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Alexander the Great (1956 film) Quotes

Alexander the Great (1956 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Alexander the Great stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Rossen as producer, Mario Nascimbene in charge of musical score, and Robert Krasker as head of cinematography.

Alexander the Great (1956 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Alexander the Great (1956 film) is 141 minutes long. Alexander the Great (1956 film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Richard Burton as Alexander, Barry Jones as Aristotle, Helmut Dantine as Nectenabus, Danielle Darrieux as Olympias, and Niall MacGinnis as Parmenio.

Alexander the Great (1956 film) Quotes

Barry Jones as Aristotle

  • (Barry Jones) "Wonders are many, but none is more wonderful than man himself."
  • (Unnamed) "There's work to do. Farewell, Aristotle."
  • (Barry Jones) "Farewell; and take these words with you and use them for what they are worth: Alexander is many things. He is logic, and he is dreams. He is warrior, and he is poet. He is man, and he is spirit. He is your son, but he's also hers -- and he believes himself to be a god."
  • (Barry Jones) "Do you know how vast the Persian Empire is?"
  • (Richard Burton) "From the Nile, to the Indus -- from Samarkand, to Babylon."
  • (Barry Jones) "And beyond. Do you know how many different people live there?"
  • (Richard Burton) "By heart. Carians, Armenians, Jews, Parthians, Egyptians -- I know their customs and their gods."
  • (Barry Jones) "Yes. But this is more than an empire, this is colossus. To rule it would take a man as great as you can be -- That is why I say, "Patience"."
  • (Richard Burton) "Patience? My time is short."
  • (Barry Jones) "Short?"
  • (Richard Burton) "When the great god Zeus, father of Achilles, gave him his choice of a long life of obscurity and a short life filled with glory, he chose glory. So did I. Achilles died young --"

Richard Burton as Alexander

  • (Richard Burton) "It is men who endure toil and dare dangers that achieve glorious deeds. And it is a lovely thing to live with courage and to die leaving behind an everlasting renown."
  • (Richard Burton) "What's all this about my father?"
  • (Danielle Darrieux) "To the sword, the cross, the rack; men who have been his friends for years. Now everyone is his enemy; he accuses everyone of conspiring against him -- even me. You'll hear the story, Alexander; you'll hear it from him. But you mustn't believe him, you mustn't -- you don't. Do you, Alexander?"
  • (Richard Burton) "Why should he accuse you?"
  • (Danielle Darrieux) "He wants to get rid of me -- he's been wanting to for years. He wants to marry again."
  • (Richard Burton) "Who?"
  • (Danielle Darrieux) "Attalus's niece. You be careful of Attalus; you be careful of all of them. She's no fool; she won't let him throw her away like he's done with all the others. She's young --"
  • (Richard Burton) "Oh, Mother --."
  • (Danielle Darrieux) "Whatever he asks of you, do. Whatever he says, agree with. For when you're regent --"
  • (Danielle Darrieux) "when you're regent -- then, we'll rule the land."
  • (Richard Burton) "We ?"
  • (Richard Burton) "" -- thus beneath great-hearted Achilles his whole-hooved horses trampled corpses and shields together, and with blood all the axletree below was sprinkled, for blood-drops from the horses' hooves splashed them, and blood-drops from the tires of the wheels, for the son of Peleus pressed on to win glory, flecking with gore his irresistible hands.""

Danielle Darrieux as Olympias

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Niall MacGinnis as Parmenio

  • (Niall MacGinnis) "I believe in the glory of Macedonia, in the kingdom, in the army which you forged with your will, and your strength, and your belief that we were better, and stronger, and more fit to rule than anyone in Greece, even in Athens. And you're right, Philip. We are. We must proclaim to the world that Macedonia will not fall apart; that she will continue to rule through you, and through your son --. And then, Philip, we shall have truly lived."

Helmut Dantine as Nectenabus

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