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Are You with It? Quotes

Are You with It? is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Are You with It? ended in 1970.

It features Robert Arthur (film producer) as producer, Walter Scharf in charge of musical score, and Maury Gertsman as head of cinematography.

Are You with It? is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Are You with It? is 93 minutes long.

The cast includes: Donald O'Connor as Milton Haskins, Olga San Juan as Vivian Reilly, Ransom Sherman as Mr. Bixby, Lew Parker as Goldie McGoldrick, Martha Stewart as Bunny La Fleur, Patricia Dane as Sally, and Walter Catlett as Jason Carter.

Are You with It? Quotes

Lew Parker as Goldie McGoldrick

  • (Lew Parker) "Thank you, Dr. Livingston. Ladies and gentlemen, when I first found Bongo in the jungles of darkest Africa, he was just a little monkey. I raised him and taught him everything I know. Today, eminent psychologists credit him with the intelligence of a six-year-old child."
  • (Lew Parker) "Don't tell me you can tap dance?"
  • (Donald O'Connor) "Oh-oh, uh, certainly. Dancing is only a question of applied mathematics."
  • (Lew Parker) "Neighbor, this wheel's gonna revolutionize larceny. Everybody wins. And it only costs 'em twice as much to win what they wouldn't pay half as much to buy. That clear to ya?"
  • (Donald O'Connor) "Yes."
  • (Lew Parker) "I wish you'd explain it to me."
  • (Lew Parker) "Oh, you don't know dames like I do. You gotta outsmart 'em. All you gotta do is let them think what you think they think you're thinking."
  • (Lew Parker) "That's the trouble with females of the opposite sex. They're too opposite."
  • (Lew Parker) "Did I ever show you my family album? Ah, yes, here it is. What a family. Good representative of the American pioneers. Why my ancestors go all the way back to Columbus. Except for two of them; they only go as far back as Toledo."
  • (Lew Parker) "Some living. From an actuary to an obituary in one day."
  • (Lew Parker) "Hey, wait a minute, junior. You ain't ruined yet. Everybody makes mistakes in this racket. We'll just have to find you a job where education ain't no handicap."
  • (Barker) "About time you came back. Where've you been?"
  • (Lew Parker) "Up at Hartford taking the cure."
  • (Barker) "From drinkin'?"
  • (Lew Parker) "No, from layin' off. How's business?"
  • (Barker) "Murder. It's enough to drive a guy to drink."
  • (Lew Parker) "You're telling me."

Martha Stewart as Bunny La Fleur

  • (Martha Stewart) "Ah, honey, you're smarter than that. You don't get the guy you want by running away."
  • (Olga San Juan) "Well, I'm through throwing myself at that corny Casanova."
  • (Martha Stewart) "But that's just the point, kid. From now on you don't have to. You've got Miltie boy right where you want him. All you have to do is wait, and he'll come crawling to ya on his hands and knees. Spend the rest of his life apologizin'."
  • (Olga San Juan) "And suppose he doesn't?"
  • (Martha Stewart) "You don't know men like I do. You gotta outsmart 'em. All you gotta do is figure out what a woman would do if she had no brains and that's what a man does."
  • (Martha Stewart) "You stay out of this, balloon head."
  • (Martha Stewart) "Say, dreamboat, don't you have to go rinse out a few things, huh?"
  • (Lew Parker) "No, I'm wearing 'em."
  • (Martha Stewart) "OK, bird brain. Take your head out of the sand now."
  • (Lew Parker) "Oh, hello, baby doll, I didn't see you."
  • (Martha Stewart) "Nice to see you standing up."
  • (Lew Parker) "Well, it's early yet."
  • (Martha Stewart) "Where have you been? And I don't believe that either."
  • (Lew Parker) "That takes care of that argument."
  • (Martha Stewart) "Look at you. I've seen a better head on a glass of beer."

Olga San Juan as Vivian Reilly

  • (Olga San Juan) "It's Milton, Mr. McGoldrick. Ever since the slide rule double-crossed him, he hasn't been the same."
  • (Olga San Juan) "But he might do something drastic. Why he might even kill himself."
  • (Ransom Sherman) "That's what I've always liked about Haskins; conscientious."
  • (Olga San Juan) "There it is again, the eternal triangle. You, me and company time."

Donald O'Connor as Milton Haskins

  • (Donald O'Connor) "I'm sorry, Mr. Bixby. It wouldn't be so bad, sir, if it had happened to a Yale man."

Walter Catlett as Jason (Pop) Carter

  • (Walter Catlett) "This way, this way, this way, ladies and gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, Colonel Murgatroyd -- explorer, and Bongo. Bongo, the most intelligent chimpanzee in captivity. The one with the mustache is Col. Murgatroyd."

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