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Anatomy of a Murder Quotes

Anatomy of a Murder is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Anatomy of a Murder completed its run in 1970.

It features Otto Preminger as producer, Duke Ellington in charge of musical score, and Sam Leavitt as head of cinematography.

Anatomy of a Murder is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Anatomy of a Murder is 160 minutes long. Anatomy of a Murder is distributed by Columbia Pictures Corporation.

The cast includes: Ben Gazzara as Lt. Frederick Manion, James Stewart as Paul Biegler, Joseph N. Welch as Judge Weaver, Brooks West as Mitch Lodwick, George C. Scott as Claude Dancer, Murray Hamilton as Alphonse Paquette, Eve Arden as Maida Rutledge, and Lee Remick as Laura Manion.

Anatomy of a Murder Quotes

James Stewart as Paul Biegler

  • (James Stewart) "Your Honor, I don't think I can dignify this; -creature; - with any more questions."
  • (James Stewart) "Mr. Paquette, what would you call a man with an insatiable penchant for women?"
  • (Murray Hamilton) "A what?"
  • (James Stewart) "A penchant -- a desire -- taste -- passion?"
  • (Murray Hamilton) "Well, uh, ladies' man, I guess. Or maybe just a damn fool."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Just answer the questions, Mr. Paquette. The attorneys will provide the wisecracks."
  • (James Stewart) "The prosecution would like to separate the motive from the act. Well, that's like trying to take the core from an apple without breaking the skin."
  • (Parnell Emmett McCarthy) "Did you give the lieutenant the Well-Known Lecture?"
  • (James Stewart) "If you mean, did I coach him into a phony story, no."
  • (Parnell Emmett McCarthy) "Maybe you're too pure, Paul. Too pure for the natural impurities of the law."
  • (James Stewart) "If you do that one more time, I'll punch you all the way out into the middle of Lake Superior."
  • (James Stewart) "As a lawyer, I've had to learn that people aren't just good or just bad. People are many things."
  • (James Stewart) "All right, the cat's out of the bag; it's fair game for me to chase it."
  • (James Stewart) "I'm just a humble country lawyer trying to do the best I can against this brilliant prosecutor from the big city of Lansing."
  • (James Stewart) "You're fired."
  • (Eve Arden) "You can't fire me until you pay me."

Joseph N. Welch as Judge Weaver

  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Now, Mr. Dancer, get off the panties. You've done enough damage."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Judge Weaver -- let's not make a Federal Case out of this."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Mr. Biegler, you finally got your rape into the case, and I think all the details should now be made clear to the jury. What exactly was the undergarment just referred to?"
  • (James Stewart) "Panties, Your Honor."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Do you expect this subject to come up again?"
  • (James Stewart) "Yes, Sir."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "There's a certain light connotation attached to the word "panties." Can we find another name for them?"
  • (Brooks West) "I never heard my wife call 'em anything else."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Mr. Biegler?"
  • (James Stewart) "I'm a bachelor, Your Honor."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "That's a great help. Mr. Dancer?"
  • (George C. Scott) "When I was overseas during the war, Your Honor, I learned a French word. I'm afraid that might be slightly suggestive."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "Most French words are."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "For the benefit of the jury, but more especially for the spectators, The garment mentioned in the testimony was, to be exact, Mrs. Manion's panties."
  • (Joseph N. Welch) "I wanted to get your snickering over and done with. This pair of panties will be mentioned again over the course of this trial, & when it is, there will not be one laughter, one snicker, one giggle or even one smirk in my courtroom. There is nothing comic about a pair of panties that resulted in the violent death of one man, & the possible incarceration of another."

Ben Gazzara as Lt. Frederick Manion

  • (Ben Gazzara) "You're a liar. You're a lousy, stinking liar."
  • (James Stewart) "I apologize to the court for my client's outburst. But it's almost excusable, since the prosecution has seen fit to put a felon on the stand to testify against an officer in the United States Army."
  • (Ben Gazzara) "How can a jury disregard what it's already heard?"
  • (James Stewart) "They can't, lieutenant. They can't."

Lee Remick as Laura Manion

  • (Lee Remick) "You're tall."
  • (Lee Remick) "."

Eve Arden as Maida Rutledge

  • (Eve Arden) "If this refrigerator gets any more fish in it, it will swim upstream and spawn all by itself."

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