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All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes

All Dogs Go to Heaven is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . All Dogs Go to Heaven completed its run in 1970.

It features Don Bluth as producer, and Ralph Burns in charge of musical score.

All Dogs Go to Heaven is recorded in English and originally aired in Ireland. Each episode of All Dogs Go to Heaven is 85 minutes long. All Dogs Go to Heaven is distributed by United Artists (United States).

The cast includes: Burt Reynolds as Charlie, Vic Tayback as Carface, Dom DeLuise as Itchy Itchiford, Candy Devine as Vera, Charles Nelson Reilly as Killer, Ken Page as King Gator, Loni Anderson as Flo, and Anna Manahan as Stella Dallas.

All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes

Burt Reynolds as Charlie

  • (Burt Reynolds) "That Carface has something up his sleeve."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Yeah, a gun."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "And when I find out what it is, I'm going to ruin him."
  • (Unnamed) "Welcome to being dead."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "What? You mean I'm -- I'm --"
  • (Unnamed) "Stone cold I'm afraid."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I can't believe it, I've been murdered."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm having trouble finding any goodness or loyalty here, but let me see."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "He killed me."
  • (Unnamed) "I beg your pardon?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "There's a mistake been made here."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I don't wanna die/You got the wrong guy/I was double crossed by a dirty rat, actually this rat was a dog but his car ran me down/I just blew out of jail, I just got back to town/Hey. This is hard to explain/May I speak to your Superior because I don't wanna die."
  • (Unnamed) "Welcome to doing whatever you wish --"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You got the wrong guy."
  • (Unnamed) "Laughing and singing all day."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Hey. Listen. My time's not up yet."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh but it is, there's no mistake about that, we know everything."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Murdered in the prime of my life. That Carface, I'll kill him."
  • (Unnamed) "Charlie, will you help me find a mom and dad?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Kid, I'll help you find the lost city of Atlantis. Just please, please go to sleep."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "All we need now is a couple of bucks."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "A couple of bucks, a couple of bucks."
  • (Unnamed) "A couple, a couple. Mmm, yeah. A mom and dad."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Yeah, sure."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You must have taken dance lessons. You have natural rhythm, unusual in a whippet."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Hey, wait. That looks like a water main."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Naw, water mains are green. This is red."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Itchy, you're color blind. You've always been color blind."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "That's true, but this is green."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Its red."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Red?"
  • (Unnamed) "Charlie, will I ever see you again?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Sure you will, kid. You know goodbyes aren't forever."
  • (Unnamed) "Then goodbye, Charlie. I love you."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Yep -- I love you too."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Itchy, what happened to you?"
  • (Dom DeLuise) "You want to know what happened to me? I'll tell you what happened to me. Carface happened to me, with about 50 of his thugs. Oh."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Itch, I'm sorry."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Well, look what else happened while you were sidetracked. See that?"
  • (Dom DeLuise) "That's our place. You were going to fix Carface well, well he fixed us. You see boss, this whole thing's gone too far."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Hey. I know we're all dead up here, but so's the music. How about heating it up?"
  • (Candy Devine) "Honey, you know it."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "That's nice. That's nice."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "These are some of the poorest people I know. They're more broke than the Ten Commandments."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "That was a little joke. Very little."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Hey guys, waddua ya know, waddua ya say?"
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Yeah, waddua ya say, waddua ya know?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "What a selfish, hopeless, callous heel of a cad I've been. Blind to the needs of society's lowly unloved."

Ken Page as King Gator

  • (Ken Page) "What do you call that voice, little fella? Is that a baritone or a tenor?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "It's a --"
  • (Ken Page) "Oh, I don't care. It's just you and me."
  • (Ken Page) "Let's make music together / Let's make sweet harmony --"
  • (Ken Page) "Ah, you look like a tasty New Orleans canine gumbo."
  • (Unnamed) "No. Don't eat him, please."
  • (Ken Page) "Ah."
  • (Ken Page) "How can you expect me to eat a voice as sumptuous as this?"

Vic Tayback as Carface

  • (Vic Tayback) "MORONS. I'm surrounded by MORONS."
  • (Vic Tayback) "Argh. I'll get that gator, if it's the last thing I do."
  • (Unnamed) "Touch that clock, and you can never come back."
  • (Vic Tayback) "Shut up."
  • (Unnamed) "I said, touch that clock, and you can never come back."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "He'll be back."
  • (Vic Tayback) "Gamblers are never happy, Charlie."

Dom DeLuise as Itchy Itchiford

  • (Dom DeLuise) "Charlie, let me think about this --"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "No. Don't think. From now on, I'll do the thinking."
  • (Unnamed) "Come on, Chawhee. You can do it, it's your birthday."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "I don't care if it's his -- his bar mitzvah. That horse is a gluepot."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "If you do that to me one more time, you are glue."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Yah. Someone's got me by the tail."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I got you by the tail."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Why don't you tell somebody you're gonna do that?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "You know, it's not worth it being with you. It's not."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Your hands are cold, too."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "In him there's the luck of the Irish."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "The pride of the German."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Even, he-he, a bit of Siam."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Siam? There's the calm of the English."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "The charm of the Spanish."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "A pedigree certainly ain't what I am. So call me a mixed-up pup."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "You're a mixed-up pup."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "But the only way this pup knows is up."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Take my 9 piece ratchet set, my oil tin. Don't go away without my Rolls Royce hood ornament."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Please, I've got a bad back. Ah, don't touch."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "I can't help it, Charlie, I always itch when I'm nervous."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Well don't be nervous."
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Just scratch this."

Loni Anderson as Flo

  • (Loni Anderson) "She's burning up a fever, Charlie. She could have pneumonia."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Think she needs a vet?"
  • (Loni Anderson) "Charlie, she's a little girl. She needs a doctor."

Anna Manahan as Stella Dallas

  • (Anna Manahan) "Yoo-hoo. Reginald. Excuse me."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh. Splendid. Hello, Stella. Jolly good day for a race, of course."
  • (Anna Manahan) "Oh, yes. But Reginald, honey; and I do have to hate to rain on your parade; but did you know --"
  • (Anna Manahan) "-- it's the Grand Chawhee's birthday?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, really? You don't --"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh. I'm terribly sorry."

Candy Devine as Vera

  • (Candy Devine) "Things have changed, Charlie, since you've been gone -- Life hasn't been no piece of cake."
  • (Chihuahua Gambler) "Carface ain't been treating us too good."
  • (Candy Devine) "Things are tough, but we carry on --"
  • (Unnamed) "Could you spare a couple of bones, for old time's sake?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Why settle for a couple of bones when you could have the whole bank?"
  • (Dom DeLuise) "Ya won the jackpot. Charlie, I'm proud of ya."

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