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Bad Boys II Quotes

Bad Boys II is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Bad Boys II stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jerry Bruckheimer as producer, Trevor Rabin in charge of musical score, and Amir Mokri as head of cinematography.

Bad Boys II is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bad Boys II is 147 minutes long. Bad Boys II is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Dennis Greene as Reggie, Michael Shannon as Floyd Poteet, Joe Pantoliano as Capt. Howard, Kiko Ellsworth as Blond Dread, Theresa Randle as Theresa, Gabrielle Union as Syd, Jason Manuel Olazabal as Tito Vargas, Yul Vazquez as Detective Mateo Reyes, Jordi Mollà as Hector Juan Carlos 'Johnny' Tapia, Henry Rollins as TNT Leader, Peter Stormare as Alexei, Jason Manuel Olazabal as Detective Marco Vargas, Theresa Randle as Megan Burnett, Gabrielle Union as Rodney, and Otto Sanchez as Carlos.

Bad Boys II Quotes

Gabrielle Union as Syd

  • (Marcus Burnett) "To the DEA you're nothing but a honeypot."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "What did you say?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "It's no wonder you got the job because you look good in a bathing suit."
  • (Mike Lowery) "Rodney, I hear there's a boat on fire off the coast of Cuba."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Don't you think we oughta break international waters to help them out?"
  • (Mike Lowery) "That's my DAWG."

Theresa Randle as Megan Burnett

  • (Marcus Burnett) "Get my screwdriver. Damn bolts."
  • (Theresa Randle) "Don't mind him. He's just upset because he was injured."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Is he okay?"
  • (Theresa Randle) "His wound is fine. It's, um -- other things that were affected."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Oh -- oh."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Theresa."
  • (Theresa Randle) "What?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "It's just nerve damage."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "You not gonna spoil this -- I'll talk to you about it."

Joe Pantoliano as Capt. Howard

  • (Mike Lowery) "Look, Captain, these were not normal corpses."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "If I threw you out of moving truck and then ran over your head, you wouldn't be normal either."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "CHRIST. f***."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Captain. Remember your pressure points --"
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "So, you got the drugs."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "No drugs. Oh, okay. What about the money?"
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "No money. Well then, who's this x-man?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Captain, I was at a family barbecue --"
  • (Mike Lowery) "We don't know, but we are going to find out."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "Well then, all that -- was for nothing?"
  • (Mike Lowery) "Oh, we didn't do all of that."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "You guys are like a couple of blood sucking ticks, draining the life's blood out of this department -- Woosaa."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Damn the woosaa captain, did you just call me a tick?"
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "I was referring to him."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "I've got so much brass up my ass that I can play the Star Spangled Banner."
  • (Mike Lowery) "We got a tip that the Zopehounders were gonna do a hit on cash or drugs from this big time X-man."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "That's what they call an ecstasy dealer on the streets."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "Marcus, I know what they call them. That's why I'm Captain."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "I love it when you call me bunny lobe."
  • (Mike Lowery) "s***."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Yeah girl, you should see this sexy s*** I got on."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "Who the hell are you talking to?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Vargas and Rub -- Reyes. They said they down for whatever."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "I can't believe you guys. Do you get up in the morning, call each other up; "Good morning, Marcus." "Good morning, Mike." "How you doin'?" "Ai'ight." "So, how are we going to f*** up the captain's life today?" "Gee, I don't know, I don't know -- Ooh, look. Over there. Let's kill three fat people and leave them on the street?""
  • (Mike Lowery) "They were dead before we ran over them."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "It doesn't matter if they were dead or not, god**** it. Every time you leave a corpse on the street, I have to get these detective guys to come in and see what happened. See? They're detecting s***. Then I've gotta get these forensic coroner guys to stick 'em back in the f***ing bag. Jesus Christ."
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "I've got a Police Commissioner so far up my ass, if he spits it's coming out of my mouth."
  • (Mike Lowery) "Captain, is it possible we can discuss potential reimbursement --"
  • (Joe Pantoliano) "The department doesn't cover personal property, that's why we drive police cars."

Dennis Greene as Reggie

  • (Marcus Burnett) "Who the f*** are you?"
  • (Dennis Greene) "I'm Reggie, Mr. Burnett"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "How old are you?"
  • (Dennis Greene) "I'm fifteen, Mr. Burnett"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Motherf***er, you look thirty."

Peter Stormare as Alexei

  • (Peter Stormare) "With all due respect, Mr. Tapia. In my country, I see such things all the time."
  • (Jordi Mollà) "I'm sorry for your country."
  • (Peter Stormare) "It's got to be some Cuban stupid tradition to put him in a tortilla bin, huh?"
  • (Jordi Mollà) "Now, listen to me, you Russian punk. I, me, Johnny Tapia, will sever your head off."
  • (Peter Stormare) "You kill me, and you'll have a s*** storm."
  • (Peter Stormare) "The Russian Grim Reaper is here."

Henry Rollins as TNT Leader

  • (Mike Lowery) "You got three seconds to put your gun down, sir."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "He has emotional anger issue problems."
  • (Mike Lowery) "One --"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "He goes to bed early for this s***. Just to wake up to pop one in a motherf***er."
  • (Mike Lowery) "Two --"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Mike, no --."
  • (Marcus Burnett) "GUN."
  • (Henry Rollins) "Rock and roll, let's go."
  • (Klan Leader) "Kill them cops."

Jordi Mollà as Hector Juan Carlos 'Johnny' Tapia

  • (Jordi Mollà) "Oh, my God. No. God. Oh, my God."
  • (Donna Maria Tapia) "What happened to Roberto?"
  • (Jordi Mollà) "He just killed himself, Mama."
  • (Donna Maria Tapia) "Ai."
  • (Jordi Mollà) "Yes, very sad."
  • (Donna Maria Tapia) "You write his mother a nice letter."
  • (Jordi Mollà) "I'll do it."
  • (Donna Maria Tapia) "ok bye"

Michael Shannon as Floyd Poteet

  • (Michael Shannon) "We've got our rights."
  • (Mike Lowery) "Why don't you exercise your right to shut the f*** up?"

Yul Vazquez as Detective Mateo Reyes

  • (Mike Lowery) "Hey, isn't it low tide?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "Yes, I think it is."
  • (Mike Lowery) "Don't you have some relatives that you need to go pick up?"
  • (Yul Vazquez) "You went too far on that one."
  • (Mike Lowery) "Crash the ambulance into the mortuary now."
  • (Yul Vazquez) "No way. I'm not getting suspended again."
  • (Mike Lowery) "I'm gonna whoop your asses if you don't crash that ambulance into the mortuary now."

Otto Sanchez as Carlos

  • (Otto Sanchez) "It's not good, boss."
  • (Jordi Mollà) "Oh, my God --"
  • (Jordi Mollà) "f***ing ratones, eating my f***ing money."
  • (Jordi Mollà) "Carlos, this is a stupid f***ing problem to have. But, it is a problem nonetheless."

Kiko Ellsworth as Blond Dread

  • (Kiko Ellsworth) "Who that? Who in MY HOUSE?"
  • (Mike Lowery) "I'm the Devil. Who's asking?"
  • (Kiko Ellsworth) "The Devil -- is not welcome -- HEEEEEERRE."

Jason Manuel Olazabal as Detective Marco Vargas

  • (Jason Manuel Olazabal) "Listen, we're thinking about ordering a little bit of lunch."
  • (Yul Vazquez) "Should we put you down for a bucket of extra crispy, and a couple of grape sodas?"
  • (Marcus Burnett) "'A couple of grape sodas.'"

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