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Anna Karenina (1935 film) Quotes

Anna Karenina (1935 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Anna Karenina ended its run in 1970.

It features David O. Selznick as producer, Herbert Stothart in charge of musical score, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Anna Karenina (1935 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Greta Garbo as Anna Karenina, Fredric March as Vronsky, Basil Rathbone as Karenin, Reginald Owen as Stiva, Gyles Isham as Levin, Phoebe Foster as Dolly, Maureen O'Sullivan as Kitty, and Reginald Denny as Yashvin.

Anna Karenina (1935 film) Quotes

Greta Garbo as Anna Karenina

  • (Greta Garbo) "Is the Princess Sorokina staying at your mother's?"
  • (Fredric March) "Oh, I don't know. I suppose she is."
  • (Greta Garbo) "Does your mother want you to marry the Princess Sorokina?"
  • (Fredric March) "Now, what makes you think that?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "It would be natural. The Princess Sorokina is so young and innocent. So like Kitty, isn't she?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "You know, Dolly, men like Stiva aren't really conscious of deception at all. They put their wives and homes in one compartment -- and these other women into another."
  • (Greta Garbo) "Today, all day, I felt so alone."
  • (Fredric March) "We must be careful. We mustn't hurt each other. That's why we hurt each other; because, we love."
  • (Greta Garbo) "Yes. Yes, that's why."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I suggest that you change into more repentant gowns. You look much too gay."
  • (Reginald Owen) "Excellent idea."
  • (Greta Garbo) "Alexei, I've been sitting in that house; watched. Night after night we dine together in silence. He sits across the table and watches me. Cold. Polite. Merciless."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I feel so guilty, so terribly guilty."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I'm thinking of what you told me this afternoon, "Doomed to bliss and despair." It's true. I know now that there's no escape for me. I love you, Alexei, I love you."
  • (Greta Garbo) "You say this knowing this I cannot do. There is no life for me without my child. To leave him would be infamous and base. I couldn't. And you know I couldn't."
  • (Basil Rathbone) "Very well. I can assume, then, that you will never again jeopardize my honor."
  • (Greta Garbo) "Oh, your honor. Your selfishness. Your hypocrisy. Your egotism. You've never considered me as a human being. Your social position and -- your reputation. These must be kept up at what cost to those who are around you? At what cost?"
  • (Basil Rathbone) "It's time for my appointment at the ministry."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I feel pain. I feel tears."
  • (Fredric March) "Why?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Because I'm so happy. Not to think, only to live, only to feel."
  • (Greta Garbo) "You know, darling, men like Stiva aren't really conscience of deception at all. They put their wives and homes in one compartment and these other women in another. It's strange; but, I know it to be true."
  • (Greta Garbo) "You expect a great deal at this particular ball, don't you, Kitty?"
  • (Maureen O'Sullivan) "Yes. Yes, I do. How did you know?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "You're in such a happy time in your life. That blissful time when childhood is just ending and the future's all warm and inviting. I remember."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I didn't know you were going back to St. Petersburg so soon. Why this change of plan?"
  • (Fredric March) "Why? To be where you are. You know that. Forgive me, I -- I had to say it."
  • (Greta Garbo) "You shouldn't. You shouldn't. You must forget that you said it."
  • (Fredric March) "Nothing of you. I shall never forget anything of you."
  • (Greta Garbo) "You should've married Kitty. You would've been much happier with her."
  • (Fredric March) "Anna, you brood to much. You spin fairy tales."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I face the truth."
  • (Fredric March) "What truth?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "That one day I shall find myself -- ALONE."

Reginald Denny as Yashvin

  • (Reginald Denny) "Nothing like it. Brandy settles your stomach. And the cucumber and champagne sets you up. Makes you feel as fit as a Cossack."
  • (Reginald Denny) "I'm not going to beat around the bush."
  • (Colonel) "Very ill advised."
  • (Reginald Denny) "He has courage in the field, sir, and in society too."
  • (Colonel) "That's not courage, Yashvin. That's suicide."

