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All Our Yesterdays (Star Trek: The Original Series) Quotes

All Our Yesterdays (Star Trek: The Original Series) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . All Our Yesterdays ended its run in 1970.

It features George Duning in charge of musical score.

All Our Yesterdays (Star Trek: The Original Series) Quotes

  • (Dr. McCoy) "Are you trying to kill me, Spock? Is that what you really want? Think; what are you feeling? Rage, jealousy? Have you ever had those feelings before?"
  • (Mr. Spock) "This is impossible -- Impossible. I am a Vulcan."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "The Vulcan you knew won't exist for another five thousand years. Think, man. What's happening on your planet right now, this very moment?"
  • (Mr. Spock) "My ancestors are barbarians. Warlike barbarians."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Who nearly killed themselves off with their own passions. Spock, you're reverting into your own ancestors five thousand years before you were born."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "You better come back with me to the library. You'll be safe there. Dr. McCoy can see to those bruises."
  • (Woman) "I'm game, love. Lead and I'll follow. Where's library?"
  • (Mr. Spock) "Dr. McCoy is making excellent progress."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "And Mr. Spock has been practicing medicine without a license. Now, don't let him doctor you; I'm the doctor around here."
  • (Mr. Spock) "And known as the worst patient in the entire crew of the Enterprise."
  • (Zarabeth) "What are you called?"
  • (Mr. Spock) "I'm called Spock."
  • (Zarabeth) "Even your name is strange."
  • (Mr. Spock) "My home is a planet millions of light years away."
  • (Zarabeth) "Oh, how wonderful. I've always loved books about such possibilities, but they are only stories. This isn't real. I must be imagining all this. I'm going mad."
  • (The Constable) "Away, away, spirit, and let honest men approach."
  • (The Prosecutor) "We can never go back. We must live out our lives here in the past. The atavachron has prepared our cell structure and our brain patterns to make life natural here. To return to the future would mean instant death."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Prepared? I was not prepared. Your Mr. Atoz did not prepare me in any way."
  • (The Prosecutor) "Then you must get back at once. If you were not transformed, you can only survive for a few hours here in the past."
  • (Mr. Spock) "There's no further need to observe me, Doctor. As you can see, I've returned to the present in every sense."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "But it did happen, Spock."
  • (Mr. Spock) "Yes, it happened. But that was five thousand years ago. And she is dead now. Dead and buried. Long ago."
  • (Mr. Spock) "We can't get back. Wasn't that clear to you?"
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Yes, that was clear to me."
  • (Mr. Spock) "Then perhaps you were too ill to understand what "can't get back" means."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Now, you listen to me, you pointed-eared Vulcan --"
  • (Mr. Spock) "I don't like that. I don't think I ever did, and now I'm sure."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "What's happening to you, Spock."
  • (Mr. Spock) "Nothing that shouldn't have happened long ago."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Long ago -- Of course. Long ago."
  • (The Prosecutor) "Where are you from?"
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "An island."
  • (The Prosecutor) "What is this island?"
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "It's called Earth."
  • (The Prosecutor) "I know no -- island Earth. No matter, continue."
  • (Mr. Spock) "In this severe cold, we cannot survive much longer."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Leave me here, Spock."
  • (Mr. Spock) "We go together or not at all."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Don't be a fool. My hands and face are frostbitten. I can't feel my feet. Alone you have a chance. Now do what I say. Go try to find Jim."
  • (Mr. Spock) "We go together."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "You stubborn, thick-headed Vulcan."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Still up to your little game of replicas? Which are you this time, real or not?"
  • (Mr. Atoz) "You are evidently a suicidal maniac. I don't understand what you're trying to do, but if you continue, both of us will die. And I for one, do not wish death."
  • (Woman) "Witch. Witch. Witch. They'll burn ya."

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