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Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) Quotes

Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Angels in the Outfield ended its run in 1970.

It features Irby Smith as producer, Randy Edelman in charge of musical score, and Matthew F. Leonetti as head of cinematography.

Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) is 102 minutes long. Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Roger Bomman, Dermot Mulroney as Mr. Bomman, Ben Johnson as Hank Murphy, Danny Glover as George Knox, Christopher Lloyd as Al the Boss Angel, O.B. Babbs as JP, Tony Danza as Mel Clark, Brenda Fricker as Maggie Nelson, Tony Longo as Triscuitt Messmer, O.B. Babbs as Angel players, Stoney Jackson as Ray Mitchell, Taylor Negron as David Montagne, Jay O. Sanders as Ranch Wilder, Tim Conlon as Wally, Robert Clohessy as Frank Gates, O.B. Babbs as Mapel, Adrien Brody as Danny Hemmerling, Robert Clohessy as Frank Gaits, Albert Garcia as Pablo Garcia, Israel Juarbe as Jose Martinez, Neal McDonough as Whitt Bass, Mark Cole as Norton, and Matthew McConaughey as Ben Williams.

Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) Quotes

Robert Clohessy as Frank Gates

  • (Robert Clohessy) "Why do you idiots do that after you've lost?"
  • (Stoney Jackson) "It's for good luck, man."
  • (Adrien Brody) "After 15 straight losses, I say we find something else to rub."
  • (Albert Garcia) "How about Triscuitt's head?"
  • (Tony Longo) "Hey, don't even think about touching me anywhere."
  • (Israel Juarbe) "Fatty pants."
  • (Neal McDonough) "You know, maybe we should do this before we lose."

Danny Glover as George Knox

  • (Danny Glover) "Nice catch yesterday, man. How did it feel? Or did it all happen so fast you don't even remember?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "I felt weightless, like somebody had me by the arms, Skip. How did I do that?"
  • (Danny Glover) "You can't go through life thinking everyone you meet will one day let you down. Because if you do, a very bad thing will happen. You'll end up like me."
  • (Danny Glover) "One more loss. One more loss which could've been a win. And you call yourselves professionals. I have never, ever seen a worse group of twenty-five players. You don't think as a team, you don't play as a team, you don't even LOSE as a team. You've all got your heads so far up your butts, you can't even see the light of day. One more loss and I -- I'll do this --"
  • (Danny Glover) "to each and everyone of you."
  • (Danny Glover) "Go buy the kids nachos."
  • (Taylor Negron) "Anything -- but nachos."
  • (Danny Glover) "Buy them Angels jackets."
  • (Taylor Negron) "It's ninety degrees out here."
  • (Danny Glover) "Get your butt up there, now."
  • (Danny Glover) "Any loss is hard."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "But this one really got to you. You leave Cincinnati after ten years of winning ball clubs; although the really big one always seemed to be just out of reach; and you come out here to manage our Angels. Now, expectations were high that you could turn this team around. But that just doesn't seem to be happening."
  • (Danny Glover) "Season's only half-over, Ranch."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "And your club's in last place."
  • (Danny Glover) "You oughtta know how one incident can change the course of events."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Well, you know, you play the game. You take your chances. Sometimes, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time."
  • (Danny Glover) "Yeah, you're an expert at that."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "I could say the same about you."
  • (Danny Glover) "Well, actions speak louder than words."
  • (Danny Glover) "Hey, let's keep the profanity down."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "HUH?"
  • (Danny Glover) "I mean it. No swearing."
  • (Stoney Jackson) "That eliminates all speech for most of the team."
  • (Danny Glover) "I want you all here, in uniform, at 9 tomorrow. We're going to work on fundamentals."
  • (Drunk Fan) "Fundamentals? In the middle of the season?"
  • (Mark Cole) "I thought the game started at 1."
  • (Danny Glover) "It does start at 1. And you're a jack-ass."
  • (Mark Cole) "No, I'm a pitcher."
  • (Neal McDonough) "Well, you're a pitcher and a jack-ass."
  • (Israel Juarbe) "Si; it's very common."
  • (Danny Glover) "There's a thing called "talent". They don't have it."
  • (Danny Glover) "How's never sound? You blew your arm out, played on too many pain pills."
  • (Tony Danza) "Pain pills? You were the one stuffin' them down my throat five years ago in Cincinnati."
  • (Danny Glover) "Hey, it was your decision to swallow 'em. I had a brain. When you couldn't play, I transferred you. Got rid of you. I never thought I'd get stuck with you again."
  • (Danny Glover) "Great. A psycho kid. David, you'd think they'd screen these people."
  • (Danny Glover) "You can call it faith, you can call it angels, you can call it whatever you want."
  • (Danny Glover) "You're blind as a horse's ass."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Roger Bomman

