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Aquamarine (film) Quotes

Aquamarine (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Aquamarine stopped airing in 1970.

It features Susan Cartsonis as producer, David Hirschfelder in charge of musical score, and Brian Breheny as head of cinematography.

Aquamarine (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Aquamarine (film) is 104 minutes long. Aquamarine (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Sara Paxton as Aquamarine, Jake McDorman as Raymond, JoJo as Hailey, Emma Roberts as Claire, Tammin Sursok as Marjorie, Natasha Cunningham as Patty, and Shaun Micallef as Storm Banks.

Aquamarine (film) Quotes

Sara Paxton as Aquamarine

  • (Sara Paxton) "You scared the salt out of me."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Claire, they really loved each other. I don't think they would've wanted you to be afraid of life. I think they would've wanted you to be friends with it."
  • (Sara Paxton) "HELLO."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Why go through life unnoticed?"
  • (Sara Paxton) "They literally give me compliments; in my ear. They talk to me. Starfish are notorious suck-ups. They love to give compliments. But it's nice when you need a little boost."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Following you around is fun."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Bullshark."
  • (Sara Paxton) "But I've learned it's not where you are, it's who you're with."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Who needs Raymond? I found two new men to love -- Their names are Ben and Jerry."
  • (Sara Paxton) "I need some salt."
  • (Sara Paxton) "I'm never gonna see him again, and he doesn't care."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Wow Raymond, you're really good. Bye."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Starfish may be huge suck ups. But they never lie."
  • (Sara Paxton) "I was named Aquamarine after a rare and precious gemstone, whereas -- Cecilia translated means "dim-sighted." But your parents know you better than I do."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Do you love me?"
  • (Jake McDorman) "No but I think you're hot"
  • (Sara Paxton) "Her dad makes the weather?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "No, he just reports it."
  • (Sara Paxton) "And she's a princess?"
  • (JoJo) "No, just a royal bitch."
  • (Sara Paxton) "We are not fictional. We're just discreet."
  • (Sara Paxton) "First time on land, first time with legs. Can you believe it?."
  • (JoJo) "Oh, you'd never know."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Thank you. It's beautiful."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Did you know you can hear the ocean through these? Well, it works both ways. The ocean can hear you, too."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Let's go find Raymond."
  • (JoJo) "Wait. You need shoes."
  • (Emma Roberts) "And undies."

Emma Roberts as Claire

  • (Emma Roberts) "Hail, did you order a SAND-witch?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "Can you make boobs come out of hiding?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "This one is called ""Fluff and Retreat: Fluff his ego then walk away. Not only is he left wanting more, but he's under the impression that it's his idea.""
  • (Emma Roberts) "Well, all these articles say we've been way too available. We need to be more coy."
  • (JoJo) "We are so coy, he barely knows we exist."

JoJo as Hailey

  • (JoJo) "How do you figure that I'm your only friend?"
  • (JoJo) "O Gods of hurricanes, makers of thunder and lightning and majestical waves. Useth your power to keep my mom from moving to Austrailia. Maketh her to see the error of her ways, and keepeth us in Baybridge."
  • (JoJo) "Amen."
  • (Emma Roberts) "You're insane."
  • (JoJo) "That's what they tell me."
  • (JoJo) "I just want you to know, if Leonard comes in here and chops us up into a million pieces, that you are totally, completely, and eternally my best friend."
  • (Emma Roberts) "You're my best friend, too."
  • (JoJo) "And I broke your ipod."
  • (Grandma Maggie) "What are you girls doing out here in this weather?"
  • (JoJo) "When you find love, I guess it's really beautiful. I mean, that's what I've read in magazines."
  • (JoJo) "We begin where every girl starts with her first crush; we call him."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Call him? What? What?. No, I can't. What am I supposed to say to him?"
  • (JoJo) "Nothing. We just call and hang up. We do it all the time."
  • (Sara Paxton) "Why?"
  • (JoJo) "I don't know. It's just what you do."
  • (JoJo) "Who ordered "broom" service?"
  • (JoJo) "And I know there's a reason why everybody wants it so much."
  • (Sara Paxton) "And what's that?"
  • (JoJo) "It's the closest thing we have to magic."
  • (JoJo) "Maybe we could wish for something else?"
  • (Emma Roberts) "Something else, like what, like a new best friend? A new person to tell everything to."
  • (JoJo) "Claire; don't --"
  • (Emma Roberts) "How could you even think that way?"
  • (JoJo) "I mean, maybe we could learn to stand on our own for a change --"
  • (Emma Roberts) "You mean me don't you."
  • (JoJo) "I mean, I'm not your mom."
  • (Emma Roberts) "You think I need you all the time, when the truth is, you're so mad at the world, that nobody but me even wants to talk to you."
  • (JoJo) "Oh, so you're the one who's lived here your whole life. How do you figure I'm your only friend?"

Jake McDorman as Raymond

  • (Jake McDorman) "Are you always so sure of yourself?"
  • (Sara Paxton) "Yes."
  • (Jake McDorman) "It's nice. More people should be like that."

Shaun Micallef as Storm Banks

  • (Shaun Micallef) "And while you're walking to school every day, you can try and figure out why it is you need so much attention."

Tammin Sursok as Marjorie

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