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Angel and the Badman Quotes

Angel and the Badman is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Angel and the Badman completed its run in 1970.

It features John Wayne as producer, Richard Hageman in charge of musical score, and Archie Stout as head of cinematography.

Angel and the Badman is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Angel and the Badman is 100 minutes long. Angel and the Badman is distributed by Republic Pictures.

The cast includes: Olin Howland as Bradley, Harry Carey as Territorial Marshal Wistful McClintock, John Wayne as Quirt Evans, Gail Russell as Penelope Worth, Tom Powers as Dr. Mangrum, Lee Dixon as Randy McCall, Bruce Cabot as Laredo Stevens, Irene Rich as Mrs. Worth, John Halloran as Thomas Worth, Paul Hurst as Frederick Carson, and Marshall Reed as Nelson.

Angel and the Badman Quotes

Harry Carey as Territorial Marshal Wistful McClintock

  • (Harry Carey) "C'mere, Jughead, you dollar-and-a-half brush-jumper."
  • (Harry Carey) "Well, I guess I missed you again, Quirt. But I'm patient. That's what hangs all you fellas in the end; I'm patient."
  • (Harry Carey) "Nothin' ever works out right. I had them dead to rights. They'd got the Baker stage; so I figured I'd watch the ruckus. You'd down them and I'd hang you. Sorta killing three 'hawks' with one stone, so to speak. Nothin' -- nothin' ever works out right."
  • (Harry Carey) "Well, I missed you again, Quirt. But I'm patient. It's only a matter of time and I hang you."
  • (John Wayne) "Not me, Mister. From now on, I'm a farmer."
  • (Harry Carey) "You know, Quirt, I always figured on using a new rope when hangin' you -- because I kind of respected ya. You never took the best of things and all your men went down looking at ya."
  • (Harry Carey) "When are you and Laredo Stevens going to get around to killing one another?"
  • (John Wayne) "Laredo? Well, we water our horses outa the same trough."
  • (Harry Carey) "Well, I'm sure looking forward to hanging the survivor."

Irene Rich as Mrs. Worth

  • (Irene Rich) "Oh, if he's hungry he's going to be alright."
  • (John Wayne) "Thanks a lot for housing me."
  • (Irene Rich) "You're welcome. Smoked sausage and eggs?"
  • (John Wayne) "Sounds great."
  • (Irene Rich) "Two eggs -- or would you like three?"
  • (John Wayne) "I'd like six."
  • (Irene Rich) "You shall have them."
  • (Irene Rich) "Oh no, Quirt, no."
  • (John Wayne) "What kind of a boarder do you think I am?"
  • (John Halloran) "You can't do that. We'd tend to any wounded human -- and not for pay."
  • (John Wayne) "You don't believe in force; so you can't force me to take it back."
  • (Irene Rich) "I'm afraid you're outwitted, Thomas."
  • (John Wayne) "How long have I been here?"
  • (John Wayne) "Almost three weeks."
  • (John Wayne) "Kinda hate to get goin'."
  • (Irene Rich) "Oh, but you can't -- your leg -- you're in no condition to travel."
  • (John Wayne) "Don't worry. Your cooking's got me grained up and ready for market. Adios amigos."

Lee Dixon as Randy McCall

  • (Lee Dixon) "Listen to this: "And Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done many acts of valor, slew two men of Moab and went down and slew three lions in the midst of a pit in the time of snow.""
  • (Lee Dixon) "Whew, three lions."
  • (Lee Dixon) ""And Benaiah slew an Egyptian who had a sword. He took away his sword and slew him with a staff -- " I guess that must mean a club. Oh, brother, this is good writing."
  • (John Wayne) "Let's go."
  • (Lee Dixon) "What about the Bible? You can't throw it away, that would be bad luck."
  • (John Wayne) "Then keep it."
  • (Lee Dixon) "Alright. This is one book I'm sure gonna read."
  • (Lee Dixon) "Ah, you know, Quirt, I hate to shoot people. Remember I shot a wattie once up in Montana. I dreamed about it all the next night. And then, of course, there's always witnesses. And then you got to shoot the witnesses."

Paul Hurst as Frederick Carson

  • (Paul Hurst) "I just get a gnawin' hankerin' after good pies and truck like that."
  • (Irene Rich) "Oh, Freddy Carson."
  • (Irene Rich) "Yes'm."
  • (Irene Rich) "I want you to have some of these."
  • (Irene Rich) "They're awful good with coffee in the mornin'."
  • (Paul Hurst) "Makes me wanna go home and shoot my Chinee cook."
  • (Irene Rich) "You just come back for more any time you like; there're always plenty."
  • (Paul Hurst) "Hold my plunder while I get aboard, will ya?"
  • (Paul Hurst) "You know, Mrs. Worth is gonna keep me supplied in pies and I'm gonna bring her over a quarter of beef now and then. Finally come to an understandin' with my neighbors."
  • (John Wayne) "You sure did."
  • (Paul Hurst) "Oh, well, course, you know I was just scared to death when I made that speech to them people. I'm glad you made me do it. makes me feel good. Adios, amigo."

Tom Powers as Dr. Mangrum

  • (Tom Powers) "If I felt cynical, this would be a good opportunity to observe that we're about to see a perfect example of "an eye for an eye", et cetera. Unfortunately, I can't quote chapter and verse -- and I'm too tired to be cynical."
  • (Tom Powers) "Once, when I was studying medicine in Europe, I had a friend; an artist. He drew portraits of people and made them resemble the animals they reminded him of. He'd have drawn this man as a coiled cobra."
  • (Irene Rich) "Ho ho ho, Doctor, you're analogy is terribly imperfect and your naturalism faulty. Cobras don't coil."