  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Four angels came out of the sky and they picked up Ben Williams."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "I've got to ask you something. Do you believe in angels?"
  • (Brenda Fricker) "What have angels got to do with you being out of bed?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "David, I need a drink."
  • (Taylor Negron) "Which of these drinks?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "I don't want that. I want something else."
  • (Taylor Negron) "What else?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Uh -- coffee."
  • (Taylor Negron) "You drink coffee?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Yeah, of course. All the time."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Yeah, all the time. What do you think we are? Little kids or something? Now give me a cup or I'll scream."
  • (Taylor Negron) "How do you take it?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "In cups."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "God -- if there is a God -- if you're a man or a woman -- if you're listening, I'd really, really like a family. My dad says that will only happen if the Angels win the pennant. The baseball team, I mean. So, maybe you can help them win a little. Amen. Oh, A-woman, too."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Did you see that?"
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Yeah. Awesome."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "They were just sucked down right from the sky."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Who?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Those guys. Those guys -- in sparkling pajamas."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "What are you talking about, Roger? What guys in sparkling pajamas?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Dad, um; when we gonna be a family again?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Where I'm sitting -- ,"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "I'd say when the Angels win the pennant. You stay out of trouble, son."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "I'm glad you're here. I was afraid no one was going to show up today, since everybody knows about the angels."
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Nobody's coming. Championships have to be won on their own. It's a rule."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Then why are you here?"
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "I came to check up on Mel. He's coming up soon. Going to be one of us."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "You mean he's --"
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Ah, he's smoked for years. Always a mistake. He's got 6 months left, doesn't even know anything's wrong yet."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "No."
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Oh, don't you worry. He's well taken care of. You concentrate on your own life now. We are expecting great things from you kid. We'll all be watching, you remember that."
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Even though you can't see us, we're always watching."

Jay O. Sanders as Ranch Wilder

  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Whit Bass takes the mound with his oddball antics that are now well known to the fans."
  • (Robert Clohessy) "That's right, Ranch. This season alone we've seen him lick dirt, eat bugs, and floss his catcher's teeth in the dugout."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "None of that, may I add, seems to have helped his pitching. He's 2 and 11."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Bass sets -- and sets -- and sets again."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "No doubt he's tiring, Wally, and Knox knows it. Ball one."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "I'd say the fans seem a little bouncier today, wouldn't you, Wally?"
  • (Tim Conlon) "That's right, Ranch. As we saw last game --"
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Easy Wally, less is more."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Hey. I'm Ranch Wilder. The voice of the Angels."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "I know who you are. I heard you on the radio. You sure do have a big chin."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "Everybody's a critic."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "I'm checking to see if Dan Prince pulled a muscle during his warmup tosses. There has to be some reason why Knox would make such a radical change. I have personally checked the stats, sports fans, and Mel Clark has not started a game in this decade."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "And Williams and Norton collide, and the catch is blown."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Boy, they're bad."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "And Ben Williams makes a miraculous catch."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Holy cow."
  • (Danny Glover) "How did he do that?"
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "How'd he do that? HOW DID HE DO THAT?"

O.B. Babbs as JP

  • (O.B. Babbs) "We do it all summer / And it's a big bummer / No matter who we play / We give the game away. / 'Cause we can't win / That would be a sin / We even lose the games / before they begin --"
  • (Danny Glover) "Save it, Mapel."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Roger?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "What?"
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Are you asleep?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "If I was sleeping, how would I be talking to you?"
  • (O.B. Babbs) "You could be sleep-talking."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Look, I'll give you a dime tomorrow if you don't say another word."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Okay."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Roger?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "You can forget that dime."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "Roger, do you believe in heaven?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "I guess. That's where they said my mom went."
  • (O.B. Babbs) "It could happen."

Ben Johnson as Hank Murphy

  • (Ben Johnson) "You believe there's real angels?"
  • (Danny Glover) "I know it sounds crazy."
  • (Ben Johnson) "Are you crackin' up, or is there a repeat of Cincinnati?"
  • (Danny Glover) "No, no, it's nothing like that."
  • (Ben Johnson) "Ranch?"
  • (Ben Johnson) "You're fired."
  • (Jay O. Sanders) "You can't fire me. I have got a contract. I AM RANCH WILDER."
  • (Tim Conlon) "Easy, Ranch. Less is more."

Christopher Lloyd as Al the Boss Angel

  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Please don't drink me."
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "We're always watching."

Adrien Brody as Danny Hemmerling

  • (Adrien Brody) "I guess no matter how many times you hear that song played in a Major League stadium, on a warm afternoon, it's still emotionally evocative."
  • (Danny Glover) "Drop dead. I got sunscreen in my eye."

Brenda Fricker as Maggie Nelson

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Tony Danza as Mel Clark

  • (Tony Danza) "I've got nothing left."
  • (Danny Glover) "Yeah, you do. You've got one strike left."
  • (Danny Glover) "You've got an angel with you right now -- just got here, and he's going to help."
  • (Tony Danza) "The kid sees an angel?"
  • (Danny Glover) "Yeah, he must. That's the signal."
  • (Danny Glover) "It could happen."
  • (Danny Glover) "Okay."
  • (Danny Glover) "Go get 'em for the championship."
  • (Tony Danza) "I got nothing left."
  • (Danny Glover) "Yeah, you do. You got one strike left."
  • (Danny Glover) "You got an angel with you right now. He just got here, and he's going to help you."
  • (Tony Danza) "The kid sees an angel?"
  • (Danny Glover) "Yeah, he must. That's the signal."
  • (Danny Glover) "Good helping."
  • (Tony Danza) "Okay."
  • (Danny Glover) "Go get 'em for the championship."

Tony Longo as Triscuitt Messmer

  • (Tony Longo) "It musta been those chili dogs I ate before the game. The third one tasted kind of funny."

Dermot Mulroney as Mr. Bomman

  • (Family Court Judge) "You understand that once this hearing has established Roger's permanent placement status, his welfare will forever forward be determined by this court."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "I understand."
  • (Family Court Judge) "And you consulted a lawyer?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Look, lady, I get what I'm doing. The kid's not mine anymore. Not proud of it. There isn't anything that could change my mind about it either."

Tim Conlon as Wally

  • (Tim Conlon) "I can't believe it; he's got an angel."

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