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Backwards (Red Dwarf) Quotes

Backwards (Red Dwarf) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Backwards stopped airing in 1970.

Backwards (Red Dwarf) Quotes

  • (Kryten) "I think there's something wrong with the gearbox. The thing is, I learned how to fly in Starbug 2. I'm not used to the controls on Starbug 1."
  • (Rimmer) "They're exactly the same."
  • (Kryten) "Yes. That's the problem."
  • (Kryten) "We want to stay."
  • (Lister) "We can't stay. I'm twenty-five now. In ten years time I'll be fifteen. I'll have to go through puberty again, backwards."
  • (The Cat) "Imagine that, your gajimbas suddenly rise back into your body, and the next thing you know you're singing soprano in the school choir."
  • (Lister) "And worse than that, in twenty-five years I'll be a little sperm. Swimming around in somebody's testicles. I mean, pardon me, but that's just not how I saw my future."
  • (Lister) "Look at the flip side of the coin, its not all good. Take someone, like say, St Francis of Assisi. In this universe he's a petty minded, little sadist who goes round maiming small animals. Or Santa Claus. What a bastard. It's the big fat git who sneaks down chimneys and steals all the kids favorite toys."
  • (Lister) "Fasten your belts."
  • (The Cat) "Hey, I do not need fashion tips from you."
  • (Lister) "Safety belts."
  • (Lister) "This is crazy. Why are we talking about going to bed with Wilma Flintstone?"
  • (The Cat) "You're right. We're nuts. This is an insane conversation."
  • (Lister) "She'll never leave Fred and we know it."
  • (The Cat) "Well, I would go with Betty but I'd be thinking of Wilma."
  • (The Cat) "We ain't gonna find them. They're gone, buddy. Look on the bright side."
  • (The Cat) "They're gone, buddy."
  • (Rimmer) "What jobs are there in a backwards reality for a dead hologram and an android with a head shaped like a novelty condom?"

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