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All These Women Quotes

All These Women is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . All These Women completed its run in 1970.

It features Allan Ekelund as producer.

All These Women is recorded in Swedish and originally aired in Sweden. Each episode of All These Women is 80 minutes long.

The cast includes: Bibi Andersson as Humlan, Barbro Hiort af Ornäs as Beatrica, Allan Edwall as Jillker, Karin Kavli as Madame Tussaud, Gertrud Fridh as Traviata, Mona Malm as Cecilia, Harriet Andersson as Isolde, Jarl Kulle as Cornelius, and Eva Dahlbeck as Adelaide.

All These Women Quotes

Allan Edwall as Jillker

  • (Allan Edwall) "I know a way you can see Felix."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "At last we understand each other."
  • (Allan Edwall) "Felix has a little weakness."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "Women."
  • (Allan Edwall) "Don't you see? Why not dress you up as a woman?"
  • (Jarl Kulle) "You're crazy."
  • (Allan Edwall) "The whole house is crazy. You must be adaptable. Never mind your virile looks. His appetite is insatiable. I'll give him your picture and say you've been pining to meet him."
  • (Allan Edwall) "A genius acquires widows of many kinds."
  • (Allan Edwall) "The Fish's Dream or Abstraction No. 14."

Bibi Andersson as Humlan

  • (Bibi Andersson) "I'm Bumble Bee. Am I in the biography?"
  • (Jarl Kulle) "Bumble Bee?"
  • (Bibi Andersson) "Bumble Bee, his mistress. Of course."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "But -- just now the Master -- a lady -- who was not his wife."
  • (Bibi Andersson) "That wasn't his official mistress. Because that's me. You're quite a doll. Shall I show you his bedroom?"
  • (Jarl Kulle) "That'd be interesting. But isn't he -- ?"
  • (Bibi Andersson) "Silly. Not in his bedroom. Come. Come, come. Come, come, come, come, come, come, come."
  • (Bibi Andersson) "How unlike him, yet dead like. What a silly thing to say."
  • (Bibi Andersson) "The rudiments of cello playing; to open your legs."
  • (Barbro Hiort af Ornäs) "What's the joke? Do tell me."
  • (Bibi Andersson) "It's wasted on a pianist."

Gertrud Fridh as Traviata

  • (Gertrud Fridh) "He never gives me a cello lesson. I abase myself. I lie in his bed begging for one. He just pinches my ear and whispers: "I have taught you the rudiments of cello playing: to open your legs." He's course. There he sleeps in his shameless nudity."

Jarl Kulle as Cornelius

  • (Jarl Kulle) "Jilker, I need to talk to you."
  • (Allan Edwall) "So does everyone."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "Alone."
  • (Allan Edwall) "In this house there are no secrets that are secret."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "Someone has tried to kill the master."
  • (Allan Edwall) "Apparently it didn't succeed."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "I shall kill you."
  • (Allan Edwall) "In that dress?"
  • (Jarl Kulle) "What is genius?"
  • (Allan Edwall) "Genius? It's the ability to make a critic change his opinion."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "The Master disappeared with his wife. Discretion a point of honor."
  • (Eva Dahlbeck) "My name is Adelaide."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "And mine Cornelius."
  • (Eva Dahlbeck) "I; am Felix's wife."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "That's the end of the film."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "There seems to be a lot of material for the biography."
  • (Allan Edwall) "Yes, I'm afraid so."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "No biography, no fame. The result: oblivion."

Mona Malm as Cecilia

  • (Mona Malm) "So like him, yet so unlike --"

Barbro Hiort af Ornäs as Beatrica

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Harriet Andersson as Isolde

  • (Harriet Andersson) "He calls me his gamba, his little lap viol."
  • (Harriet Andersson) "I sit admiring his hands. I go funny all over when I watch that hand twiddling the strings. And in a trice I'm sitting where the cello was."
  • (Jarl Kulle) "It's not possible."
  • (Harriet Andersson) "He has such wonderful fingering. Isn't that what it's called?"
  • (Harriet Andersson) "So like him, yet so unlike --"

Karin Kavli as Madame Tussaud

  • (Karin Kavli) "So like him, yet so unlike --"

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