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Bad Boys (1995 film) Quotes

Bad Boys (1995 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Bad Boys completed its run in 1970.

It features Don Simpson; Jerry Bruckheimer as producer, Mark Mancina in charge of musical score, and Howard Atherton as head of cinematography.

Bad Boys (1995 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bad Boys (1995 film) is 119 minutes long. Bad Boys (1995 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Will Smith as Mike Lowrey, Téa Leoni as Julie Mott, Tchéky Karyo as Fouchet, Frank John Hughes as Casper, Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett, Nestor Serrano as Detective Sanchez, Vic Manni as Ferguson, and Michael Imperioli as Jojo.

Bad Boys (1995 film) Quotes

Téa Leoni as Julie Mott

  • (Téa Leoni) ""Hi Julie, what have you been up to the last couple of days?" Oh nothing, just hangin' out, handcuffed to steering wheels."
  • (Téa Leoni) "Can I help you?"
  • (Theresa Randle) "Yes, I'm here to kill my husband, Marcus Burnett."
  • (Téa Leoni) "Uh-huh, and that'd be the tall one or the short one?"
  • (Theresa Randle) "The short one."
  • (Téa Leoni) "I thought so."
  • (Téa Leoni) "I don't eat flesh."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Say what?"
  • (Téa Leoni) "That's flesh that you're shoveling into your mouth. You know, that was, like, a living, breathing creature. You know, it probably had a name."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "It's just bologna. My bologna has a first name."

Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett

  • (Theresa Randle) "Oh oh. Don't kiss me, Mike. I don't know where your lips were last night. Move."
  • (Quincy Burnett) "Uncle Mike, did you have a date last night?"
  • (Will Smith) "Whooo. Did I. Let me tell you, this girl was --"
  • (Theresa Randle) "Hey hey. Don't you go telling my boys none of your sleazy sex stories."
  • (Will Smith) "Aw, no. I only tell your husband my sleazy sex stories."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Hey."
  • (Theresa Randle) "Well, I don't want him hearing either. Gives him ideas."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Why are you doing this to me, man? I'm with my babies. Okay? Thank you."
  • (Theresa Randle) "And you don't even have your wedding ring on."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Damn. Um. Naw Naw I went undercover. And it uh required the taking off of the ring that's all for a second. But I got the ring, look I just put my hand in my pocket cos that's where it was and its right back on baby."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Damn. Can I get a pillow?"

