"
  • (Kate Hudson) "Okay. How do you spell it?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Just like it sounds."
  • (Kate Hudson) "I-L-V-A"
  • (Luke Wilson) "No. It's Y-L-V-A"
  • (Kate Hudson) "Y-L-V-A? That's not how it's sounds."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well, that how she spells it."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Okay. You want Y-L-V-A? It's Y-L-V-A."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Good."
  • (Kate Hudson) "Just so you know, it's not how it sounds."

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