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Baby Face (film) Quotes

Baby Face (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Baby Face stopped airing in 1970.

It features William LeBaron as producer, Harry Akst in charge of musical score, and James Van Trees as head of cinematography.

Baby Face (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Baby Face (film) is 71 mins. long. Baby Face (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc..

The cast includes: Theresa Harris as Chico, Barbara Stanwyck as Lily Powers, Robert Barrat as Nick Powers, Donald Cook as Stevens, Arthur Hohl as Ed Sipple, Henry Kolker as J.P. Carter, George Brent as Courtland Trenholm, Alphonse Ethier as Cragg, and John Wayne as Jimmy McCoy Jr..

Baby Face (film) Quotes

Alphonse Ethier as Cragg

  • (Alphonse Ethier) "So, now what?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Well, the future looks very bright. Just as I was leaving the cemetery, Ed Sipple made me a proposition. And last night the manager at the -- burlesque house offered me a job in the chorus to do a strip act."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "A strip act?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, show my shape."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "Well, that's a business in its self."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, I guess I ain't much of a business woman."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "How long are you going to stand it? Why don't you get out, before its too late?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Where would I go?"
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "Out into the world. You could make something of yourself. You have Power."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, I'm a ball of fire, I am."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "You don't realize your potentialities."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Come again?"
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "Did you read dat book I gave you?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, I tried to, but I didn't understand it very good."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "It's by Nietzsche. The greatest philosopher of all time."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Well, I never did get much good out of books."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "You are a fool. You could learn a lot from dat book. But, if you are content to stay here like a dumb animal, in this miserable life, then I wash my hands from you."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "You're a coward. I mean it. You let life defeat you. You don't fight back."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "What chance has a woman got?"
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "More chance than man. A woman, young, beautiful, like you, can get anything she wants in the world. Because you have Power over men. But you must use men. Not let them use you. You must be a master. Not a slave. Look, here, Nietzsche says, "All life, no matter how we idealize it, is nothing more nor less than exploitation." That's what I'm telling you. Exploit yourself. Go to some big city where you will find opportunities. Use men. Be strong. Defiant. Use men. To get the t'ings you want."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah."
  • (Alphonse Ethier) "What's going to become of you? Its up to you to decide. If you stay in this town, you are lost."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Where would I go? Paris? I got four bucks."

Barbara Stanwyck as Lily Powers

  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Its the sweetest New Year's present I ever got."
  • (Henry Kolker) "Sit down. I like to look at you."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Say, I like it here. How 'bout a job? Oh, now don't tell me in this great, big building there ain't some place for me?"
  • (Pratt - Personnel Office) "Have you had any experience?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Plenty."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "I'd rather wait in there. I hate crowds. Don't you?"
  • (Pratt - Personnel Office) "The boss won't be back for an hour."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Well then why don't we go in and talk this over?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "That's all there is to it. If you fire me, we're through. It isn't the job, I don't mind that. But, it just goes to show me how much you care."
  • (Donald Cook) "Well, you know how much I --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "How much you what?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Are you letting me go?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "You haul your freight outta here."
  • (Arthur Hohl) "What's a matter? You gettin' particular?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Maybe I am. Did you ever take a good look at yourself?"
  • (Arthur Hohl) "Yeah, you're exclusive, you are. The sweetheart of the night shift. Come on, you're wastin' my time. Everybody knows about you."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, well you ain't going to."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "So, you want to marry me, huh? Isn't that beautiful. Get outta here, or I'll --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "I can't do it. I have to think of myself. I've gone through a lot to get those things. My life has been bitter and hard. I'm not like other women. All the gentleness and kindness in me has been killed. All I've got are those things. Without them, I'd be nothing."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "This is as far as I go."
  • (George Brent) "Oh, so this is where you live."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "All the charm of the old world and the old world plumbing."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, not here. Somebody might --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, hello Jimmy."
  • (John Wayne) "Listen, Baby face, how 'bout havin' dinner tonight? I've got two tickets for Vanities."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Of course, if Fuzzy Wuzzy really wants to give me something, he could put a few more pennies in my bank account."
  • (Henry Kolker) "My Dear, ask me something difficult."
  • (Mrs. Hemingway) "Of course, if I go to Berlin, the food there is very fattening."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Well, you could go to Karlsbad afterward and reduce?"
  • (Mrs. Hemingway) "The very thing. Could you arrange it for me?"
  • (Speakeasy Drunk) "Come here, sweetheart."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, lay off, you big ape."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "I'm desperate. I know what the world thinks. Everyone blames me. No one knows the truth. I was all alone here, no family, no friends. I was working hard, earning my own living. And, then; and then Baby came."
  • (Bank Director) "Baby?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "That's what I always called Mr. Carter. I was a victim of circumstance."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Wait a minute, you're kinda mixed up, aren't you? I thought you left town?"
  • (Donald Cook) "Well, what else could I do? I was in a --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Jam? Well, I won't let you get in another. See what I mean?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Bring me that pigskin case on the bed. You know what's in this bag?"
  • (Theresa Harris) "No."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Half a million dollars. Someday I'll have the other half that goes with it."
  • (Theresa Harris) "You sure will. You can get anything you put your mind on."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "All I want is a chance to earn an honest living."

