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Attack the Block Quotes

Attack the Block is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Attack the Block ended its run in 1970.

It features Nira Park, and James Wilson as producer, Basement Jaxx; Steven Price in charge of musical score, and Tom Townend as head of cinematography.

Attack the Block is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Attack the Block is 88 minutes long. Attack the Block is distributed by Optimum Releasing.

The cast includes: Alex Esmail as Pest, John Boyega as Moses, Nick Frost as Ron, Jodie Whittaker as Sam, Luke Treadaway as Brewis, Leeon Jones as Jerome, Franz Drameh as Dennis, Simon Howard as Biggz, Sammy Williams as Probs, Jumayn Hunter as Hi-Hatz, and Paigey Cakey as Dimples.

Attack the Block Quotes

Alex Esmail as Pest

  • (Alex Esmail) "Big alien gorilla wolf motherf***ers. I swear."
  • (Alex Esmail) "Call Simon Cowell. Aliens Got Talent."
  • (Luke Treadaway) "Jokes man, jokes."
  • (Alex Esmail) "I've got nice boxers on. Genuine Calvin Klein. Fresh today."
  • (Alex Esmail) "They arrest us for nothing anyway."
  • (John Boyega) "No, I reckon yeah, I reckon, the Feds sent them anyway. Government probably bred those things to kill black boys. First they sent in drugs, then they sent guns and now they're sending monsters in to kill us. They don't care man. We ain't killing each other fast enough. So they decided to speed up the process."
  • (Alex Esmail) "Believe."
  • (Alex Esmail) "You're quite fit you know? Have you got a boyfriend?"
  • (Jodie Whittaker) "Yeah."
  • (Alex Esmail) "You sure about him? Where is he? Cos he ain't exactly lookin' out for you tonight."
  • (Jodie Whittaker) "He's in Ghana."
  • (Alex Esmail) "You going out with an African then?"
  • (Jodie Whittaker) "No -- he -- he's helping children. Volunteers for the Red Cross."
  • (Alex Esmail) "Oh -- is it? Why can't he help children in Britain? Not exotic enough is it? Don't get a nice suntan. Tsst."
  • (Alex Esmail) "That's an alien bruv, believe it."

Luke Treadaway as Brewis

  • (Luke Treadaway) "Well, whatever it is, you're covered in it and it seems to be piquing the interest of a rather hostile alien species. I'm just saying -- maybe if you took those clothes off, they wouldn't know we're here."
  • (Alex Esmail) "You fancy him or something? Are you trying to get him naked?"
  • (Luke Treadaway) "I know my civil liberties, I'm a member of f***ing amnesty."
  • (Luke Treadaway) "Believe me, I'd go out there myself if I wasn't so profoundly stoned."
  • (Luke Treadaway) "Someone, like, petrol-bombed my dad's car. And there are po po everywhere."

Jodie Whittaker as Sam

  • (Jodie Whittaker) "Hi mum."
  • (Jodie Whittaker) "We should call the police."
  • (Alex Esmail) "You'd be better off calling the Ghostbusters love."
  • (Jodie Whittaker) "I know them. They're my neighbors. They protected me."
  • (Alex Esmail) "Moses, brother. Can you hear that? That's for you, man."

Sammy Williams as Probs

  • (Sammy Williams) "No one is going to call you Mayhem if you keep acting like such a p*****."

Leeon Jones as Jerome

  • (Leeon Jones) "I'd like to see the brother who's going to fight that."
  • (Leeon Jones) "This is too much madness to explain in one text."

Simon Howard as Biggz

  • (Simon Howard) "I'm killing 'em, I'm killing 'em straight."
  • (Simon Howard) "Hurry up guys, we gotta catch 'em all."
  • (Alex Esmail) "Calm down Biggz, this ain't Pokemon."
  • (Simon Howard) "It was like some Gears of War thing."

Nick Frost as Ron

  • (Nick Frost) "Well, 'ere, lads, you've discovered a species hitherto unknown to science, quite possibly non-terrestrial in origin, and you kicked its f***in' head in."
  • (Nick Frost) "It smells like a s*** did a s***."
  • (Nick Frost) "Even if it is an alien invasion, they're four foot high, blind and got kicked to death by a bunch of kids. We got nothing to worry about."

Jumayn Hunter as Hi-Hatz

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

John Boyega as Moses

  • (John Boyega) "Allow it."

Paigey Cakey as Dimples

  • (Paigey Cakey) "What kind of alien, out of all the places in the whole wide world, would invade some s***ty council estate in south London?"
  • (Franz Drameh) "One that's lookin' for a fight."

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