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Alone (The X-Files) Quotes

Alone (The X-Files) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Alone ended in 1970.

Alone (The X-Files) Quotes

  • (John Doggett) "Talk about the blind leading the blind."
  • (FBI Agent Leyla Harrison) "Can I ask you something?"
  • (Mulder) "Sure."
  • (FBI Agent Leyla Harrison) "When you went to Antartica to save Agent Scully from being taken by that spaceship, and you ran out of gas in your Snow-Cat, how did you get back?"
  • (Scully) "Um, well first of all it was never actually proven that it was a spaceship."
  • (Mulder) "It wasn't?"
  • (Scully) "No, what -- what --"
  • (Mulder) "Proven?"
  • (Scully) "What happened was that we fell off of something --"
  • (Mulder) "Something?"
  • (Scully) "-- that rose out of the ice"
  • (Mulder) "And what do you think that was?"
  • (Scully) "Well I don't know what it was but we didn't actually see --"
  • (Mulder) "Was it a spaceship?"
  • (Scully) "-- a spaceship."
  • (Mulder) "I can't believe you're saying it's not a spaceship, when you saw it."
  • (Scully) "Ah, I mean, it could have been a spaceship. Mulder, but you don't --"
  • (Mulder) "Of course it was a spaceship."
  • (Scully) "But, we don't know that it was, but you don't have a picture of it or anything."
  • (Mulder) "You know it was a spaceship, you saw it."
  • (Scully) "No, I did, no no no no no. Remember, I was unconscious --"
  • (Mulder) "You were unconscious? Apparently you're still unconscious."
  • (Scully) "-- and when I woke up there was no spaceship."
  • (Mulder) "You saw the spaceship."
  • (Scully) "Mulder -- No no no no no sorry. Then you were frozen and I remember I hugged you until you were not frozen anymore --"
  • (Mulder) "It's all right, Agent Doggett. We're gonna get you out of here."
  • (John Doggett) "Who's that with you?"
  • (Mulder) "It's the man who lives here."
  • (John Doggett) "He's been protecting this thing. He's kept us down here."
  • (Mulder) "Agent Doggett, I know --"
  • (FBI Agent Leyla Harrison) "It's him. He's not protecting it, he is it."
  • (Walter Skinner) "Where are you going?"
  • (Mulder) "I think I'll take a walk in the woods."
  • (Walter Skinner) "We've already had 40 people looking around out there, Mulder."
  • (Mulder) "Now what the hell, I'm out of a job already, right?"
  • (Mulder) "I don't think Gary Sacks committed the crime, Mr. Stites. I think he is a victim himself."
  • (Dr. Herman Stites) "I didn't catch your name, agent."
  • (Mulder) "Kersh. Alvin Kersh."

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