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Ali (film) Quotes

Ali (film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Ali ended in 1970.

It features Jon Peters as producer, Pieter Bourke in charge of musical score, and Emmanuel Lubezki as head of cinematography.

Ali (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Ali (film) is 157 minutes long. Ali (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Will Smith as Muhammad Ali, Jamie Foxx as Drew 'Bundini' Brown, Jon Voight as Howard Cosell, Giancarlo Esposito as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr., Michael Bentt as Sonny Liston, Jada Pinkett Smith as Sonji, and Mykelti Williamson as Don King.

Ali (film) Quotes

Will Smith as Muhammad Ali

  • (Judge Ingraham) "Are you prepared to apologize about your un-patriotic remarks about the war?"
  • (Will Smith) "No."
  • (Judge Ingraham) "No? You say you are the people's champion."
  • (Will Smith) "Yes, sir."
  • (Judge Ingraham) "Do you think you're acting like you're the people's champion?"
  • (Will Smith) "Yes, sir. I am not going to apologize to you. This is not a courtroom and I do not have to sit here and answer your questions."
  • (Will Smith) "Sonny Liston, you ain't no champ. You a chump. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Ahhh. "Rumble em', young man, rumble em'.""
  • (Will Smith) "But if I ever was to get in the ring with Joe, here's what you might see. Ali comes out to meet Frazier, but Frazier starts to retreat. If Joe back up an inch farther, he'll wind up in a ringside seat. Ali swings with his left. Ali swings with his right. Just look at the kid carry the fight. Frazier keeps backin', but there's not enough room. It's only a matter of time before Ali lowers the boom. Ali swings with his right. What a beautiful swing. But the punch lifts Frazier clean out of the ring. Frazier still rising, and the referee wears a frown 'cause he can't start countin' till Frazier comes down. Frazier's disappeared from view. The crowd is getting frantic. But our radar stations done picked him up. He's somewheres over the Atlantic. Now, who would've thought, when they came to the fight, they was gonna witness the launching of a black satellite? But don't wait for that fight. It ain't never gonna happen. The onliest thing you can do is wonder and imagine."
  • (Will Smith) "Damn Don you crazy. You must have studied the whole "D" section of the dictionary."
  • (Will Smith) "Damn, did you know that you could have seven million termites living in your house and not even know it until you fall right through the corridor floor on your way to the kitchen?"
  • (Will Smith) "I ain't draft dodging. I ain't burning no flag. I ain't running to Canada. I'm staying right here. You want to send me to jail? Fine, you go right ahead. I've been in jail for 400 years. I could be there for 4 or 5 more, but I ain't going no 10,000 miles to help murder and kill other poor people. If I want to die, I'll die right here, right now, fightin' you, if I want to die. You my enemy, not no Chinese, no Vietcong, no Japanese. You my opposer when I want freedom. You my opposer when I want justice. You my opposer when I want equality. Want me to go somewhere and fight for you? You won't even stand up for me right here in America, for my rights and my religious beliefs. You won't even stand up for my right here at home."
  • (Will Smith) "Man, without me, you'd just be a mouth and a microphone."
  • (Jon Voight) "And without me, you'd just be a mouth."
  • (Will Smith) "What's my name? What's my name, motherf***er."
  • (Will Smith) "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see."
  • ("Smokin'" Joe Frazier) "What you in Philly for? Philly's my town."
  • (Will Smith) "Oh I just wanna get a little closer to you, honey."
  • ("Smokin'" Joe Frazier) "Man, f*** you."
  • (Will Smith) "Gonna get me some Champ Burgers."
  • (Will Smith) "I'm gonna give 1000 dollars to the man who brings me Howard Cosell's toupee, dead or alive."
  • (Will Smith) "Hey, come on you big ugly bear, I'll turn you into a rug."
  • (Michael Bentt) "Keep talking. I'm gonna f*** you up."
  • (Will Smith) "You look like the heavyweight champion of pimps."
  • (Will Smith) "This was supposed to be the fight that Muhammad Ali was ended. Supposed the myth that Muhammad was gonna fall. Supposed to be my destruction. Well, they miscalculated, they misjudged, they got it wrong."

Jon Voight as Howard Cosell

  • (Jon Voight) "We'll be right back."
  • (Will Smith) "You want some food for that thing?"
  • (Jon Voight) "How could you do something like that to a man you revere?"
  • (Will Smith) "Cos it's funny."

Jada Pinkett Smith as Sonji

  • (Jada Pinkett Smith) "Are you a virgin?"
  • (Will Smith) "What do you mean "Am I a virgin"?"

Giancarlo Esposito as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr.

  • (Giancarlo Esposito) "I need to talk to you."
  • (Will Smith) "You can stay, Brother Herbert."
  • (Giancarlo Esposito) "Brother? He ain't your brother. Your brother's taking your wife back to Chicago. She crying like a widow."
  • (Will Smith) "Yeah, well I ain't dead."
  • (Giancarlo Esposito) "Well you may as well be. You don't remember your name or who you are."

Jamie Foxx as Drew 'Bundini' Brown

  • (Jamie Foxx) "God don't love us. We be."
  • (Jamie Foxx) "I'm the only normal one left around here. I'm a black Jew, I'm half drunk and I cant read."
  • (Reporter) "Hey, you think it's about time for a hairpiece?"
  • (Jamie Foxx) "What you talking 'bout a hairpiece for? You already done lost all your hair, you cueball headed motherf***er."
  • (Jamie Foxx) "Free ain't easy. Free is real. And real's a motherf***er."

Mykelti Williamson as Don King

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