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Arabian Nights (miniseries) Quotes

Arabian Nights is a Miniseries that first aired in 2000 on American Broadcasting Company/BBC. Arabian Nights completed its run in 2000.

Arabian Nights aired for 2 episodes. It features Dyson Lovell as producer, Richard Harvey (musician) as theme composer, and Remi Adefarasin as head of cinematography.

Arabian Nights is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Arabian Nights is 175 minutes long. Arabian Nights is produced by Hallmark Entertainment.

The cast includes: Mili Avital as Scheherezade, Alan Bates as Storyteller, Jason Scott Lee as Aladdin, Alan Bates as Suitor, Vanessa-Mae as Princess Zobeide, and James Callis as Prince Ahmed.

Arabian Nights Quotes

Mili Avital as Scheherezade

  • (Unnamed) "You saved me. Why did you do it?"
  • (Mili Avital) "Because I loved you."
  • (Unnamed) "Is that the real reason?"
  • (Mili Avital) "It'll have to do, until --"
  • (Mili Avital) "Feed a grub royal jelly and he will turn into an Emperor Butterfly in an instant."
  • (Mili Avital) "The trial of Jerome Gribben was the social event of the season. The judge in the case was the venerable Judge Zadic. Judge Zadic was totally incompetent but being a Judge nobody had noticed."
  • (Mili Avital) "He said the world was an inferno full of darkness and evil, and that there were only two ways of dealing with it. The first was easy and wrong: to accept it and become part of it. The second way was harder and right: you fight it, and recognize those who aren't evil, and help them endure."
  • (Mili Avital) "They say 'Fortune favors the brave' -- and those who can learn from their mistakes."
  • (Unnamed) "Look into my eyes. What do you see, Scheherezade?"
  • (Mili Avital) "Me. Looking at you, my love."
  • (Unnamed) "Is that the end of the story?"
  • (Mili Avital) "No, no --. At the wedding, there was an important guest --"
  • (Mili Avital) "-- a hunchback. His name was -- Bacbac."
  • (Mili Avital) "Life often turns upon such small things as a flickering oil lamp."
  • (Mili Avital) "Is this the time for stories?"
  • (Alan Bates) "It's the perfect time. Stories show us how to win, and in your case: defeat death."
  • (Mili Avital) "The storyteller always said, "Stories can save us." I guess what he meant was -- they can save us. If we use our imagination."
  • (Mili Avital) "Stories are less simple than we think they are."
  • (Mili Avital) "A master storyteller once told me the audience must be hooked in the first moments, otherwise you've lost them."
  • (Mili Avital) "Death comes in many shapes and disguises."
  • (Mili Avital) "Are you all right? Can I do anything for you?"
  • (Unnamed) "I just missed killing you, and you ask if there's anything you can do for me ?"

James Callis as Prince Ahmed

  • (James Callis) "I cannot do it."
  • (Buddhist Monk) "The prize is worth it."
  • (James Callis) "Not for the boy --."

Jason Scott Lee as Aladdin

  • (Jason Scott Lee) "Who are you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Who am I? Who am I? I am the Lamp Genie -- THE Lamp Genie. Wishes, dreams, power, premature and violent death -- ohhh, scratch the last one."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "How about some sort of flying machine?"
  • (Unnamed) "Flying machine? So we could fly around the world? And have drinks? And people could serve us peanuts? You'd better stick with the money."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "Are you like the Genie of the Ring?"
  • (Unnamed) "Like the Genie of the Ring? -- I, who opposed the will of Heaven? NEVER."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "So you're not related then?"
  • (Unnamed) "No. Ohhh, I don't know -- the tests were inconclusive --"

Vanessa-Mae as Princess Zobeide

  • (Vanessa-Mae) "Aladdin, you're everything a prince should be. But -- your mother --"
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "She's what they call an -- eccentric."

Alan Bates as Storyteller

  • (Alan Bates) "You begin at the beginning, go on until the end, and then stop. Just make sure he doesn't know what will happen next."
  • (Alan Bates) "You are starting your story again; you have to hook your audience again."
  • (Alan Bates) "Here again, milady?"
  • (Mili Avital) "These people sit for hours, just listening."
  • (Mili Avital) "It's a miracle."
  • (Alan Bates) "People need stories, more than bread, itself."
  • (Alan Bates) "They teach us how to live, and why."
  • (Princess Zobiede's father) "It is an insult to my daughter and worse, to me. You stink."
  • (Alan Bates) "So would you, your highness, if you spent the evening in the privy."
  • (Alan Bates) "You must learn how to leave your audience in suspense."

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