George Brent as Courtland Trenholm

  • (George Brent) "Don't you realize I'm in love with you?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "No you're not."
  • (George Brent) "Yes, I am. I can't wait to get back to Paris to buy all the jewels and Cartiers. To take you to the motor salons; where you can pick out any car that you like. I want to give you a house in Paris and another in New York. There isn't anything in the world I wouldn't give you."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "That isn't love."
  • (George Brent) "It would have been easy for you, to come here to Paris and have a somewhat; gayer time."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "It would have been too easy."
  • (George Brent) "Frankly, I am surprised."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Why?"
  • (George Brent) "I didn't expect you to stick to the job."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "That's why I stuck."
  • (George Brent) "Gentlemen, I shan't take up your time telling you how much I appreciate this honor. Some of you probably think I should stick to polo and not try to run a bank. But, I'm sure that with your help, I can't go very far wrong."
  • (George Brent) "Would you take Harry with you."
  • (Lady Montereau) "Come along, you loathsome little man."
  • (George Brent) "Then you're coming to Deauville?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Deauville's too crowded."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "How about Biarritz?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Not crowded enough."
  • (George Brent) "I'll tell you what, would you like to motor through the chateau country?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "And see all those lovely fourteenth century ceilings?"
  • (George Brent) "Miss Powers, no one could help but be moved by your story. It's obvious, as you say, that you were a victim of circumstance. You have our sympathy. Of course, any talk of money must be very distressing to a sensitive person. You've told us how distasteful it would be for you to accept money from a paper. I'm afraid it would be equally distasteful to accept money from the bank. Perhaps we've been somewhat crude in our suggestion. You also told us how hard you had to work. When this thing happened, were you; working very hard?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, but not at the bank."
  • (George Brent) "Darling, how long is this going on?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Aren't you happy?"
  • (George Brent) "These have been the three happiest days of my life. But --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "But, what?"
  • (George Brent) "Well, I don't enjoy saying good night to you, every night, outside the door of your stateroom."

Donald Cook as Stevens

  • (Donald Cook) "Haven't I told you never to come beyond the front of this desk."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, but I get so lonesome out there all by myself."
  • (Donald Cook) "Don't do that. How do you expect me to get any work done."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Hold me close."
  • (Donald Cook) "Lily, don't do this to me. I can't stand it. Its been brutal not seeing you."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah? Well, you better get used to it. Listen, I don't owe you a thing. Whatever I do is my own business. You never had but one idea about me. That's all I ever meant to you."
  • (Donald Cook) "Oh, but, Lily --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "You made your choice. Now, what do you want?"
  • (Donald Cook) "You mean; I can't; see you anymore?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "How did you guess it?"
  • (Donald Cook) "Young woman. We have no place here for a girl of your sort. You're through, tonight."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Why, Mr. Stevens, it wasn't my fault. He followed me in there. What could I do? He's my boss and I have to earn my living. Oh, I'm so ashamed. It's the first time anything like that has ever happened to me."
  • (Donald Cook) "Well, I'll think it over. Report tomorrow as usual."
  • (Donald Cook) "Have a drink?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "No thanks. I never touch it."
  • (Donald Cook) "Oh, you don't want me to drink alone?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Well, maybe just a sip."

Theresa Harris as Chico

  • (Theresa Harris) "He's a big politician, ain't he?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "He's a big sumpthin' -- and it ain't a politician."
  • (Theresa Harris) "Ha-ha-ha. Honey, you makes me tickle."
  • (Theresa Harris) "Ohhhhh. Is these the new furs, honey?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Not so much honey."
  • (Theresa Harris) "Yes, ma'am."

Henry Kolker as J.P. Carter

  • (Henry Kolker) "Did somebody in your home play the piano?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Anybody that had a nickel."
  • (Henry Kolker) "I wish you'd get rid of that fantastic colored girl."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "No. Chico stays."
  • (Henry Kolker) "Alight. Alright. Alright."
  • (Henry Kolker) "Will you tell me where you live?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "My telephone number is Skylight 3-3215."

Robert Barrat as Nick Powers

  • (Robert Barrat) "Say, what do you think we're running here?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "It looks to me like a zoo."
  • (Robert Barrat) "Now, look what you went and done. You're fired. You lazy, thievin', little son-of-a --"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Hey. Easy with the whip."
  • (Robert Barrat) "You keep outta this."
  • (Robert Barrat) "Go on, get outta my house."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "If Chico goes, I go."
  • (Robert Barrat) "What?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "You heard me."
  • (Robert Barrat) "Don't you talk to me that way. I'm your father."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "That's my tough luck."
  • (Robert Barrat) "You little tramp, you."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yeah, I'm a tramp, and who's to blame? My Father. A swell start you gave me. Ever since I was fourteen, what's it been? Nothing but men. Dirty rotten men. And you're lower than any of them. I'll hate you as long as I live."

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