Gail Russell as Penelope Worth

  • (Gail Russell) "Surely you can walk to the barn without that."
  • (John Wayne) "What?"
  • (Gail Russell) "The gun."
  • (John Wayne) "Oh, well, it balances me. One leg's longer than the other. You know, the weight."
  • (Gail Russell) "Thee are a liar."
  • (Gail Russell) "Quirt, please stay away from Laredo Stevens."
  • (John Wayne) "He owes me money. And don't worry; I might come out on top."
  • (Gail Russell) "That'd be even worse."
  • (John Wayne) "Worse. Then it'd be worse if he goes down than if I go down?"
  • (Gail Russell) "Of course, don't you see that --"
  • (John Wayne) "Oh, I know, I'd be a guy with a marked soul."
  • (Gail Russell) "Don't make it sound so crude, Quirt. You see why; I couldn't love you."
  • (John Wayne) "Alright, I won't look up Laredo. It's better this way: every time he opens a door, every time he hears footsteps comin' around a corner -- Laredo'll start sweatin', thinkin' it's me. His food won't sit well the rest of his life."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, alright; but if I'm gonna be holy, I gotta get some fun out of it."

Olin Howland as Bradley

  • (Olin Howland) "Hey, Quirt might need that."
  • (Harry Carey) "No. Only a man that carries a gun ever needs one."
  • (Olin Howland) "What are you going to do with it?"
  • (Harry Carey) "Hang it on a wall in my office; with a new rope."
  • (Olin Howland) "So that's Quirt Evans. He's quite a man with the gals. He's closed the eyes of many a man -- and opened the eyes of many a woman."

John Wayne as Quirt Evans

  • (John Wayne) "Does a lot of foofarah and nonsense have to go with it? I'm not gonna stand for a lot of dressin' up and jabberin' people lookin' at me just 'cause I'm gettin' married."
  • (John Wayne) "I thought you weren't allowed to work on Sunday."
  • (Gail Russell) "Oh, Quirt, there's nothing we're not allowed to do. It's just that we don't believe in doing what we know is wrong."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, that makes it pretty much each fella's own guess."
  • (Gail Russell) "But each fella knows inside."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, there's a lot of gents I wouldn't want to give that much leeway to."
  • (John Wayne) "Funny thing about pancakes: I lose my appetite for 'em after the first couple a dozen."
  • (Irene Rich) "Aw, they weren't very good this morning -- too heavy."
  • (John Wayne) "He swung a wide loop in his younger days, I think."
  • (Gail Russell) "A wide loop?"
  • (John Wayne) "He wasn't too careful whose calf he threw his rope at."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, looks like your prayers straightened everything out."
  • (Gail Russell) "So you think your gun changed Frederick Carson, hmm?"
  • (John Wayne) "Who says I pointed a gun?"
  • (Gail Russell) "I do."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, I didn't."
  • (Gail Russell) "Then he gave in more easily than I expected. Thee remember this, Quirt: the Lord moves in mysterious manner at times, using strange methods and odd instruments."
  • (John Wayne) "Me?"
  • (John Wayne) "Well that would be odd."
  • (John Wayne) ""Each human being has an integrity that can be hurt only by the act of that same human being and not by the act of another human being.""
  • (John Wayne) "Is that Quaker stuff?"
  • (Gail Russell) "Uh huh."
  • (John Wayne) "You mean nobody can hurt you but yourself?"
  • (Gail Russell) "That's a Friend's belief."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, supposin' someone whacks you over the head with a branding iron? Won't that hurt?"
  • (Gail Russell) "Physically, of course. But in reality it would injure only the person doing the act of force of violence. Only the doer can be hurt by a mean or evil act."
  • (John Wayne) "Are there very many of you Quakers?"
  • (Gail Russell) "Very few."
  • (John Wayne) "I sort of figured that."
  • (John Wayne) "This'll sound like I'm buttin' into your business; and I am. And you oughta give me a watch with a gold case for doin' it. You dim-witted nail-bender, marry that girl."
  • (Marshall Reed) "Marry her? Why I assure you my intentions -- well she knows how I feel."
  • (John Wayne) "How would she know? Stop yammerin' about shooin' horses; that's no way to talk to a girl. Talk to her about HER. And marry her -- and do it quick."

John Halloran as Thomas Worth

  • (John Halloran) "Quirt Evans."
  • (John Halloran) "Friend, we're happy to present you with this token of our friendship for you."
  • (John Halloran) "This is Quirt Evans. We're happy to have him here with us because he provided another incident which reaffirms our belief that all men are good if they are shown the light. He persuaded Frederick Carson to let down the water by showing him that a man who is a friend to other men is a happy man himself."

Bruce Cabot as Laredo Stevens

  • (Bruce Cabot) "Well, they say a cat's got nine lives. Maybe old Quirt's part cat."
  • (Olin Howland) "He also said he was curious to know how much whiskey it would take -- to build up your nerve to come out."
  • (Hondo Jeffries) "You're fixin' to get your ears pinned back."
  • (Bruce Cabot) "There's a better pair of ears out in the street if you wanna pin somebody's ears back."
  • (Bruce Cabot) "Here, you drink this."
  • (Olin Howland) "Sure -- if I don't have to stand near ya."
  • (Bruce Cabot) "Come on."
  • (Hondo Jeffries) "I wonder if that sharpshootin' marshal's around town?"
  • (Olin Howland) "Oh, I saw him ride out of town an hour ago."
  • (Hondo Jeffries) "That's good. I wouldn't want him around here to spoil our play."
  • (Bruce Cabot) "Yeah. I bet that's just exactly how you meant that."

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