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An American in Paris (film) Quotes

An American in Paris (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . An American in Paris completed its run in 1970.

It features Arthur Freed as producer, George Gershwin, Lyrics:, Ira Gershwin, Musical direction:, and Johnny Green; Saul Chaplin in charge of musical score, and Alfred Gilks, Ballet:, and John Alton as head of cinematography.

An American in Paris (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of An American in Paris (film) is 113 minutes long. An American in Paris (film) is distributed by Loews Cineplex Entertainment.

The cast includes: Gene Kelly as Jerry Mulligan, Nina Foch as Milo Roberts, Georges Guétary as Henri Baurel, Oscar Levant as Adam Cook, and Leslie Caron as Lise Bouvier.

An American in Paris (film) Quotes

Georges Guétary as Henri Baurel

  • (Georges Guétary) "Then you have no problems."
  • (Oscar Levant) "Where'd they go?"
  • (Georges Guétary) "You only find the right one once."
  • (Oscar Levant) "That many times?"
  • (Georges Guétary) "Be happy. You only find the right woman once."
  • (Oscar Levant) "That many times?"

Leslie Caron as Lise Bouvier

  • (Leslie Caron) "Maybe Paris has a way of making people forget."
  • (Gene Kelly) "Paris? No. Not this city. It's too real and too beautiful to ever let you forget anything."
  • (Leslie Caron) "Jerry, don't let me leave you this way."
  • (Leslie Caron) "Jerry, if it means anything to you, I love you."

Gene Kelly as Jerry Mulligan

  • (Gene Kelly) "Hey, uh, how'd you come by all these worldly possessions? A rich husband or a rich father?"
  • (Nina Foch) "Father."
  • (Gene Kelly) "Back home everyone said I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing over here but it sounds better in French."
  • (Gene Kelly) "I came to Paris to paint, like Utrillo did, and Rouault did, and Lautrec did. I loved what they've created and I thought that, maybe, something could happen to me too. Well, it happened all right, but Paris is not enough for me anymore, because the more beautiful it is, the more it will hurt without you."
  • (Gene Kelly) "What gets me is, I don't know anything about her. We manage to be together for a few moments and then off she goes. Sometimes we have a wonderful time together and other times it's no fun at all. But I got to be with her."
  • (Gene Kelly) "Civilization has a natural resistance to improving itself."
  • (Gene Kelly) "Well, uh, with a binding like you've got, people are going to want to know what's in the book."
  • (Gene Kelly) "That's -- quite a dress you almost have on."
  • (Nina Foch) "Thanks."
  • (Gene Kelly) "What holds it up?"
  • (Nina Foch) "Modesty."
  • (Gene Kelly) "This is Paris, and I'm an American who lives here. My name is Jerry Mulligan, and I'm an ex G.I. In 1945 when the army told me to find my own job, I stayed on. And I'll tell you why: I'm a painter, and all my life that's all I've ever wanted to do."

Oscar Levant as Adam Cook

  • (Oscar Levant) "Did I ever tell you about the time I gave a command performance for Hitler?"
  • (Oscar Levant) "I'm a concert pianist. That's a pretentious way of saying I'm -- unemployed at the moment."
  • (Oscar Levant) "It's not a pretty face, I grant you, but underneath its flabby exterior is an enormous lack of character."

Nina Foch as Milo Roberts

  • (Nina Foch) "Why do you always talk about money?"
  • (Gene Kelly) "Because I ain't got any. And when you ain't got any that takes on a curious significance."

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