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All My Life (2008 film) Quotes

All My Life (2008 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . All My Life ended its run in 1970.

It features Maher Sabry as producer, Ilyas Iliya in charge of musical score, and Maher Mostafa as head of cinematography.

All My Life (2008 film) is recorded in Arabic and originally aired in Egypt. Each episode of All My Life (2008 film) is 120 minutes long. All My Life (2008 film) is distributed by Les Films de l'Ange (France).

The cast includes: Louay as Kareem, Mazen Nassar as Rami, Maged as Atef, and Jwana as Dalia.

All My Life (2008 film) Quotes

Jwana as Dalia

  • (Jwana) "Have you seen those online videos about police brutality in Egypt?"
  • (Mazen Nassar) "The one who posted them was wrong. They damage the image of Egypt."
  • (Jwana) "Damage the image of Egypt? How long do you want people to suffer and be silent? Egypt is not the government. Being against the government's position will save the image of Egypt."
  • (Mazen Nassar) "Learn about what they did instead of judging so quickly."
  • (Jwana) "Am I who judges too quickly? Whatever his crime, no one deserves to be humiliated like that."
  • (Mazen Nassar) "Do such things never happen in the US?"
  • (Jwana) "They do. But in secret. Because they know they would pay a price if they are discovered. But in our country, nobody cares because they know the government is aware, approves of it and even encourages it."

Mazen Nassar as Rami

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Louay as Kareem

  • (Mark) "I want to leave, and I want you to come with me."
  • (Louay) "I can't just leave. This is my home. I love it, and --"
  • (Mark) "And what?"
  • (Louay) "And I can't let those bigoted right-wing closed-minded people win. And if we abandon the country, the ship will sink."
  • (Mark) "Maybe you can do more good away from here. Where you're not all tied up and muted. You can't speak out, you can't act. If you do, you'll be thrown in prison. And then what good you'll be able to do?"

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