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All About the Benjamins Quotes

All About the Benjamins is a television show that first aired in 1970 . All About the Benjamins stopped airing in 1970.

It features Matt Alvarez as producer, John Murphy (composer) in charge of musical score, and Glen MacPherson as head of cinematography.

Each episode of All About the Benjamins is 98 minutes long. All About the Benjamins is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Mike Epps as Reggie, Eva Mendes as Gina, Ice Cube as Bucum, Robert MacBeth as Mr. Sheldon, Carmen Chaplin as Ursula, and Roger Guenveur Smith as Julian Ramose.

All About the Benjamins Quotes

Mike Epps as Reggie

  • (Mike Epps) "You'll never find, DUM DUM DUM, a hairline like mine."
  • (Mike Epps) "I got chased by a motherf***in' Mexican and a big white bitch today. Looking like a project power ranger, chasing me all over this place."
  • (Eva Mendes) "What are you talking about, Reggie?"
  • (Mike Epps) "There was some kind of diamond heist near the beach today, right? Bucum, chasing me. I'm running. I accidentally hid in the back of the damn crooks' van."
  • (Eva Mendes) "A diamond heist, Reggie?"
  • (Mike Epps) "Then they tried to kill me."
  • (Eva Mendes) "So, what happened after that? How did you escape?"
  • (Mike Epps) "How did I escape? You know how I escaped. I fought my way up out of there."
  • (Mike Epps) "I hit about five dudes, knocked about three bitches down. You know I don't play, Gina."
  • (Eva Mendes) "Baby, you can't fight."
  • (Mike Epps) "Who can't fight? I was knockin'. I hit this one dude. He ran up on me. I was like, "Mmm.""
  • (Mike Epps) "He hit me in the head twice. And I did -- Look. And I grabbed. And then he hit me one more time. You can't tell me. See, I'm nervous and paranoid, man."
  • (Mike Epps) "Yo' hairline goes way back. I bet if you was in the Army you have to salute like this, YES SIR."

Carmen Chaplin as Ursula

  • (Carmen Chaplin) "Do you know what he'll do when he finds out we f***ed up a $20 million deal?"
  • (Mike Epps) "$20 million?"
  • (Roger Guenveur Smith) "No, I have no idea what he's going to do, darling. I'm not the one who's f***ing him."

Ice Cube as Bucum

  • (Ice Cube) "Now I believe you about the missing wallet, but the lotto, Uh-uh."
  • (Ice Cube) "Punk-ass Mini-Me."
  • (Ice Cube) "Reggie, I love you. But I gotta take you in."
  • (Mike Epps) "Come on, man."

Robert MacBeth as Mr. Sheldon

  • (Robert MacBeth) "Reggie, how many times do I have to tell you to open the potato chips after you pay for them?"
  • (Mike Epps) "Well, you're gonna' have to tell me that all the time, 'cause I like potato chips."
  • (Robert MacBeth) "$7.50."
  • (Mike Epps) "Seven fitty. Yo, it's fifty, not "seven fitty.""

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