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Awakening (Star Trek: Enterprise) Quotes

Awakening (Star Trek: Enterprise) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Awakening ended in 1970.

It features Jay Chattaway in charge of musical score.

Awakening (Star Trek: Enterprise) Quotes

  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "I'm here to find the person who bombed the Earth embassy. Her name is T'Pau. And she looks a hell of a lot like you."
  • (T'Pau) "You have a lot to learn about Syrrannites."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "You have a lot to learn about Humans. We don't sit back and do nothing while our people are attacked."
  • (T'Pau) "No, you traverse vast wastelands, based on false information."
  • (Surak) "You don't trust Vulcans, Captain. Given your experiences with them, I can't say I blame you. The culture you've come to know isn't the one I helped to create. My people have strayed, and someone must restore them to the path."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "You've got the wrong man."
  • (Surak) "Sorry, Captain. There is an Earth expression: we're stuck with each other. Don't fight what's been given to you. Open your mind and your heart, and the way will become clear."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "You know -- I'm the one with the Vulcan ghost in his head; depending on who you believe. But I don't feel half as bad as you look."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "At least we know your mother's okay."
  • (Commander T'Pol) "She's joined a violent cult. She's not okay."
  • (T'Les) "I've always been so proud of you, my T'Pol."
  • (Administrator V'Las) "I've also contacted Admiral Gardner. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him soon. A pleasant journey."
  • (Commander Tucker) "Son of a bitch hung up on us."
  • (Ensign Hoshi Sato) "Should I try to get him back?"
  • (Commander T'Pol) "Syrran melded with you before he died. What you're experiencing is the residue of his thoughts."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "So I'm suffering from -- a mind meld hangover?"
  • (Minister Kuvak) "You're presiding over a massacre."
  • (Administrator V'Las) "We are eliminating a threat."
  • (Commander T'Pol) "When you gave me that map, you knew I'd try to find you."
  • (T'Les) "I thought that if you could see what we were trying to accomplish --"
  • (Commander T'Pol) "That I'd understand? That I'd join you?"
  • (T'Les) "I held out that hope, yes. It's possible I was being foolish."
  • (Commander T'Pol) "Extremely."
  • (Commander Tucker) "I never got the impression you cared that much about Humans. Seems like -- you were always finding something new to complain about."
  • (Vulcan Ambassador Soval) "I lived on Earth for more than thirty years, Commander. In that time, I developed an affinity for your world and its people."
  • (Commander Tucker) "You did a pretty good job of hiding it."
  • (Vulcan Ambassador Soval) "Thank you."
  • (Vulcan Ambassador Soval) "My actions were taken in the best interest of Vulcan and the High Command."
  • (Administrator V'Las) "Keeping secrets from us is in our best interest?"
  • (Vulcan Ambassador Soval) "Had I revealed my abilities as a melder, my years of service would not have been possible."
  • (Minister Kuvak) "Your accomplishments have been noteworthy."
  • (Administrator V'Las) "They don't justify deception."
  • (Vulcan Ambassador Soval) "Deception has never been a stranger to this room."

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