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Andaz Apna Apna Quotes

Andaz Apna Apna is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Andaz Apna Apna ended in 1970.

It features Vinay Sinha as producer, Tushar Bhatia in charge of musical score, and Ishwar Bidri as head of cinematography.

Andaz Apna Apna is recorded in Hindi and originally aired in India. Each episode of Andaz Apna Apna is 134 minutes long. Andaz Apna Apna is distributed by Vinay Pictures.

The cast includes: Aamir Khan as Amar Manohar, Salman Khan as Prem, Shakti Kapoor as Crime Master Gogo, Paresh Rawal as Teja, Shehzad Khan as Bhalla, Jagdeep as Bankeylal Bhopali, Mehmood Ali as Johnny, and Viju Khote as Robert.

Andaz Apna Apna Quotes

Viju Khote as Robert

  • (Viju Khote) "To kill Raveena -- I have prepared this drink which is called "The Heavenly Drink" drinking which a person is instantly deported to Heaven"

Shakti Kapoor as Crime Master Gogo

  • (Shakti Kapoor) "Yaaayyyyy Crime Master Gogo -- Nephew of the great Mogambo -- Playing with eye balls ever since I was a child."
  • (Shakti Kapoor) "What is this Teja, Teja?"

Aamir Khan as Amar Manohar

  • (Aamir Khan) "Listen Listen people of this world. Mr. Gogo is the greatest of all the pearls."
  • (Aamir Khan) "From where have you bought this jacket? Is it from America?"
  • (Salman Khan) "No, no, no, I bought it from New York."
  • (Aamir Khan) "OK, I thought you bought it from America."
  • (Aamir Khan) "Finally the camel has come under the mountain. All of you beware. I am that ferocious tiger who would eat you all alive and not even burp once. Yeah."
  • (Inn manager) "Listen carefully -- Don't make a noise, there's a graveyard close by -- I don't want complaints coming in from there. Water comes in between 2-3 in the morning, make sure you take a bath. And no matter what DON'T SWITCH THE LIGHTS ON."
  • (Aamir Khan) "But if I don't switch the lights on, it'll be so troublesome -- I mean how will I change my clothes, eh?"
  • (Inn manager) "you DON'T switch the lights on -- and why do you need the lights for changing clothes? Is something there that needs to be seen or shown out here or what?"
  • (Aamir Khan) "Listen Listen people of this world. Teja is the greatest of all the pearls."
  • (Aamir Khan) "Where did you buy that cap from? France?"
  • (Salman Khan) "Oh, no. Its from Switzerland. I go there very often. I like the sunsets there."
  • (Aamir Khan) "Ah. The cap's very nice too. It looks good on you."
  • (Salman Khan) "Where did you get this red jacket from? Is it a "Chaudhary & Sons" product?"
  • (Aamir Khan) "No."
  • (Salman Khan) "It must be from America then."
  • (Aamir Khan) "No. I purchased it from New York."
  • (Salman Khan) "Oh, New York. I thought you purchased it from America."

Shehzad Khan as Bhalla

  • (Shehzad Khan) "I have put a bomb in this bouquet of flowers which will explode exactly in 3 minutes. Go and put it in inside the hall"
  • (Viju Khote) "But sir if I put it -- wouldn't the police think that I killed Raveena?"
  • (Shehzad Khan) "Relax Robert -- I have put a card inside the bouquet which has TILLU'S name written on it -- Ha Ha Ha."

Jagdeep as Bankeylal Bhopali

  • (Jagdeep) "You again? Fooling my innocent son -- taking his advantage -- Son, lets go back home. He can't make you a superstar --"
  • (Mehmood Ali) "I will also make you a superstar in my film, UNCLE."
  • (Jagdeep) "UNCLE? I know you from a very long time -- you are a very old sinner. As it is you fooled my father -- pretending to be a little child out here, eh?"

Salman Khan as Prem

  • (Salman Khan) "Happy birthday, Rabbit."
  • (Salman Khan) "Gogo -- take a last look at the diamonds"
  • (Paresh Rawal) "What are you showing him? Bring the diamonds or I'll plunge the knives into their necks --"
  • (Salman Khan) "Sorry Gogo, they belong to Teja"
  • (Shakti Kapoor) "At least let me take one -- I had given a loan to Teja. It rightfully belongs to me."
  • (Salman Khan) "Amar -- lets go back home."
  • (Aamir Khan) "W -- Why? Are you scared?"
  • (Salman Khan) "No -- n -- not scared -- I just need to pee."
  • (Salman Khan) "What's the difference? You aren't Karishma, so you can be Jameela, Shakila, Sunita, Anita, Papita."

Paresh Rawal as Teja

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