Will Smith as Mike Lowrey

  • (Marcus Burnett) "You see what happens when you go off without me? You get into s***."
  • (Will Smith) "Oh please, like s*** don't happen when you're there."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "That; that ain't the point --"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Look, now I ain't no Wesley Snipes. I just hang out with stupid ass friends, that drive stupid ass cars, that attract a lot of mother f***in' attention."
  • (Will Smith) "You know what, I need to jump over this car and smack you in your peasy ass head that's what I need to do."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Well, you know what you're arguin' over a mother f***in' french fry."
  • (Will Smith) "It's not about the french fry, it's about your lack of respect for other people's property."
  • (White Carjacker) "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey."
  • (Black Carjacker) "Shut the f*** up."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Hold the f*** on."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You want some bad enough, come get some."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You like that s***? Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57. Now gimme a mother f***in' handy wipe."
  • (Will Smith) "Now let's hear one of those jokes, bitch."
  • (Will Smith) "Now that's how you supposed to drive. From now on that's how you drive."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "What am I smellin'?"
  • (Will Smith) "Just drive."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "What am I smellin'?"
  • (Téa Leoni) "Ether. Extremely -- flammable -- ether. Oh s***."
  • (Will Smith) "God-damn --"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Oh, you-you-you-you da man. Oh you're the f***in' man tonight. You go and pick an ice-cream truck that's a damn bomb."
  • (Will Smith) "Hello?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "We're your new neighbors."
  • (Will Smith) "Don't be alarmed, we're negros."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Naw man, naw. There's too much bass in your voice. That scares white folks. You got to sound like them."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "We were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar?"
  • (Will Smith) "Hey, hey, what's this having-a-picnic s*** in my car?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Look man, I ain't getting my sex at home, OK? Don't deny me this."
  • (Will Smith) "What are you talking about, man? You sleep with a beautiful woman everyday."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "I'm married. That's what married means. It means you sleep together, but you can't get none."
  • (Will Smith) "Everybody wants to be like Mike."
  • (Captain Howard) "Yeah, and you're gonna be retired like him too."
  • (Will Smith) "Now that's how you s'pose to drive. From now on, that's how you drive."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law."
  • (Will Smith) "Yo man, what the f*** are you doing?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Getting it out the way."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Hey man where-where-where's your cup holder?"
  • (Will Smith) "I don't have one."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "What the f- w'you mean you don't have one? Eighty thousand dollars for this car and you ain't got no damn cup holder?"
  • (Will Smith) "It's $105,000 and this happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to sixty in four seconds, sweetie. It's a limited edition."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You damn right it's limited. No cup holder, no back seat. Just a shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls just draggin' the f*** along."
  • (Will Smith) "You know you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy."
  • (Will Smith) "You know what man? I'm so sick of this bulls***. What, I'm supposed to APOLOGIZE for my family leaving me money? All I EVER wanted to be was a cop. I go out there and take it to the max everyday. I'm the first guy through the door and I'm always the last one to leave the crime scene. So you know what? f*** you, and f*** them, and f*** EVERYBODY that's got a problem with Mike Lowrey."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "I love you, man."
  • (Will Smith) "f*** you Marcus."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "I do. You're cool. You're my boy."
  • (Will Smith) "Shut up, shut up Marcus. Slow-ass driver. Drivin' like a bitch. Slow-ass."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Why I gotta be all that? I'll take you and me off this f***in' cliff if you keep f***in' with me. Then it'll be what, two bitches in the sea. Huh, is that it? Is that what you want?"
  • (Will Smith) "Shut up, Marcus."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "My wife knows I ain't no bitch. I'm a bad boy."
  • (Will Smith) "They should just bone and get that s*** over with."
  • (Will Smith) "Marcus, I just have one question for ya bro. How the hell you gonna leave my ass at a gun fight to go get the car."
  • (Will Smith) "You know you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "What are our chances?"
  • (Will Smith) "Remember Club Hell?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Yeah."
  • (Will Smith) "Worse."
  • (Will Smith) "King Dingaling."
  • (Will Smith) "What the hell are you doin'?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Keepin' my s*** quick."
  • (Will Smith) "Oh, I see. You aren't gettin any at home, so you got a lot of extra energy. Go ahead, burn it off."
  • (Will Smith) "Now that's how you supposed to drive. From now on, that's how you drive."
  • (Will Smith) "I haven't killed anyone today, yet, Captain --"
  • (Captain Howard) "Hey, do you want me to yell at you? Cause I can do that."
  • (Will Smith) "They should just bone and get that s*** over with."
  • (Will Smith) "I'm gonna reach for my badge, ok?"
  • (Store Clerk) "Badges? Do you want badges motherbitch? I give you badges. 99 cents each."
  • (Store Clerk) "I sell you some."
  • (Will Smith) "Let me tell you how bad a day you're having: right now you're jacking a couple of cops."
  • (White Carjacker) "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm a stand-up comedian. And I SUCK. That's why I need your car."
  • (Will Smith) "King Dingaling."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You better do something quick, 'cause we're running out of road."
  • (Will Smith) "Who picked this dumb-ass road? On the god**** road in Miami, you run out of it."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You better come up with an idea fast."
  • (Will Smith) "Why I gotta come up with all the ideas?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You made me think you were gonna shoot me for a minute."
  • (Will Smith) "I was."
  • (Will Smith) "My s*** always works sometimes."

Vic Manni as Ferguson

  • (Vic Manni) "What you got an itch? I'd love to scratch it."
  • (Téa Leoni) "Scratch this, okay?"
  • (Vic Manni) "Yeah I'll scratch anything you want to you blue-eyed bitch."
  • (Téa Leoni) "Did you go to college?"
  • (Vic Manni) "Watch your f***ing mouth."

Frank John Hughes as Casper

  • (Frank John Hughes) "Jesus. Could you use a smaller gun? You got blood on me again."
  • (Frank John Hughes) "Hello."
  • (Will Smith) "Yeah, can I speak to Romeo?"
  • (Frank John Hughes) "No, there ain't no Romeo here, asshole."
  • (Frank John Hughes) "What the f*** are you laughing at?"

Nestor Serrano as Detective Sanchez

  • (Marcus Burnett) "Oh, man, that was cold."
  • (Nestor Serrano) "Yeah, so was your mama's bed."
  • (Unnamed) "Watching the place was my first gig."
  • (Nestor Serrano) "Oh, so does that make you union?"

Tchéky Karyo as Fouchet

  • (Tchéky Karyo) "I like it when a woman takes pride in her appearance. Don't you?"
  • (Frank John Hughes) "Yeah, I hate it when a bitch lets herself slide."

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