Fredric March as Vronsky

  • (Fredric March) "As a matter of fact, I've been analyzing this code of ours, lately, and it doesn't stand up. For instance, one must always pay a card sharper; but, need not pay a tailor."
  • (Reginald Denny) "Quite right."
  • (Fredric March) "One must never tell a lie to a man; but, one may to a woman."
  • (Reginald Denny) "Naturally."
  • (Fredric March) "One must never cheat anyone; but, one may a husband."
  • (Reginald Denny) "Inevitably."
  • (Fredric March) "One must never pardon an insult; but, may freely give one."
  • (Reginald Denny) "Obviously."
  • (Fredric March) "Well, it's trivial. It's nonsensical."
  • (Reginald Denny) "My dear Vronsky, has your liver been bothering you lately?"
  • (Fredric March) "I love your frown when you concentrate."
  • (Greta Garbo) "How do you expect me to make this shot if you talk to me?"
  • (Fredric March) "And the breath of Russia is sweet. And sweet over all the land, broods the soul of Russia. Do you remember Pushkin's poem?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "You miss Russia. You miss home."
  • (Fredric March) "Our meetings are so brief, the dance also."
  • (Greta Garbo) "But our reunions are so frequent."
  • (Fredric March) "When I leave you, I'm lost in a world of strangers. When I touch your hand, we're alone."
  • (Greta Garbo) "I return you to the world."
  • (Fredric March) "Kitty, won't you dance?"
  • (Fredric March) "Do you get a sense we're being watched?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Watched? We're being devoured."
  • (Fredric March) "I want my comrades and my career. And love isn't everything."
  • (Greta Garbo) "One only says that when love is over."
  • (Fredric March) "You must have been naughty."
  • (Fredric March) "You're trembling. Are you cold?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "We'll be punished."
  • (Fredric March) "Punished?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "For being so happy."
  • (Fredric March) "Shall we go out in a gondola in the Grand Canal, find the serenata?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Yes."
  • (Fredric March) "Shall we explore all the little canals, those murderous little water alleys where the Doges used to throw their enemies?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Yes."
  • (Fredric March) "Shall we go to St. Mark's and feed the pigeons?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Yes."
  • (Fredric March) "Shall we be really energetic?"
  • (Greta Garbo) "Yes."
  • (Fredric March) "And go out on the balcony?"
  • (Fredric March) "Please, Anna, be brave. Don't --"
  • (Greta Garbo) "But, I am not brave."
  • (Fredric March) "Won't you relent? Won't you dance the mazurka with me?"

Phoebe Foster as Dolly

  • (Phoebe Foster) "Sometimes I think, I compare my life to yours. You travel, you go to Italy, you do what you like. You're loved. While I, no ecstasy. No glamour. All the things you have."
  • (Phoebe Foster) "Whatever way one lives, there's a penalty, I suppose."

Reginald Owen as Stiva

  • (Reginald Owen) "Levin thinks we are parasitic idlers simply because we don't plow the fields."
  • (Gyles Isham) "An excellent statement of my position."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, so you're married?"
  • (Reginald Owen) "Ten years. She's the mother of my three children."
  • (Unnamed) "And do you love your wife?"
  • (Reginald Owen) "I do. She won't believe it when I tell her, but, it's her I love. Believe me, it's her."
  • (Unnamed) "I'd believe it better if you took your hand off my knee."
  • (Reginald Owen) "Don't worry. Things will straighten themselves out. They always do."

Gyles Isham as Levin

  • (Gyles Isham) "Kitty, will you dance the mazurka with me?"
  • (Gyles Isham) "Kitty, will you dance?"

Basil Rathbone as Karenin

  • (Basil Rathbone) "You will remain here as my wife -- before the world. You will never see this -- this person again."
  • (Basil Rathbone) "For some time, I have known that in uniting my life to yours, I have made a mistake. But this I must bear for the sake of my public duty -- and for the sake of my child. I believe in marriage as a sacrament. I could not consider myself justified in breaking the ties by which we are bound by a higher power. The family cannot be broken up by a -- whim or a caprice or even by the -- by the sin of one of the partners in the marriage. Our life must go on as it has done in the past."
  • (Greta Garbo) "But it can't go on."
  • (Basil Rathbone) "It must. I have stated these views in public, and I will not violate them in private."
  • (Greta Garbo) "Then you will not give me a divorce?"
  • (Basil Rathbone) "Never. Why should I? To permit you to legalize a sin? To justify your conduct and his? Never."
  • (Basil Rathbone) "I told my son you were dead. Why do you make me out a tyrant who intervenes between him and you? It's easy for you to play the martyr -- and destroy the new life I'm trying to build up for my son and for myself as you destroyed the old. And I shall not permit it."

Maureen O'Sullivan as Kitty

  • (Maureen O'Sullivan) "I wish this dance would end."
  • (Maureen O'Sullivan) "You're strange."
  • (Fredric March) "You're very charming, Kitty."

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