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America: Freedom to Fascism Quotes

America: Freedom to Fascism is a television show that first aired in 1970 . America: Freedom to Fascism ended in 1970.

It features Aaron Russo as producer, and David Benoit in charge of musical score.

America: Freedom to Fascism is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of America: Freedom to Fascism is 95 minutes long. America: Freedom to Fascism is distributed by Cinema Libre Studio.

America: Freedom to Fascism Quotes

  • (Aaron Russo) "I began to have a frightening thought: what if it was our own government we had to be afraid of?"
  • (Edwin Viera (Prof. Constitutional Law)) "All the power is in the people. And to the extent that government becomes alienated from the people, does things the people don't want, power is transferred until you finally come to a Police State, totalitarian state, whatever word you want to give it -- where the desires of the people really have no consequence. They go out and they vote, doesn't make any difference which candidate they elect."
  • (Edwin Viera (Prof. Constitutional Law)) "What happens if your own government is using more force, and more coercion, on its own citizens, for the purposes of achieving its political ends -- is that government engaged in terrorism?"
  • (Peter Gibbons (Tax Attorney)) "There is no constitutional basis for a tax on the wages of Americans living and working in the 50 states of the union. Period, end of argument."
  • (Irwin Schiff (Author)) "Nobody can know what the law is, because the law is what the judges say the law is."
  • (Catherine Austin Fitts (Former Asst. Secretary of Housing)) "The government works for a private bank, and the private bank works for its owners, the true masters."
  • (Franklin Sanders (Author/Tax Honesty)) "Why did we give a monopoly, of creating money out of thin air, to a private corporation?"
  • (Franklin Sanders (Author/Tax Honesty)) "The power of the government has been hijacked, so that the rest of us are made slaves."
  • (Aaron Russo) "I think it should be clarified, I think government should be transparent to the people."
  • (Ron Paul (Congressman)) "You have to get permission from the government for almost everything. And if that is the definition of a Police State -- that you can't do anything unless the government gives you permission -- we're well on our way."
  • (G. Edward Griffin (Author, 'Creature From Jekyll Island')) "Unfortunately, what is being sold to the American people today, as 'Americanism' -- If you peel off the label, you'd find so much similarity to what we were fighting against when we were fighting Communism, and Nazism, and Fascism."
  • (Michael Ruppert (Investigator/Author)) "Benito Mussolini had a great quote about Fascism: he said that 'Fascism' should be called 'Corporatism' more properly, because it's the perfect merger, of power between the corporation and the State. That's how he defined Fascism. And that's what we're seeing here."

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